The kingdom of the Scorpio is the kingdom of power! People born under this sign are masterful and they like to dominate others.

Scorpio’s have a good business sense. They love making money; they are ambitious and usually highly successful. They prefer to work for themselves, so that they are in a position to use their own good ideas and creative talents to the fullest. They always work too hard and often become nervy and irritable. But they have boundless energy and let nothing and no one stand in their way once they have decided a course of action. They are never bored, they don’t have the time.

They are nearly always psychic. They make excellent doctors because they can diagnose quickly and accurately. They are interested in religion and the afterlife. Scorpio’s are moody, however, and can be very difficult to live with. Their own competence makes them suspicious of others and they do not trust people readily.

Their worst fault is jealousy. If they feel attacked in any way, they strike. But their temper seldom lasts long. Scorpio’s never mince their words. If they do not like something about you, something you do, or if they object to one of your friends, they can be brutally blunt! Not everyone can cope with this. Scorpios need a partner determined, resolute, and self confident enough not to be dominated by their strong personality.

Scorpios will protect their own. Romance plays a big part in their relationships, they are expressive and demonstrative of their affections and expect their partner to be reassuring, loving and as good at entertaining as they are.

Scorpio parents are very kind, generous and loving, but inclined to be possessive and bossy. They always want to know where their children are going and whom they are with. They generally teach their children to be excellent hosts or hostesses. Scorpios generally like to make a lot of money to spend on the family and on keeping the home nice.

Scorpios are very hot-blooded, passionate and willing to do anything to satisfy a loved one. They are fiercely determined to possess those they desire. They can overplay their hands, however and be over possessive and even cruel and violent, both physically and verbally, when annoyed.

Scorpios are hard working and ambitious both for themselves and their employers and cannot bear having nothing to do. They are very good at making money, but not always good at keeping it. Sometimes they are too generous and long suffering with others who impose.

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  1. I’m a Scorpio. When I read the Scorps horoscopes, it seem so real. I would like to see more.

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