November 8 Birthday Astrology

Scorpion by Theoretical Weapon

November 8 Scorpios walk their own path in life, and, even if it is difficult, they usually resist help. They give advice rather than take it. They see life on a broad, episodic scale. They have a quirky vision that may not accord strictly with reality. If they are bold enough to divulge that vision, they can be handsomely rewarded.

Friends and Lovers

These individuals are secretive and have a hard time allowing other people to be intimate in their lives. They combine sultry sexuality with romantic spirit. They fall in love deeply, and, if something goes wrong, they are likely to suffer great emotional pain.

Children and Family

The standoffish attitude of November 8 people usually has its roots in their upbringing. They do not take parental duties lightly. They teach their children about the good things of life and its hardships as well. This may seem harsh, but they believe they owe it to their youngsters to send them into the world prepared.


November 8 men and women generally take a common-sense approach to fitness and health. They eat a moderate diet, and they rarely overindulge. November 8 individuals understand the need to take special precautions concerning their sexual activities.

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Career and Finances

November 8 individuals treat their profession with great seriousness. Whatever they do for a living, they put all their efforts toward success. They prefer to work behind the scenes. They constantly search for bargains, unwilling to part with money unless it is for necessities or infrequent frivolous pleasures.

Dreams and Goals

November 8 men and women are determined to achieve success on their own, or not at all. They refuse to take any shortcuts toward their goals, feeling they should succeed by hard work and talent and no other way. They have amazing patience and can withstand delays and disappointments like few other people.

Scorpio Information for November 8

You should embrace: Destiny, spiritual love, one’s true self

You should avoid: Compulsive behavior, spitefulness, disrespect

Article by Jill M. Phillips. Photo by Theoretical Weapon