The 5 Scorpio Periods: Scorpio III


Scorpio III

November 12 -18

The Scorpio III period takes Charm as its central image. In the Scorpio III period intense emotion may be used with telling effect to gain positive and constructive results, but equally well may be expended in furthering egotistical and narcissistic ends.

The days which comprise Scorpio III symbolically reveal attractive powers and the ability to forward aims (but also gain satisfaction) through investigation, observation, seductive charm and a judicious use of leadership skills. Expressive emotions may be directed constructively as a powerful tool for inspiring others but should not be exercised as a controlling mechanism. Instead, by gaining the trust of co-workers, employees or clients, an emotional bond can be formed which promotes success for all concerned.

The Scorpio III Personality

Scorpio III people tend to be highly magnetic, sensual and charming. Thus the responsibility of those born in this period toward their fellow human beings is very great, though they do not always realize this fact. Should their ethical orientation be less than admirable, they are likely to selfishly use others to further their own ends and perhaps do great damage. Thus, clarifying a healthy working philosophy or moral stance which asserts human values and respects the wishes of others is an essential task for Scorpio III’s from the outset.

Many born in this period seek to be the boss or leader whether at home or at work. In most respects, they are well qualified for such positions of responsibility. Usually Scorpio III bosses are in touch with the emotional needs of those they command, and although they may be highly demanding, they can usually impose rules and delegate responsibilities in an objective fashion which can be easily accepted.

Scorpio III’s have highly developed sensuality which not only tends to attract others but leads them to seek out a variety of physically satisfying experiences. Spoiling themselves can become a way of life for those born in the Scorpio III period- particularly satisfying for them are the pleasures of vacations and travel, where the experiencing of new-found joys can figure prominently.

The inner stability of Scorpio III’s is usually so great that it seems like it would take an earthquake to knock them off balance. Part of the reason for this is self-control, another part a realistic assessment of their capabilities which keeps them from venturing beyond their limitations. On the other hand, Scorpio III’s may have to remind themselves from time to time to take more chances, to truly dare to fall and thus be able to reach new heights.

Perhaps the people who have the strongest influence on Scorpio III’s are those who are less under their sway, less bowled over by their charm or magnetic qualities. Indeed, Scorpio III’s need at least one good friend who can furnish honest, objective advice and criticism.

32 thoughts on “The 5 Scorpio Periods: Scorpio III”

  1. hi this is scorpio charming….i have been interested in these articles want to know more of it….intensely sensiitive for my loved ones…

  2. I don’t kniw what is more terrifing, reading this post or the comments below. I can’t belive how many people arround the world borned in the same dates thinks the way I do!

    Argentinian Scorpio 🙂 13/11

  3. born on nov 13. i attract enemies. dont understand why!! people seem quite jealous of me. especiallly women, they copy my style, the way i talk etc seems like they want to be like me somehow even though i dont try to impress or influence anyone.

    1. Hey reading ur comment…its exactly wat my wife is its so true, i loved reading ur comment,im a cancer man wedded to ascorpio and its a maritial bliss,

      1. Couldn’t agree more! Very well said..I’m also the 13th 🙂 I attractive enemies on a regular basis. I’ve grown to be very humble bc of it actually due to the fear of MORE ppl taking me wrong n disliking me. Like u I dnt try to impress ppl n even found I down play any of accomplishments out of fear ppl will think I’m boasting in attempts to make the jealous. I’ll tell ya! The life of a scorpio ISN’T easy!

    2. I understand your issue, I am a Nov 13th Scorpion as well. Yes, for some reason we tend to attract people (women) who want to be like us. That’s cool with me….We are trend setters. I take it as a complement.

  4. Well I always have been into the astrology stuff, and I was more set on my Zodiac sign, I always knew I was a “Charm” Scorpio for nearly a year and a Half, But I never knew what it meant until now. Now I see how different Scorpio’s can be

    I always knew Scorpios were different from each other like the October Scorpios from the November, but I never knew it was three phases

    I love my Zodiac because It fits me and who I am. <3

    And I would love to KNOW MORE, I need to know more about compability with others. for my phase

  5. I am 11//14… My family always said I never met a stranger.. And this is one thing my Capricorn Husband (1/1) said caused him to fall in love with me… But also that he struggled with. That I was so independent and he didn’t want to hold me back… 2 independent signs. We love each other, my family doesn’t understand. :$

  6. I was born November 14th.. I’m not a believer in anything.. But astrology has truly proven itself to me.. This is too a curate. It creeps me out.

  7. I have always know Scorpio as the greatest sign of all, now I also know the greatest phase of Scorpio! Nov. 15 stings ya, Baby! Said the Scorpion to the Frog, “You knew what I was when you picked me up….”

  8. Born 13th Nov .. unfortunatley i dont really see myself as decribed.. maybe i’m in denial. interesting read though

  9. Wow I can’t believe how sensual and sexy and charming I can be 💛Scorpio rocks

  10. It’s surprising how much of this, or how all of this, is true. Can’t even fight doing these things, I’ve tried. Born November 15th.

  11. Yeah, we’re a real “head-turner”.
    And even though i don’t want them, they keep on sticking to me like glue…
    *introvert side screaming “get away from me!!”*

  12. My birthday is November 11th, but it was at 11pm. So I decided to read this too and I have to say I relate to both. This analysis explains me the best though.

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