Top 5: Keeping a Scorpio Happy In Love

Everyone has their needs in a relationship, and Scorpio’s don’t make it easy on the ones we love. We tend to be very picky, because we want nothing but the best. Our ideal partner is someone who is strong, understanding, and unbelievably sexy. I’ve been told that being in a relationship with a Scorpio can be quite demanding. Scorpios tend to be a very strong willed and erotic sign. It takes the right person to handle us and keep us happy in love.

Here are a few tips to keep a Scorpio happy:

  1. Excitement. Keep things fresh, new and creative for us. When we first get in to a relationship everything is new and exciting. But, being with a Scorpio long term means coming up with new idea’s to keep our interest.
  2. Loyalty.  All that needs to be said is Scorpio’s are a loyal sign, and if you don’t want to feel the wrath then you shall be loyal too!
  3. Fun. Scorpio’s are such an intense sign, and we need someone who can bring out the fun in us every once in a while. We love someone who makes us laugh, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. For example, some one we can play a prank on, and they don’t get mad they think of a way to get revenge. 🙂
  4. Intimacy. Of course everyone in the world knows how a Scorpio’s sex drive is, but there is more to being intimate than just having sex and that’s it. We crave intimacy, meaning being affectionate and loving. As tough as we are we still like to have someone to cuddle with after work at the end of the day.
  5. Understanding. In the end all we want is someone who understands us, and all of our fiery ways. Scorpio’s hate feeling condemned, and want someone who will try to understand their faults rather than put them down for them.

Fellow Scorpio’s what keeps you happy in your love life?


24 thoughts on “Top 5: Keeping a Scorpio Happy In Love”

  1. hey” i’m cancer man now in love with Scorpio women,i always follow her order n keep understand her than the important things that I do for daily day must patient good luck”

  2. It’s crazy because I fell hard for this scorpio guy. I’d gone several dates with him and every time I see him, I just feel closer to him. I was looking up the scorpio sign to try to understand his wants/needs and started looking up my sign too. It shocked me when I’ve been living as a sag for over 25 years and then realize that there are other parts of one’s astrology makeup. I looked and realized that I myself have a scorpio moon along with 3 other scorpio houses and that’s why I agree with and I find the scorpio’s needs easy to get. I’m not a “free bird” like they describe the sagitarious. I am BIG on loyalty, respect, I love sex but it’s not much to me without a deeper emotional connection with my partner. I am also jealous n slightly ashamed of it. I am crazy over this guy and I think that we are going/need to be together. I feel he is the male me. CRAZY

  3. I am currently engage with a scorpio man and I love him dearly, I myself is a virgo. We have been courting since 2013 and met at work.
    My mother is a scorpio and I love her dearly to this day my mother and I live together. But my scorpio man is my first scorpio relationship of the opposite sex. I think we get along great and that can be for any relationship with open communication and keeping everyone else out of it and work things out between the two even when both parties are ready to tear each other heads off, some cool down time is great before jumping head-on into difficult situations that needs to be attended too. Again, I love my scorpio man!!!!!!

  4. I love these facts bc unlike a lot of the other commenters, I am not a scorpio; however I love a scorpio & he is exactly as described here. Always so picky and choosey expecting nothing less than the top of the line for himself. He is hella crazy & fun and he can’t get enough of me bc I’m just as crazy and exciting

  5. I am a Taurus man and i am madly in love with a beautiful scorpio girl. We are together for nearly 3 yrs. we quarrel a lot but it doesnt last for more than few hours. Scorpio females are very intense, ruthless and hard to handle but they are loyal, have a strong will power and amazing personality. I would to anything to keep her.

    this was helpful, thanks.

  6. Well.. I’m a Scorpio both sun and moon in Scorpio( 11/12). I think we forgot one. I’m not sure about you other Scorpio’s but, SPACE… not a lot but when we get into our emotions and just need time to think, please just let us. Nothing is really wrong just let us breathe for a minute and we will back to our old selves in no time.

  7. I think trust is a huge issue to keep scorps in love. Once that trust is shattered, it’s EXTREMELY difficult to get it back.

    And I totally agree with the comment about intimacy. Intimacy is not only sex, but the affection that goes on before, during, and after sex. I need it every day.

  8. 11/21 here , and i totally agree on the post , specially on the being picky part , its a curse and a blessing at the same time

  9. I’m a fellow 11.21 scorpio and I totally agree with what you’ve written, especially the “intimacy” part vs. sex. Overall, I love strong, kind, humanitarian spirits.

  10. Absolutely right. I have been dating and getting into relationships with several signs for the past 5-6 years. But I think the best ones I found were either Scorpios themselves or Virgos. No one else can handle my intensity, my demanding ways and my weirdness.

  11. totally agreee, this post made me smile a whole lot. 11/17 Scorpio & my personality is everything described in our sign ^_^ sometimes it’s hard to live with but I manage with help from my bf he’s wonderful & a 10/20 Libra !!! I used to be attracted to ONLY cancers but they are no match for a Scorpio .

  12. What makes me happy? When people know how to spell and know that the plural form of “Scorpios” does not have an apostrophe in it.

  13. I am so happy I found this site and it found me, I am Nov 5 scorpion. I have stong feeling to an other female scorpion Oct 25. Is this a good thing?

  14. These things make me smile because im really feelin this information and im the most loyal out of all of my friends and they’re always telling me about their 5 different boyfriends,but never me♥

  15. Great points about Scorpio’s in love! I have my progressed sun in Scorpio right now and Scorpio rules my 7th house ( for you hard core astrology know what that means.) I cant resist a Scorpio!

    Today there is a New Moon in Scorpio, very powerful for those of you born under this deep, dark intense sign:) check out my readings on Ebay

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