The 5 Scorpio Periods: Scorpio II


Scorpio II

November 3 -11

The Scorpio II period takes Depth as its central image. In the Scorpio II period, contact is made with unconscious and chthonic forces capable of effecting transformative changes in a person.

The days which comprise Scorpio II symbolically reveal the more serious side of human life, and the ability to go beyond ordinary experience through a revelation, metamorphosis and probing of the internal and external world. As when oil is struck and a geyser explodes, tremendous energies can be released from the deep layers of the unconscious. Such energies must of course be well-directed or destruction could easily result. Ideally, powerful new insights may result at this time.

The Scorpio II Personality

Scorpio II people are profound individuals who are in touch with the dark side of life. Generally Scorpio II’s are not in a big hurry. They generally feel that time is on their side and are thus able to wait. Metamorphic change may be effected in themselves and their lives over many years- slowly and unseen. However, those born in Scorpio II must be careful that waiting for the right moment does not itself become the principle activity, a kind of procrastination. The danger here is that such static behavior will lead to brooding, and brooding to depression. During such periods Scorpio II’s must beware that their dark side does not come to dominate their outlook.

It could be said that Scorpio II’s have a big advantage in that they are in touch with deep areas of their personalities which others may only sense occasionally, if at all. Whether a Scorpio II makes something out of this understanding remains to be seen. Part of the problem is that although in touch with their deeper thoughts, imaginings and emotions, some Scorpio II’s never come to terms with their own profundity. That is, they are confused as to how their deeper understanding of life fits in with ordinary life, making a living, and so on. Furthermore, dredging up such material from the unconscious can be dangerous business and threaten to push more unstable personalities over the edge. For Scorpio II’s to find a healthy balance, a give and take with their Plutonic self is a tremendous challenge, but one that can yield valuable results.

Scorpio II’s respond instinctively to the heavier aspects of the human condition. Not only do they tend to sleep more deeply than most people, but also feel more deeply as well. Indeed, some born in Scorpio II can become slaves to the pleasures of the table and the bed, and must be careful that such activities do not come to dominate their lives. For Scorpio II’s, words often just get in the way. Many born in this period can effectively express admiration or affection, or on the other hand disapproval and discontent without needing to speak at all.

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  1. I think the key for a Scorpio II to use their depth to their advantage is to work really hard on going out there, maintaining hobbies and staying balanced. Our perfectionism and deep care can often end up hurting us- it is important to spend time with loved ones, network and keep up with hobbies.

    For a Scorpio II (more so than other signs) we need a nurturing, understanding and easygoing partner to instill some joie de vivre in us. It is still important to not become too enmeshed with their lives and maintain our own separate identities.

    Some bad habits we need to stay away from:

    A) Porn- we need to channel our endless sexual drive in a smarter way

    B) Staying Home- Go out of our comfort zone and stay social

    C) Being too obsessed w/ any one thing- maintain a balanced lifestyle where you don’t do too much of any 1 thing

    Some good habits:

    A) Surround ourselves with good nurturing, positive people- not just in mannerism but in meaning as well

    B) Keep up with habits in a non obsessive way

    C) Network and build relationships- force yourself to be extroverted.

    I was born on Nov 7th and recently got out of a very painful breakup (I decided to make the decision prior after a 1.5 year marriage). This made me “dig deep” and evaluate myself as well as the direction I was going. At first I was angry at myself for not doing something about the red flags I was seeing but eventually I forced myself to build good habits and make progress toward the life I want to lead.

    I challenge all Scorpio IIs to stay balanced, surround themselves with positive people and constantly evolve and never stay too comfortable, too down or too obsessed about any one thing.

    1. Thank you, Ben. Your words are spot on. Born Nov 7 myself. Perfect timing finding this website today.

    2. My goodness. Every point is spot on about me.
      Born on the 2nd but I so relate.
      Already challenging myself this new year to be more extroverted.

    3. thanks , i will try not get so obsessed with one thing, im obsess with reading zodiac signs and peoples zodiac signs.. and one of my chat mates called me a stalker . i was hurt and pretending like i dont care .

    4. Thanks Ben! You are right, Im a Nov 3rd B-day. I didn’t realize all of that until you said it. I just started getting out of my bubble and will pay greater attention to not obsessing over anything.

    5. So far I have been feeling down and I haven’t been realizing why. Though, after reading this it has given me a better understanding.

      (Born on Nov 3rd.)

  2. Nov 3 girl here. . Yeah, totally explains what i feel. At some point I really did think that I am bipolar or just totally weird. It’s quite a challenge because your main enemy here is yourself and and the negativity which leads to self-depression etcera which are totally difficult to control. It’s difficult to be a scorpio indeed and up until now I still can’t control myself or my emotions very well but at least it makes me feel stronger the next day. It’s a roller coaster ride if you’re with a scorpio but they would really keep each day exciting (or not ) provided with the unpredictability they possess.

    1. My birthday is November 9th and the one thing I hate the most about it is that it does make me reclusive, I’m very intense and I understand things way different from most people but it has gotten me to the point where I really am tired of putting others before myself and I feel like relationships with the opposite sex is way more than I can take. I find myself preferring being alone over being with people because I am always the critique of everyone’s life. Everybody knows what’s better for me than I do and oh yeah, It’s impossible to find someone that understands me and the hangups without them always expecting me to understand them with no returned attempts to allow me to be me.

      1. I completely agree with you. Sick & tired of taking care of everyone else when I should be # 1!!! Just remember that you’re not alone. My birthday is Nov.8 th.

  3. My bday is November 5 and nun of this stuff relates to me and my horoscope is telling me I’m in a relationship even though I’m not

    1. Try looking into your moon sign & ascendant sign. Many times, the moon & ascendant will have a stronger influence than the sun sign, especially if the moon & ascendant signs share similar traits, or if they are the same sign.

  4. 11/11/87. I agrre and disagree
    I can control myself my feelings and my thoughts. I sleep deeper than others and I can read minds. In the other hand I see myself as the best loyal friend that could someone ever have. I also have a crazy bad mind. Remember ur daily mood is what ur thinking.
    I think I have some problems with depression its the only thing annoys me especially doing presentations.
    I’m a good listener. I figure thibgs out and link up storys.

  5. This is completely bang on lol… i don’t know if its because im still considerably young (22) and havent graduated from university yet, but I feel like I really do feel confused sometimes as to what I can do with a very profound understanding of myself.. but, I do think I am actively in the process of searching for what is ultimately the best career path for me that will satisfy all my future desires

  6. 11/07 is me. Yea this hit home so much it was scary. And I too don’t know how to balance it. I feel stuck in the dark sometimes and stuck with trying to figure others out. Prcratanation yeah that me too and the same for sleeping.

  7. Christine I think it means that you just have to figure out how to use it in your day to day life, even if other people don’t understand it. We obviously can’t make other people see what we see, and we have to learn not to get frustrated about that. Just figure out a way to use it for good, to improve your life or others 🙂

    1. So true now I know why im cold hearted at times… For a minute I thought I had a split personality lol -11/5

  8. I’m trying to understand what it means to come to terms with your own profundity because yeah I’ve never been able to understand how my deeper understanding of life fits in with ordinary life. In order for it to fit, you need fellow societal members who are receptive to it and there are not many who are.

  9. ya this is me, but the downfall to having the depth is that it constantly is there and threatening to overthrow us. At least for me it is…

  10. Soooooooooooooooo true, especially the part about procrastination and being slaves to the pleasures of the table and bed…thx for posting! 🙂 –11/03

  11. This is so accurate that it is scary. A lot of things are now clear…I now know why I often felt an outsider in my own family growing up. WOW!!!…11/08

  12. Oh yes… I particularly resonate well with the whole “sleep” part at the end. I loooove sleep and could probably snooze though an earthquake. I do tend to feel more deeply as well, It’s gotten easier as I’ve gotten older though after i recognized what was happening a while back I’ve been able to work on it. Procrastination is still an issue for me though lol A lot of the time well, time just doesn’t feel all that real to me… Really great article, I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at just this… 11/03

  13. This is insightful, and again, accurate – I refer to myself as the alpha and the omega in one – and your article explained what I’ve felt and discovered but not put into words… It is a daily battle to find the balance between insight and paranoia 🙂 Thank you for letting me know that I was right – it’s just one of those things that makes me, me… 11/04 – Scorpio’s Rule 🙂

  14. Aye yi yi! November 5th myself and this article hits close to home! I never mean to give into my darkside but I just cant tell sometimes… but I do make up what damage I do, do. I would say when I stop taking control of myself and and let others rule is the worst and being slighted by someone I trust.

  15. wow! Nov 10, wow….that really hit home with me, still have goosebumps!!!! The whole deeper understanding, wow….no words.

  16. Part of the problem is that although in touch with their deeper thoughts, imaginings and emotions, some Scorpio II’s never come to terms with their own profundity. That is, they are confused as to how their deeper understanding of life fits in with ordinary life, making a living, and so on.

    Exactly my problem.

  17. 11/10 Baby! This hit really close to home especially the parts about being consumed by darkeness and depression. I’ve experienced it and for me it does seem like a never ending struggle to find blance. Everything in this article applied and that worries me a lot, but I’m resilient so I’ll always find my way back to who I really am!

  18. My birthday is November 9th as well and for the most part I agree with everything that was said. Weird…I’m currently expericing a lot of what is mentioned.

  19. I’m reading this and I agree and disagree, November 9th is my birthday and some facts were true that
    I can relate to and some weren’t. All in all its scorpio’s for life baby!

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