The Scorpio Personality

Scorpio by BeBelial

The Scorpio is an eternally intriguing creature who, like the sphinx, seems to know and guard the riddle of life and death. They either fascinate or frighten all of the opposite sex they meet. They are magnetic, lusty and endowed with mysterious powers. They can move heaven or hell with a single look. Nobody could ask for more than they offer.

To understand the Scorpio, you must be aware of their need for both privacy and power. They want to make an impact on the world, but also demand secrecy. Their major conflict comes when they realize that leadership comes at the price of their privacy.

A key word for the Scorpio is use. They certainly use their talents and resources to the best possible effect. However, they also use other people for their own ends and if anyone crosses them, they can be very vengeful. They can be stubborn, as well. Often they dig in their heels to prove they are right, although deep down, they know when they are wrong. They choose their commitments carefully, especially to people. They select a small circle of friends who stay theirs for life.

Scorpio’s are fascinating, but not always easy or likeable. They can be insensitive to people they consider less capable than themselves. They go straight for the jugular and heaven help those who cross their path at a bad time. With no great need for approval, the Scorpio feels completely free to do their own thing. An important clue to understanding them is to realize they trust no one, not even themselves. And because they mistrust, they become fanatically self-protective and secretive about their feelings.

It would be a mistake to think they are indifferent deep down. For their embers, rarely cool. It is much safer to assume they are biding their time until the right moment comes to enter the game and rig the dice in their favor.

Scorpio has two sexual faces. Sometimes they are a fantastic, demanding lover. In addition, at other times they appear asexual. They can drive their mate wild with desire for they intuitively know the art of lovemaking. When they go through times of complete sexual withdrawal, it may be because they feel guilty about some earlier promiscuity.

They can be a lonely and misunderstood. For in some ways, they are ahead of their time. They are usually out of step with their neighbors, family and friends. It may be their pride that stops them reaching out and asking for sympathy, or perhaps they simply feel mean and nasty and prefer to keep their secrets to themselves.

When they are in love, the Scorpio can be a very sexy lover indeed, organizing life to suit their mate. But they should be aware that this might be just a phase. For you can never discount the Scorpio’s motives. They may want to be nice of their own free will, but their mate will have to pay for it later.

Just about their strongest emotion is jealousy. They feel free to have as many affairs as they like, all at the same time. But will not tolerate that behavior in their mate. Anyone who wants to keep the Scorpio must be prepared to put up with their odd ways and practice dodging those flying ashtrays.

Photo art by BeBelial

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