The 5 Scorpio Periods: Scorpio I

Scorpio I Scorpios

Scorpio I

October 26 – November 2

The Scorpio I period takes Intensity as its central image. In the Scorpio I period the ability to take control, to effectively manage and exert one’s powers over the environment, to subdue wayward elements to one’s will are manifested.

The days which comprise Scorpio I illustrate the underlying theme of Intensity, and the accompanying capacity to formulate, guide and finally transform unpolished materials creatively and efficiently into highly valuable and viable entities.

The Scorpio I Personality

Scorpio I people are very intense. Once they get their teeth into something they do not easily let go. Nor do they specialize in compromise. Although they may be referred to as “sunny” Scorpios (usually not as emotionally dark as others of this sign), those born in this period are nonetheless attracted to tragedy and know what it is to suffer.

Scorpio I’s usually have an immediate feeling for whether someone is likely to be a friend or foe, a general sense of discrimination that stands them in good stead. They can be quite combative towards their opponents, giving no quarter in an argument or dispute. Yet most of their aggression is unleashed from a defensive posture, and they are smart enough to walk away from confrontations that are senseless or place them at a serious disadvantage. By the same token, these warriors (men and women) rarely waste their energies on lesser opponents.

Using their charm with great effect is characteristic of Scorpio I’s. They have an excellent sense of humor, but can sometimes employ is devastatingly at another person’s expense. Indeed, those born in Scorpio I make terrible teasers and if they decide they want to get under a victim’s skin, can be at once unmerciful and unrelenting.

Scorpio I’s usually have a strict code (hopefully moral rather than immoral) to which they adhere. They are very interested in motives, often deeming it more important to know why something was done rather than judging an endeavor or action by its outcome alone. Thus a false move will be forgiven by a Scorpio I more readily than an impure move. Scorpio I’s scorn petty or underhanded actions and despise success achieved through deceit. Furthermore they show little interest in apologies and excuses, unless truly sincere and not overly frequent. Where work is concerned, those born in this period tend to be unimpressed by quantity alone, focusing on the quality of services and products. In like manner, they themselves are capable of working very slowly for long periods of time in order to achieve their ends.

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  1. Nov 2 and I am going to be a believer in the power of love and I can’t believe at 53 I am blessed to have energy and I am a surfer,salinunew alive in nre York city and I am meeting with men in this age group they are tired pain etc. I am a grandma, and widowed 4 10 years been thru it with 4 kids and I am done with raising kids and they are grown-up and I can’t believe that this is what happens to me in this I hope that you are going to comment, I am going to date younger but I have to get good with that my son is 35,I think about maybe 40 years what should I choose?Help me

  2. I’m Octoberr 27 and I don’t forgive. I also feel that November ones have a sunny side as well

  3. Its funny Im a Nov 9th baby but i have noticed that i fit into all of the periods. All though my period 2 is most dominant, I have strong traits from the 1&3 as well. I’m not sure what this means but I have always felt like a powerful Scorpio. There are several Scorpios in my family and life. Even they say that I am more Scorpio than anyone they have known. I take it as a complement =D.

    I am also very drawn to our element.I cant stand being away from it. If i could i would live sea side or on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

    I believe all Scorpios are amazing, we stand apart from all the rest. We are a very special powerful breed. I believe that the Gods smiled upon us.
    Best wishes my fellow Scorps = )

  4. Soon True… November 1st Baby and I must admit i am an PERFECTIONIST. I do rather take my time because after all Slow n Steady wins the race! I like things in order. I must control my environment of fear that under someone else’s control things won’t get done right, either Ethically and/or morally. I have the highest of morals . That I strongly stand by. Which includes RESPECTING OTHERS. something this world lacks. I always seem to get what I want in due time… friends included. I don’t associate with many on a day to day basis but I do value the Happiness that a Real True Friendship cam bring. Im single and quite honestly don’t think I will ever get the love that I give back from anyone these days. So I’m holding on to my sanity and choosing the Single life as a means of Peace. I need my space and peace.

    1. Its sad we’re experiencing the same issues with love. That our personalities are so similar. My last relationship problem was affection..I gave and gave and didnt get a return ever. I believed she love me and not to be in comparrison but not as much as I was for her. In the end with past experiences not helping Im happier not getting any affection vs.expecting it cause you say you love me but fail at displaying it. If you want me you cant be scared to show it. Don’t talk about it be about it.

  5. Khaing Khaing Mon

    The description about “Intensity ” is so true. Only now I can understand myself after reading this. I’m terribly slow and adore quality. That’s definitely me. Thanks!

    1. Intense and I am going to what I want a bad and a good for me. People are very judgemental AND jealous of me
      I hope that you can understand. But why?? Help me

  6. Yep thats me my bf is a libra-scorpio cusp and we get along he is loyal but peaceful maybe that is why we get along oh and it is spot on about me being able to tell before hand who will be a friend or foe I can feel it

  7. I’m a Scorpio 2 (November 8th) who dated a Scorpio 1 (October 30th) some time ago. When he first met me, about an hour into the conversation, he started flattering me constantly, showering me in compliments, and so on. He was extremely good with words and couldn’t be persuaded to believe anything other than what he was saying – hence, when I told him I couldn’t possibly live up to his “expectations” and that I wasn’t all of those things he was imagining, he ignored it and kept adoring me as usual.

    On the plus side, he was my second love – my first was another Scorpio 2 (November 6th.) I felt that he completely understood my ‘depths’ as these writers so call it, and though I tried to keep myself distant from this wonderful person who seemed to love me for everything I was, because I thought his image of me was so twisted and distorted – I fell for his words, anyway. Big mistake, and that was partly my fault. His image of me WAS so distorted in my eyes that I was half in love, half in “hate.” I kept thinking he was after something. I was also clingy, becoming more dependent on him, and he couldn’t possibly deliver more than he was already giving me. The break up was bad. He wasn’t there at a time I needed him most and I tweaked out. There was no repairing the emotional damage I had done. In the end, I tried to focus on the upside: at least he had soon who I really was. At least now, there were no more lies.

    I still miss him. I wish I had understood that he wasn’t crazy, and that he wasn’t lying to me, and that it was simply his personality. I hadn’t realized that Scorpios ARE different from each other, because I was nothing like him and it confused me as to why. Sometimes I wish I could go back with the knowledge I have now and start over. However, I don’t think it would make much of a difference, even if he did take me back. I still would need things from him that he simply does not have.

    Wishing him the best.

    1. Hey.Your post gave me goosebumps.Ive made a lot of mistakes relationship wise in the past and its nice to know I wasn’t the only one who saw things that weren’t there, or just couldn’t accept someone for who they are. Ive just gone thru my 3rd breakup now.Its been months but I still think about him and wish Id done things differently even tho I know now that he wasn’t right for me. I just wish Id known then what i know now. I hate that I hurt him.Anywho.Just saying hi.Jess.

    2. wow what a story! i dated a scorpio and what an intense and rich experience! I have one question for you though. What was different about you and you boyfriend that was born on the 6th of November and which of your two scorpio boyfriends personalitis did you like most?

    3. I am a scorpio I born a still birth 10/25/91 11:58 pm took my first breath of life 10/26 at 12:02 am. A decade later my element took my brothers life followed by my friend seven years later.most people who don’t know me won’t approach me unless forced. people who call me friend rely on me but keep me distant through fear of knowing what I am inside, what ever that may be.

    4. It’s more than pain to feel the break of a bond with some one you love. It hurts worse when the you try so hard to find the right way to fix it and all you do is drive them away. But we learn from our mistakes and still wake up everyday regardless how dark. Cause that’s our essence as scorpios , The Depths of Unknown Darkness .

  8. Pretty damn true! People always say I’m calm or still happy in a dire situation. I just have the ability to bounce back! Also, I would rather take twice the amount of time to do something perfectly than rush a half ass job! Happy bday Scorps!! xoxo

  9. i always said oct and nov scorpios must be different, unbeknownst to me (until now) different scorpio personalities do exist!! This is an awesome website i adore this! Oct 28th is my bday @gogettergreen is my twitter name.. keep it coming!!!

  10. This is spot on. Everyone is confused by my sunny personality and humor because the art I produce is so dark and I have seen a lot of tragedy in my life. We Scorpio Is are a special blend and I love it! I also did not work well in jobs that expect things done quick, even when i was a teenager. I had to do it right or it wasn’t worth my time.

  11. Absolutely true….but sometimes we give more importance to our friends which must be avoided………

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