What Each Zodiac Sign Offers Scorpio


When I tweet about zodiac sign compatibility I generally get the same responses from fellow Scorpios. Some zodiac signs get mixed reactions, some get cheers, while others get jeers.

One day I decided to point out the positive influences that other signs could bring in to a Scorpio’s life and today I just want to expand on that a bit and explain it a little further.

And remember, I am not just talking about romantic compatibility here. If you have had bad experiences with a particular zodiac sign in a relationship, that does not mean that you cannot have a friendship or business relationship with that sign! Every sign has its positives and negatives, and every zodiac sign has something to offer Scorpio.

Here are the tweets again, as well as explanations…

What Aries gives Scorpio: High energy, hot, aggressive… love (making)
Both Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, the God of War. Both of these signs are fighters who aren’t afraid to face anything head on. Like Scorpios, Aries are very aggressive. Need I say more?

What Taurus gives Scorpio: Lifetime steadiness and stability
Taurus is a Fixed sign like Scorpio. And out of all of the fixed signs of the zodiac, Taurus is said to be the MOST fixed or stubborn of them all (with Scorpio at a close 2nd). What this translates to is a set, stable environment for the dynamic and complex Scorpio.

What Gemini gives Scorpio: Interesting conversations about various topics
An Air sign, Geminis are quick witted and wordy. Although not as in depth as Scorpio, a Gemini’s mind runs quickly over a wide variety of subjects. Scorpios love intellectual conversations and Geminis can offer just that.

What Cancer gives Scorpio: A nurturing and loving environment
Cancer is like the “mother” of the zodiac. They are caring, nurturing and understanding. Since Cancer is a fellow Water sign they can relate to and cater to Scorpio’s emotionally complex ways.

What Leo gives Scorpio: A push to step out from behind the shadows and *SHINE*
Leos love the spotlight. Scorpios don’t, they tend to want to blend in and observe. What many Scorpios have come to realize is that in order to make an impact on the world, they need to open up more and share their gift. A Leo could be the person you need to show you how to handle all of the attention. Then you could show them how to use this attention for the greater good.

What Virgo gives Scorpio: A simple but practical perspective to Scorpio’s complex ways
Virgos are analytical and organized. Virgos are also as critical minded as Scorpios. But when a Scorpio is lost in the depths of their thoughts, Virgo could bring a refreshingly honest point of view to the table.

What Libra gives Scorpio: Romance and more romance, from head to toe!
Libras are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Libras are sensual and very charming. Libra’s thoughtfulness in love plus Scorpio’s intense passion can lead to a very romantic time indeed!

What Scorpio gives Scorpio: Intense passion, a roller coaster ride for sure… extreme HIGHS and LOWS!
Scorpio is the sign of extremes and the relationship between two Scorpios is no exception. The highs of this pairing include mutual understanding of one another’s emotions, similar outlooks on life, and extreme passion when it comes to love and friendship. The lows, however, include bouts of jealousy and clashes of two very strong-willed independent people. This combo will definitely NOT be boring, to say the least.

What Sagittarius gives Scorpio: An optimistic and outgoing approach to life
Sagittarius is a freedom-loving and outgoing sign. They can teach Scorpio how to not take everything so seriously and become a fun and positive influence in Scorpio’s life.

What Capricorn gives Scorpio: An open ear and a strong shoulder to lean on
Capricorn can be as secretive as a Scorpio and they both share many values and goals in life. The Earth sign Capricorn is strong like a rock and can provide the support Scorpio’s need during turbulent times.

What Aquarius gives Scorpio: Spontaneous and fun times out with friends
Aquarius is, in many ways, very different from Scorpio. The Aquarius is very social and their lives revolve around their friends and social life. Scorpio, on the other hand, is not as outgoing and would much rather focus all of their attention on the few they truly care about. In order to grow you have to step out of your comfort zone from time to time. If you are looking for a fun night out, get yourself an Aquarius friend!

What Pisces gives Scorpio: Emotional understanding and the path to escape from reality from time to time
A fellow Water sign, Pisces has the ability to read emotions without the other person having to say a word. This comes in handy with Scorpios since we do not always say what is on our mind and have the tendency to be secretive. Pisces are also the “dreamers” of the zodiac and can offer Scorpio a temporary getaway from the trials and tribulations of life.

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    1. These two signs are all about compromising. A VERY difficult relationship. The two signs demand power…and that’s where it can get too intense, and it’s not a good one either. But if the two signs are able to reach that mutual respect and the domination, it can work out. I dated two leos….it never worked out. Good luck!

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