History of Astrology: How Zodiac Signs Came To Be

When people think of astrology or zodiac signs, they usually think of it as something magical or surreal. This is one of the reasons why many do not believe in astrology… it’s all hocus pocus! And with all of the fake and superficial “horoscopes” that you see in magazines and newspapers, I guess I don’t blame them! Similarly I have seen the opposite reaction from those who read articles from experts and I have even seen many of my fellow Scorpio’s responses to my tweets on Twitter. They cannot believe how accurate the statements are and some did not believe in astrology or zodiac signs until they followed the @ScorpioSeason account. Well, it isn’t all magic folks, and there is a method and history behind all of this.

I’ll explain this a bit more, but first I recommend watching this video by astrologer Christopher Witecki. I remember seeing this video …