The Miseducation of the Scorpio

To Miseducate; meaning to educate improperly.

Being independent, strong, and seductive sign we Scorpio’s tend to get a bad reputation. For example, when I meet a guy and tell him I’m a Scorpio the answer is usually “Oh so you a Scorpio? That means you’re up for any and everything huh?!” The answer is Yes I’m up for any and everything, but not with YOU! On other occasions when others learned I was a Scorpio I was labeled as a jealous person or temperamental bitch.  Scorpio’s are probably the most misunderstood astrological sign there is.

That is why I’m here to set the record straight about what others have been miseducated about.

Miseducation number 1: The nasty slutty Scorpio. 

Scorpio’s tend to be comfortable with sexuality, and have no problems exploring it. But, that exploring usually takes place with our partners and only our partners. If you want a fulfilled sex life Scorpio is the way to go, but its not for everyone to experience.

Miseducation number 2: The crazy jealous Scorpio!

I really dislike that we are the sign that gets the jealous label. Isn’t jealousy a part of human nature? I’ve never met a Scorpio that was excessively jealous. I haven’t quite figured out what is meant by that. What do you think?

Miseducation number 3: The Violent Scorpio.

I’ll admit Scorpios do have a bad temper, but I won’t say we are violent. If you get into a confrontational situation with a Scorpio you might just quit the argument, because Scorpio’s are passionate about what they believe.  We’ll argue you down til you can’t take anymore, and sometimes it gets a tad bit heated. On the off chance that we do get up to fight you might want to run!

Miseducation number 4: The too secretive/sneaky Scorpio.

I wouldn’t say we are secretive we’re just mysterious. Scorpio’s believe strongly in privacy, and while we may share some information we always keep some things close to us. We also tend to be quiet, deep, and emotionally complex; we like to keep to ourselves.

Miseducation number 5: The Scorpio is weak pretending to be strong.

They say Scorpio’s are: jealous, vengeful, overbearing, sarcastic, sexually immoral, intolerant, violent, secretive, and complex because the more weak we are the tougher we have to be.

I must say I have to disagree with the majority of that.

Scorpio’s are also known to be: caring, thoughtful, resourceful, independent, passionate, loyal, trustworthy, determined, sexy, observant, and great people. Sounds like strong characteristics to me!

Can you think of a “miseducation” I left out? Leave it in the comments below!

Special thank you to @evathevandal for the inspiration for this post. If you have any ideas send me an email or hit me up on twitter!

59 thoughts on “The Miseducation of the Scorpio”

  1. Scorpio here. Ive had my ups and downs. I remember whe i was younger i used to think i want to know everything and taste anything so nobody can tell me what it feels like. So i did, and it was bad, nowadays i know what i want i feel great and iapreaciated the good things in life like family, nature, a good conversation, knowledge etc. Scorpios i think they are the most energetic sign, but that energy can be mislead down the wrong track or the good one. It’s a miracle that i am alive today .

  2. Sometimes I wonder though, do other signs have to have this kind of article to defend themselves too or is it they never had to do so because they aren’t being labelled horrible as bad as we do? Or is it they just don’t care and focus on their brighter side instead? Because I sure know other signs that are full of bad attributes but I never wanted to bring them down or badmouth them as a whole sign. I guess we’re not bad people like they all trying to make us believe after all.

  3. There are some very evil scorpios but there are as many powerful and high-soaring scorpios too. One who’ve seen the darkest abyss will resurrect as the most beautiful. Whatever it is, we do the best of what we do. If we’re bad, we’re good at it. If we’re nice, we’re good at it. That’s how the extreme nature becomes an intimidating attribute. People, however, only mind about negativity. They mock the worse in us but forbid themselves from acknowledging the best of us because well, no one likes the spotlight directed on other people. They know deep inside we have the qualities worth of adoration. The fact that these people are willing to leave mocking comments proves that they’re filled with negativity. Their perspectives are filtered with resentment and it blinds them from seeing the qualities in a person or a sign. And that is sad.

  4. I totally agree in a Scorpio and the first thing I get is yall are some freaks ! Which were are but only with people we truly care about …or at least Iam. I’m not violent or jealous but if you get me mad enough I will hunt you down like you stole something …

  5. Don’t want to toot the horn for scorp’s to loud here. But we are genuine good people. I have meet alot of scorpio’s some can become unreadable and or unpredictable. But most are truly inteligent and passionate and loyal to a point beyond believe. If you gain their trust you have a friend for life. But you betray one. You will know it. Fake is something the other person is. Not a scorpio. That’s what bothers most people about us. We are real, and focused. And can see through others vales of who they think they are. It bothers a lot of people. Just know if your around a scorpio you need to be genuine. Or they will call you out.

  6. I’m a male Scorpio…. when ask what’s my sign I tell Ppl I’m a Scorpio, the 1st response is…. oh, you a Scorpio!. I heard about Scorpios. My response is, “what have you heard”. The one response that I hear the most is, we a freaks in bed. Hey, I will gladly accept that compliment, lol!!.
    Yes, we are misunderstood and I tell Ppl, you have to get to know us. Yes, I are passionate about certain issues, Yes, I do protect the ones I love. Some Ppl wish they have the drive and passion that flows through our viens, because I’ve heard it.
    I think, some are jealous. As with all Ppl… you will have jealousy, anger, resentment, mis-trust, etc. It’s all keeping it balanced. Keep striving for the best my fellow Scorpions! And try not to care what Ppl say about us. We know the real truths! Scorpios Rule!

  7. Scorpio rises through adversity, we don’t have to act tough when we are weak … We become stronger and our strength is more apparent when we are under pressure … Every sign, including Scorpio has at least two different forms … In the Indian totum the Scorpio has 3 .. I remember that two are the grey lizard and the eagle … The grey lizard will take form the sneaky, sexual deviant … Where as the eagle is the highest and most honorable form … Where they will be honest and sexually discriminate etc. Each Scorpio has the ability to transform into any 3 in their lifetime. Usually you will learn a lot of lessons geared toward your sign as a child … Like I myself got caught stealing as a child and got in trouble … Also instilled in me was a great work ethic and there for I grew to realize you work for what you get and will not take anything unless I work for it. Pluto, one of the ruling planets of Scorpio rules everything dark odd, and also sex … Mars is the other ruling planet and is masculine … We tend to be little power houses usually … Can take major breaks in life for recuperation … But we will have a come back that will blow people minds !!! But I will tell you those Scorpios who choose to take the low road … Many can get into drugs and prostitution. We are never usually thrown an easy life. Pluto also rules foster family and step family .. Many have grown up to have hard family lives and sexual abuse … Some will take that low road n watch tf out because them people are still smart as ish and will take u for a ride … But the grey lizard is no match for the eagle … I know believe me …

    1. Sarah-
      It looks as if you’ve done your research quite thoroughly about the 3 parts of the Native American version of the Scorpio.
      I am Oglala Lakota and just to inform you, the missing part of the 3 mentioned is the Phoenix. The Phoenix, according to legend dies each day and is reborn from it’s own ashes the following day.
      This is a perfect representation of us and parallels with Pluto (death and rebirth) as well.

  8. This was written by a scorpio, invalidating everything written. All the myths are true, watch out. Love, taurus

  9. Good afternoon,
    In response to Miseducation #2, we are more possessive, than jealous. It is the “wrong-doing” in a situation rather than pining over someone who we think has “wronged” us…Easy to walk away and never see again than to act so childish…

    1. As a fellow Scorpio I concur with this statement. But another way of putting it that we’re not jealous, we’re territorial. Meaning if I saw a guy talking to my girlfriend, I wouldn’t get jealous. Jealousy is when you are jealous even envious of something someone has or someone. Territorial is when you have something or someone you don’t want to lose and want to hold on to. We are a sexual sign, yes I agree but like the post stated, we’re not sluts. Whenever sex is mentioned around other signs, majority of the time our sign is brought up. That’s just because we know what we’re doing, we’re skilled you could say. I’ve studied the signs and I must admit I have pride with my sign. All the other signs seem to lack the fire and spirit that we have. We’re not only a scorpion, but we’re also an eagle, & a Phoenix. We can oversee the problem as the eagle, use our words and actions as the stinger of a scorpion and when its all over, we rise from the ashes new and reborn as the Phoenix. Let the other signs be jealous of us, we’re a proud sign because we don’t take crap from anyone, we can see straight through the bs, and we can reveal secrets that others think are well hidden

  10. I don’t know how it is for a girl but I am openly amorous and lusty and feel my sexuality and ability to make a woman feel at ease is a most powerful part of my personality. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I don’t lead women on, I tell it how it is and if they are no longer interested then, well, that’s their loss. I think women are more sexually repressed by the society and that this is a Judeo-Christian influence. Whatsoever you do, as long as you are AWARE while you are doing it then this is permissable. If you act out of ignorance or spontanaity without awareness then you may harm yourself or others. I am jealous of those who I perceive to be doing beetter than me, there is no denying it but that is usually when I am experiencing a crisis of confidence and this usually spurs me on to work harder. I don’t begrudge anyone anything. I am manipulative but again this I do openly and when I am levelled with this accusation I say: this is what I am trying to achieve here, this is the result I would like to see. People always find honesty endearing! I am a warrior but I do not enjoy fighting (outside the ring) as there is rarely a favourable outcome for either party. Interesting website, will visit again soon.

  11. I must agree with these informations. I remember once when I was sitting in the classroom during math class and the classmates started talking about horoscope and asked oen another which zodiac signs they where in. And then when they asked me and said that I was a Scorpio, they all looked at each other and was like “ooh, she’s a scorpio” and I knew exactly why, because of the reputation of us being “Too sexual”. I must say, I like being seductive and sexual, but not all the time, I actually am my sexual side towards a guy I really like. Sexual things is something I keep to myself and only show it to my partner.

    When it comes to jealousy, I must say I can be possesive but that’s only because I want to be sure that the guy I’m in a relationship with is really mine and that he shows that he is mine, then it’s all good. As long as I know he has only eyes for me, he can talk to any girls he want. I don’t want my man to feel like a prisoner in our relationship. But if I suspect anything that doesn’t seem right then of course I’ll try and find it out but would never jump to conclusions directly. I collect informations until I know that it might be time to confront him.

  12. The lying scorpion

    I believe many people are mistrusting, and cautious of scorpios. I think people mistake us as liars because we have mystery, and because they cannot SEE that mystery revealed before them, they fear it. People are known to fear what they do not understand. ( maybe just me ) Scorpios LOVE what they do not understand, always needing something new to investigate, a new puzzle to solve, a hidden meaning to find, a secret of the mind to unravel, SOMETHING. And then you put that together with our ability to see behind truths, and spot falsehoods or feel half-truths with our instinct, People want to display their own lies as truth, and when contested, will cry liar. I personally was very rowdy teenager, and did a lot of wrong, but went to a juvenille prison for 2 yrs, reflected on my thoughts, actions and decisions ALOT and came out 2008 a completely different person. I have alot to work on,But I think I’ve grown from scorpio to the eagle since then, I made alot of big changes in 2011, lost my way a bit at beginning of 2012 and was blaming circumstances, but then made a conscious decision to man up and just accept and create my own circumstances, and end of 2012- now has been amazing. I have done alot better in all areas of my life, and feel great. I am confused though I was born on November 6 1989 (Chinese year of the snake) also I was born in the early AM and I dont know what time but My grandmother told me about a blue moon that was out, and i looked it up the night of nov5th as a blue moon.With the showing of Ophiuchus, the dates say I am a Libra now, But how is that possible?? and aren’t the Libra the scorpions claws? so As one am i still connected to the scorpio-Ophiuchus( serpent holding stuff? I feel like I need to talk with people who know more about this than me, I need to find something that I cant see at the moment pertaining this subject. Thank you for this page btw, very relateable and gives me insight on other scorpios and everyone likes to know they are not alone in a struggle.

  13. Jeez Louise never met a bunch of people more full of themselves than here, unreal…who do you thank you are the 300 Spartans or what!
    If folks trumpet you negative and I mean horrendously negative qualities it’s because they are the ones you dickheads display and wear the most…

    Too many walking wounded at the hands of you Scorps, but do go on and lick your genitals collectively!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! In fact, my experiences with Scorpios is such that I won’t even deal with them in any capacity beyond a civil greeting. In *EVERY* instance where I’ve had the opportunity to work and/or play with a Scorpio male (sports), the relationship started out congenial and deteriorated to the point where being in the same room with them evoked rage. Sneaky, backstabbing assholes… The lot of them.

      1. WOW!
        What the world… here you are putting down us “Scorpios” as a whole! Kind of judgmental, don’t you think!?
        I am a Scorpio, and am very proud of that. I am one of the most honest people you could ever talk to. I get the “Bitch” label, but if you don’t want to meet that side of us, then don’t force it into view! I usually don’t pay things like this any mind however, it is funny how some people want to throw stones. If you get to know us, well speaking for myself, we are not hateful, hurtful people. Generally those who think so has crossed a line with one of my kind and thought it to be no big deal, until met with that infamous temper. But… see things as you wish, this SCORPIO no longer wants to explain us to you!

      2. Malachi – So you’re saying that in most cases, your experience with scorpio started out as congenial than it worsen over time? Why don’t you reflect on yourself, aren’t you the one with an issue then? It’s quite impossible for a genuine nice person to have problems with *EVERY* person from a zodiac sign. I have issues with certain signs too but I don’t have problem with most people of that zodiac sign. You said you play sports. Scorpios are competitive people, determined and really focus so we’ll take every opportunity for our growth. We also hate to play dirty, it’s just something of our conservative principals. We believe in being real,bold,outspoken doesn’t matter if people hate us for it. I can say with certainty that their competitive aura intimidate you. It’s okay, I get it nobody likes a strong player. If being in the same room evoke your rage then I must say you have an attitude issue. Perhaps you’re just another jealous sportsperson who put the blame in his opponents?

    2. Sandra – Here you are talking about how shit-loaded we are but you’re the one displaying rude and disgraceful attitude. Such a low life. The very reason this article was written is because the misconceptions are done by some of us in certain situation not all of us in most cases. But we ARE extreme people, we only know black and white so I understand that those of us who decided to do evil really caused a deep level of damage to the extend of total destruction. This is especially true when confronting our enemy and people who betray us. Trust me, we don’t enjoy drama for no reason so it’s 90% likely if you’re being damaged by a scorpio, you missed your own faults first and just shocked by how we react. Don’t regret your decision to get on our bad side then talk crap about how we repay you for what you’ve done, honey. Anyway, big thanks for letting us know how severe our wrath has caused people who deserve it. 😀

      1. Amen. She couldn’t ever pass Scorpio 201. We are built to weed out shallow, fake or should I say not worthy. Well let me speak for just me. I am 100% Scorpio, I possess all of these traits, good and bad. Let me just say I’m a very Real person but it doesn’t take me long to see who does or doesn’t deserve my respect. I treat people with the utmost respect. Only when someone has shown me they don’t deserve it or they undermine my intelligence do I show just how ruthless I can be. So long story short. Don’t blanket the entire Scorpio population with your labels of us without at least telling what caused said Scorpios to be rude or mean. Whichever it is, I am confident that these “Scorpios ” had good reason. As a whole we don’t like BS nor do we cause BS for nothing. We are straight up, 100! If you’re not we dismiss you, The End ♏

  14. These facts are true one .. Bcuz we are loyal nd honest to ourselves and to those whom we love and care. Doesnt’ matter what’s ppl think about us..

  15. My boyfriend is a scorpio. Andhe is extremely secretive and hide things from me.I found a nude pic on his cell phone. My b.f.di not send them to me and got defensive when I confronted him. I think he does have a perverted side.he likes porn and other things I just hope he is faithful.and I have caught him in differant lies as well.I don’t know if you reply to people but I hope I get a reply.I don’t understand him at all. I am a leo .

    1. Yes, every scorpio has a perverted side that’s why he keeps pornos. By pervert side I mean it’s not like every time we walk by girls we check them out,that’s completely a wrong understanding. By pervert, I mean we like watching porns and imagining things, some of us like sex toys but not me. Don’t worry that doesn’t involve things that can make a girlfriend feel cheated, trust me. But most times, we treat that as a very private thing. Since if people know about it, your kind of accusations will be brought up, we prefer to defend ourselves or even deny it.

    2. Dear Nicole Trandel-
      First let me start by saying, I am a Scorpio male, who enjoys pornography, and am extremely open in my sexuality. However, that DOES NOT make me a pervert, and the examples you gave to support such a label are ludicrous and downright insulting. I am NOT a sexual deviant (definition of pervert) because I refuse to adhere to societal norms.
      Second, I hope that I can help to clarify your boyfriend’s behavior. There are 3 different phases of a Scorpio. The Grey Lizard (emotionally immature, overtly sexual, habitual liars), The Phoenix (mythological creature that dies each day and reborn from it’s own ashes-speaks about a Scorpio’s ability to rise to any occasion now matter how much pressure) and finally the Eagle (emotionally stable, mature, caring, generous, kind, gentle, intuitive, etc.- all the good stuff lol)

      I remember doing hurtful things like that to a girlfriend that I loved dearly long ago. In retrospect, she was a very picky, unappreciative, demanding woman who always wanted to be right and believed she “wore the pants” . Now, don’t get me wrong I am ultimately responsible for my own actions, as we all are; however, she was also a Leo female and I was not at a place (neither was she) where we could learn to listen and completely respect our unique boundaries. I have found that it is extremely difficult and trying (not impossible) to be in a committed relationship with “dominant” signs because the Scorpio is the most dominant of all.
      For example, out all World Leaders the zodiac sign represented the most is the Scorpio (22 World Leaders) but 2nd place goes to Leos.

      So, in conclusion Leos and Scorpios have to learn to compromise everyday, all the time or it just won’t work. And (without hearing his side) I think your boyfriend may still be in the Grey Lizard phase.

      Hope this helps.

  16. I think it’s important for everyone (including us scorps) to understand that life is about balance. Many scorpio characteristics can be seen as opposites (like maybe being jealous vs. trusting), but that’s just human. Scorpios are extreme… we have good and bad traits in us, but I don’t think we know the definition of moderation because we tend to gravitate toward extremes – this is why others might see us temperamental. There also needs to be an understanding between immature and mature scorpios, since more developed and in-tuned scorpios will exhibit more positive traits and understand how to balance our emotions.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Often times people only associate us Scorps with the negative characteristics because they haven’t put in the time it really takes to FULLY grasp the multi-layered Scorpio, and therefore are not worthy.
      And to make matters worse, it’s always the immature Scorpios that tend to be the promiscuous, manipulative, possessive and vindictive ones. And people tend to remember the bad over the good.

  17. I am not a Scorpio but a just as proud Leo in love with one. I think your website is brilliant. I adore nearly every Scorpio I’ve ever met. I do feel though that my partner will always save a piece of himself for only him. Being a Leo – I am delighted to share everything I know, feel and have and at times, I do worry my Scorpio sees that as weak. In fact it’s where my strength comes from. Thanks again for your insights. They are fascinating!

  18. nov 21 here , they sayima scorp/sag cusp , but im mostly a scorpio , all those misconceptions are true , we’re the most misunderstood sign , thats true , just cause we dont like to engage in boring convos label us as snob,..etc. jealousy only comes from mistrust , if we can trust someone ,which is rare , then they can do whatever they want and we wont care. weak scorpio? dont make me laugh.

  19. I agree with the above poster who said scorpios possessiveness is mistaken for jealousy. We are passionate and intense by nature, and when we are involved with someone, we want to know without a doubt that their love is true.

    I’ve often been told that I am anti-social. But I believe I am just very selective who I socialize with. Idle chit chat bores me to tears. But if someone wants to have a real convo that is deep and genuine, then I’m completely engaged.

    The hot headed misconception really stems from us scorpios being intense and deeply passionate. For me, it takes a lot to make me angry, but when pushed too far, I make my feelings known in a very direct, intense and passionate way.

    We are very sexual. I see this as a positive thing, however have had very few lovers who can match my sexuality in the bedroom. But for the first time in a very long time, I am seeing someone now who is as lusty as I am –he’s a cancer! OMG!!

  20. November 1st here. honestly, Heaven and Hell….right down the Middle 🙂 want to b good, choose to b good but if i get pissed-off….well then, not much changes, except it’s on the ‘other’ end…and that can b fun too. we love, we laugh, we cry. we r just as ‘human’ as the next. all people can b good or Evil, it’s a CHOICE. people need to LOOK and weigh their Own personal ‘choices’ n life, hopefully, they will Choose to b GOOD, rather than evil. i Know the latter is more fun. but is it worth all the anguish that we bestow on others? we r a proud sign but even ‘WE’ don’t have all the answers….wanna know a ‘truth’? Every single one of us, have ‘our OWN state of mind’. to agree or not, doesn’t matter. i was born a Scorpio….what does that mean? i have to Represent MYSELF better than most because everyone else looks to ‘us’ for guidance…..we hold very precious gifts that isn’t ours to exploit…so when u do use it wrongfully, don’t ask y. these gifts? ‘being’ a Real Scorpio…those of you will Know.

  21. LaSharda Leasy

    Ive never thought of myself as “jealous” either, but I am territorial. So, I believe it’s all in one’s definition of “jealousy”.. If anything others are jealous of us because they’ll never understand that way of a Scorpio 😏! Orhers ignorance of who we are never ceases to amaze me SMh.


    1. Im a Proud scorpio chick ;p

      an damn we’re the best ….. also let me add something….

      ive met alot of sexy men in my life but i dont know ….i mean we scorpios are known as the best looking . we’re seductive , sexy , smart

      but still damn im meeting lots of good looking men every now an then

      an i just cant figure out why im single i mean

      im not complaining about it actually , its quiet cool with me experimenting with every hot man every now an then lol but again

      i mean i know theres nothing wrong in me ;p nothing wrong in us ;p

      just the people around us are scared freaked out coz we’re strong

      an we see ppl as a bottle of water everything so clear lol

      1. Please don’t say that we’re the best. Understand that people are annoyed with that statement lol. I used to think so and get all excited about my sign too but I learnt better along my life journey. We may have strong qualities backed up with all the ingredients for an ideal human but if you really think about it, other signs have admirable qualities too and they may use them better. It’s only a matter of how we manage the combination of all those qualities we have with an effort to minimize our bad side. For us human to be created the “best” based on zodiac signs is unfair, don’t you think? Each of us can be the best but not a sign as a whole. 🙂 -teamscorpio

  22. Did anyone mention very leary of everyone,and NOT easily trusting? That may just be me? LOL! Once we trust you ,we are loyal to the core.

  23. Well. . .I consider myself shy which is typical for a Scorpio but mostly everyone I meet begs to differ. Only thing I hate is that I am strongly attached to the main sign we can’t have long-term relationships with unless its real love. A R I E S I seem to attract alot and be attracted to them 🙁

  24. It’s funny how people say a lot of negative things about Scorpio but NEVER say the positives things about us! I’m a TRUE Scorpio..Loving, Faithful, Giving, Caring, Passinate about what & those I love. Oh and may I add Forgiving! People need to get to know us before judging us! I find it hilarious at times but sometimes annoying. Oh but Sex….WE THE BEST! lol!

  25. Ow come on! Are you all really telling me that the Scorpio female and male are not the jealous/ aggressive/ easy to anger/ blunt/ hurtful/ sexual types? I have felt my power rise in my chest. I have seen it in the eyes of other Scorpios. I rarely allow it out but when I do I use it under my control. It has been hurtful to those who deserved it but from an observers view pint I was being a destroyer. I have been and still am a sexual person with a number that some consider sluttty. And do you know what? I care not! But what really pissies me off is when the star sign that trumpets blunt truth as theirs pontificates on like you lot did about our wonderfulness at the expenses of truth! You must take and honour our good points with our bad points, which if understood wisely are the same. Magnetic eyes don’t come without the power and danger behind them. Use your traits and be powerful from ownership of the good and the bad. Try and squash your power and you will use your tail internally on yourself to destroy yourself instead of creatively in the outside world. We have three levels to our sign, unlike the other signs. Disown your power and become the grey lizard.

    1. Couldn’t agree more James. It makes me squirm with embarrassment when I hear the mouth piece scorpios yap about how superior, smart, deep,complex and tough they are, it seems like such a gemini or leo trait. If being a scorpio is the biggest thing you have going for you I feel sad for you. One thing I’ve discovered since I married a scorpio is that we seldom see ourselves as others do. Being with a scorpio and experiencing the intensity that we are known for from my spouse had made me see exactly why we are such a turn off for some people. I think scorpios have some wonderful traits, but we also have some horrible ones as well, we aren’t these noble better than everyone else creatures that a lot of scorpios like to boast about. We get fooled and conned just like everyone else, and it’s usually from the last person we expected it from, we aren’t always brutally honest, we can lie our asses off with the best of them, jealousy is an INSECURE person’s trait and there are plenty of insecure scorpios, and thinking that every other sign doesn’t get our complexity or are jealous of us is crap, they see exactly who you are, and they aren’t jealous of you, they just don’t like like you. As for the scorpio lover thing, soooo over rated, 2 of the worst lovers I ever had were scopios.

      1. Well said and quite accurate. Its easy to get full of ourselves when we have a bit too much pride.

    2. You’ve got a point, James and Lynn. I cheated, I told epic lies, I’ve been an asshole to people and I’ve realized now how much of a turn off I can be. That’s being human. I dislike it when my fellow scorpio brag about how they’re the best, that we’re soooo loyal and trustworthy (which is not always the case),etc. We do bad we also do good. There’s no bad characteristics that you can tell a scorpio that he/she hasn’t figure out him/herself (most times) and every one of us know that. But we also know we can be great and nice people too. Given that all this time, all, I mean all zodiac pages label us disgracefully bad, why don’t we have the right to speak the truth? Maybe we (you and me) do things considered as bad like that, but I know many scorpios who aren’t as bad. Who will speak the good about us if it’s not us? (since you know, have you found a non-scorpio page that talk good about scorpio? I only found one so far) They need to know that we aren’t as bad as they think. Their point of views are often too mean it’s ridiculous we need to balance it now. I don’t know if you like to deny the attributes you have like deep, complex, smart all that but I do have those. Although, of course, we’re not all that all the time. Of course we can still got bluffed and beaten and destroyed. Maybe the article failed to communicate the idea well, but as a scorpio you should get it. You stated your point in a manner of confirming those misconceptions. But no, those misconceptions don’t happen all the time. At least not as bad as all these people trying to ruin our image for all this time.

  26. P.S. Not ure about any you missed, but minus the slutty scorpio.. I can be the EPITOME of the NEGATIVE aspects of scorpio

    (not sure if it will work but

  27. I, a fellow scorpio agree with everything you say here.. I think its the others who are JEALOUS bcos v r better than them in so many ways – so what if a scorpio is sexual, we r neither perverts nor disloyal, have seen so many scorpios having really long , healthy marriages. Its the passion that makes us intense, if others see if otherwise , its their problem 😛

  28. I’m a Scorpio to my core. I’m not jealous, I’m not outgoing yet humorous. I can be violent if provoked. Like ALL Scorpios, I have a magnetic personality. Every Scorpio I’ve met have been very intelligent. So what that we are sexual by nature. Doesn’t mean you’re gonna see that side of us. But, I believe our best trait is loyalty.

  29. I never agreed with the “jealous” thing. I would say i’m possessive. And I don’t care what you do as long as I know you’re mine and with me. You can be across the room flirting with a girl i’ll even point a cutie out to you – Don’t Care, Won’t Blink. The moment there is a some break in our bond thats when things get heavy and stressful. Until then don’t care.

    As for us being weak….*laughs* that’s ridiculous

    Umm…i can see why people thing we’re sneaky tho, I won’t lie. I like to know everything about a situation so I feel in control. Also dont like to share with the majority. It gives me safety.

    Violent? *sucks teeth* ridiculous.

    1. something that i Learned on ‘how to win/lose a scorp’….some SCORPS get tooo fool of themselves and Don’t have a CLUE on ‘how’ to BE human. they make a website and ONLY allow their ‘pets’ to speak. i don’t like little ‘girls’ that go to ‘our’ websites to ‘flirt’. one More thing, unless u R a REAL SCORP don’t try coming to these ‘sites’ and CLAIMING that U have ‘scorp blood’ when u R ANOTHER SIGN. who cares if u KNOW a Scorp, who cares if u have a 1 percent n yr chart to yell SCORP. yr still NOT going to b ‘One’. that ‘site’ IS fake. thanx to u all for some Descent acknowledgement toward REAL ones.

  30. The asshole or Jerk Scorpio….
    Its a scorpios need for clarification. We do not want what we meant to say to be missed or misconstrued.

    The Violent Scorpio….
    I would say its more of a defense mechanism. We use it to protect ourselves and what is ours. We are not out right belligerent in arguments BUT we also use are words and those can cut deep too. I think in an argument or convo scorpios know exactly what they are saying and they say it purposefully. Almost as if our statements are calculated…

  31. The arrogant Scorpio

    We are mistaken for arrogance because of our strength and independent. We are competitive by nature, and refuse to believe anyone that puts their pants on one leg at a time just like us, is better than us!

    The asshole Scorpio

    We are often mistaken for bein rude or assholes for our bluntness and honesty. If you ask a question, it would be fake to tell you what u WANT to hear rather than the truth!

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