The 3 Scorpio Decans


Decans are 36 groups of stars that rise in a particular order throughout each earth rotation. These decans were developed in Egypt thousands of years ago. The rising of each decan marked the beginning of a new “decanal hour” of the night for the ancient Egyptians and eventually three decans were assigned to each zodiac sign. Each decan covers ten degrees of the zodiac. Each decan is ruled by different planetary rules which are also correlated with astrological signs.

Here is some information on the 3 Scorpio Decans:

Scorpio Decan 1: October 23 to November 1

The First Decan of Scorpio is also known as the Scorpio Decante and the “Week of Intensity.” The motto of the First Decan of Scorpio is “Intensity.” This double Scorpio Decante ruled by Pluto — this Decan’s secondary ruling Planet — provides an intensified influence that is manifested in strong drives for power and lust. There are deep feelings here, but they are well-hidden. Those governed by this Decan can either be creative or destructive. Luckily, meaningful employment and worthwhile friends can keep these individuals on the right track.

Since those ruled by this First Decan never expect things to be easy, they are rarely surprised or caught off-guard. They possess impressive fortitude to overcome most odds and may even reinvent themselves periodically. Stubborn and persistent, these are individuals who grit their teeth and have a tendency to finish whatever they start. This period is the most forceful and self-willed period of the entire year. Nothing can stop the drive associated with this Decan, whether for bad or good. Usually it is for the good since the nature of those governed here are generally too virile to be selfish. This strong will is also accompanied by will power and a desire to explore the unknown.

There is also a love and appreciation of family and friends associated with this period. An individual who falls under the jurisdiction of this Decante tends to be something of an irresistible force who blends passion with compassion, as well as being blessed with magnetism, insight, ambition and a knack for intimacy. Sheer single-mindedness assures that he or she will be a winner in love and any chosen profession. The feelings here may be complex but are always utterly genuine.

Scorpio Decan 2: November 2 to 11

The Second Decan of Scorpio is also known as the Pisces Decante and the “Week of Depth.” The motto of the Second Decan of Scorpio is “Transmutation.” The influence of Neptune — this Decan’s secondary ruling Planet — may prompt these talented natives to seek an escape courtesy of some form of addiction, such as drugs or gambling for example.

The heart here is very tender and needs careful handling. This is an individual who will search for a soul mate until one is found. However, he or she will need to be very careful in the choice of friends and companions, or suffer the consequences. Medicine and healing arts are perfect for those governed by this Decanate. In addition, it is crucial that they receive unconditional love and have a loyal, loving mate who will reinforce self-esteem.

Although driven, those ruled by this Decante possess a moderating streak of charity and self-sacrifice. They seek job satisfaction above prestige. Arousing and mysterious, empathetic and faith-inspiring, these persons make for exceptional sweethearts and life-partners, which may be due in part to their love of (and indulgence in) sexual fantasies.

Scorpio Decan 3: November 12 to 22

The Third Decan of Scorpio is also known as the Cancer Decante and the “Week of Charm.” The motto of the Third Decan of Scorpio is “Manifestation.” The influence of the Moon — this Decan’s secondary ruling Planet — lends these natives the ability to become exceptional nurturers and financial wizards. Generally speaking, a person governed by this Decante will enjoy a strong and lifelong bond with his or her mother. This is a good thing unless it results in an eventual lesser bond with the chosen mate.

These individuals tend to be somewhat haughty by nature, but are fair-minded and blessed with remarkable energy. Still, they can be unyielding to the extreme. With a tendency to make sure they are right, those ruled by this Third Decan then decide that whatever they do must be on point. Subject in part to the caprices of the ever-changing Moon can create problems here. However, these natives are usually well-liked and harbor a fondness for pleasure and amusement.

These are souls who desire to leave a legacy to loved ones and favorite causes. Money, privacy, loyalty and property are of supreme importance. A skilled keeper of secrets, these individuals will carry mysteries and resentments to their graves. Because they have remarkable memories and sensitive hearts, they will hang on to sorrow for an inordinate length of time.

An aura of enchantment tends to surround those governed by this Decante. They are caring, abiding and more domesticated than other Scorpio natives. Canny, subtle and adaptable, to say nothing of being blessed with stunning powers of concentration, these are persons who can charm their way to wordly success and into the heart of a chosen mate.

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  1. Decan 3 πŸ¦‚ 11β€’18 This is accurate on so many levels… Thanks for sharing your insight πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’™πŸ’œ #ProudScorpio #WeTheBest

  2. Im in the scorpio/cancer decan and my mother’s star sign is cancer. What a coincidence? I am indeedly close with my beautiful mother and guess what!?! I have a twin sister who has the same decan. Magical! Weldone to whoever wrote this. U’re a magical genius. Its shocking how much people knw u without meeting u

    1. What’s your birth date carmon πŸ™‚
      I’m s2 11/14 & my heavenly mother’s birthday is 7/5
      Me and my Hubster 11/17 are s2 and I hate him 99 .99 Percent of the time, and sometimes tell him to drop dead yet I love him 100 % of the time and would kill anybody who hurt him or got in his way besides me.. so I’m just wondering if it’s the same with you and your twin sister and ur mother.

    2. I really don’t get this. I don’t know maybe I was more social back then or something. I was born on November 19 but I can’t be adapted to my environment so quickly and I sound more like the 2nd decan. My due date for my birth was either on the 14th or 15th. Im SO not adaptable to my environment usually, it could take me a while unless the people in my group or whatever start up conversations with me or the interesting people Im into start it. I suck at starting conversations. But in a way I sound like 3rd decan. I have libra rising but what sucks is that I have that stupid social standing mc in cancer so Im shy. I also have moon in virgo. I usually smile at people but honestly Im not the most kind. I mean Im not stone faced or anything but sometimes I care and sometimes I dont. I think I might have leo in 11th house or something. I like confident, friendly people but I hate quiet/shy/stone-faced people. I dont have time to make them break out of their shell and its really annoying. But then for guys I like single guys who aren’t taken and it just bugs me because I get jealous easily and I like friendly confident guys who would more likely be in the popular groups when Im not and Im just shy. Or maybe the other guy isnt that popular but can still charm the girls and make them fall for them. But yeah its really annoying. I usually have mood swings in friends/loved-ones if they don’t treat me right. I do have a fragile heart also. I can also have mood-swings if somethings bothering me or start being happy when someone gives me attention but Im probably just shy and I mean I don’t mind attention just depends on my mood. Im not really ambitious and I procrastinate a lot but I mean Im smart at figuring some things out but I kind of live in a dream world sometimes and I can’t concentrate. Maybe I have some kind of mix

  3. Scorpio 3 (Nov 16–today’s my birthday!) and this assessment rings true in many ways. I don’t feel like it actively seek to control whatever situation I’m in, but it still sort of naturally seems to happen. something about the way I act gives off the vibe that I need to be the boss. More than I ‘need’ to be the boss- I am the best person to be the boss. Experiencing new-found joys is a must for me. Always need to be trying new things. New countries. New food. New people. My best friend is a Scorpio 2. I’ve never had as passionate of a fight with anyone as I have with her. I’ve also never opened up to anyone or valued anyone’s advice as much as I do hers.

  4. Scorpio 2 here, born November 9th and I can say thats true. Everything we feel is extremely intense and we have to develop that love for self that allows us to love care and be compassionate with ourselves. We have no problems loving others but inflict that self hate. We are the eagle in representation when we deal with what we often go through in our past. We usually have martyr states where everything we do is just looked down upon, tarnished and trashed. This happens to strengthen our love of self. We are spiritual bit we also posess the business sharp focused mind of scorpio when we set in our heart to do something. There is so much depth to scorpio its uncanny. I cant even say it all but we need to remember that its cool if people dislike us. Dont let our emotions get in the way of our brilliance learn to blance our emotionsl state and we will be less bedridden and dont procrastinate. I thinkCancers of the third decon are best for us because they teach us that orderly side. I have a man who is Cancer/Scorpio rising and this causes us to clash buthe is right about keeping up with things responsibly. Scorpio 2 is most likely to have a deeply rooted love for organisation but find it difficult to carry out. Again our emotional state does more harm than good. Anyway, taper yourself emotionally so you can get through life.It is the key to rising in bad times. Transform when needed. Let yourself grow. Its necessary for you to live.

    1. I have scorpio 3 but Im shy as heck. Im not balanced and Im not that orderly. I have descendant in aries though. I can’t make friends easily and most everyone thinks Im boring sometimes! I always get great ideas at the wrong times, its like my brain moves slow on some things. I seriously HATE being responsible sometimes but its probably because I have libra rising. Libras have aries descendant and we kind of are dependent on others to do things. Im like that and I was mostly always an only child. Some of scorpio 3 doesn’t sound right for me but idk. But then some make total sense.

    1. Well Scorpios never understand why Virgos are so self deprecating. But if you can learn to accept her for being very internal you’re relationship could be better. You will have to grow in your sign in order to show her how to grow in hers.

    2. Lol, my mom is a leo and sometimes we get along but not always, same with my dad who’s an aquarius. Me and my parents have different belief systems and I have to admit I am stubborn sometimes and think Im right. We don’t have compatible chinese zodiacs and not much compatible sun signs either but it seems like Im more attracted to those zodiac signs, well maybe not aquarius. Me and my mom get in fights but she stresses way to much and Im just chill. Like Im always late to things and my mom gets stressed out about it sometimes. I have a personality type b same with my dad and she has more of a personality type a. I think sometimes I dont care about certain things Im not interested in or excited about so I dont put effort do doing it. Me and my dad though are almost the same except my dad has the BIGGEST mood swings ever. He procrastinates a lot (like me) but cares more and has a way different belief system than me. My parents are ambitious but Im not really ambitious. I honestly hate doing work unless Im interested in it but even if Im interested in it my brain can start to wander off. Sometimes I think my mom likes fighting a lot but we’re kind of different but usually Im more of a fiery personality since I have aries, sun in scorpio and virgo in moon I can get pissed off easily and will have to yell it off sometimes or hit/throw something. My dad on the other hand is really grumpy. I think he might also have libra rising to or taurus rising. He is impatient sometimes but can be rude and anti-social. Im kind of like him but more like my mom. I can be anti-social but at least Im nice and will actually probably socialize. My mom was shy but she was always a tomboy. She was actually pretty more confident than I thought. She thought off those bullies and everyone was scared of hurting her. She is nice and cares a lot. Me on the other hand Im nice and all but I dont know if I really care that much. But yeah.

  5. Same with me. I think it’s spot on. Except I don’t really have a strong bond with my mom. It’s love/hate but mostly hate. πŸ™ She’s a Scorpio/Virgo moon like myself (1st decan). My father is Scorpio/Sagittarius moon and we get along great (2nd decan).

  6. Well i am from the first one…exactly in Halloween and i guess is true what it said ,but forgot to add how vengeful we are.I am a strong vengeful guy, i guess nobody will beat me on that one and people surrounding me got to be extremely careful, not to rubber in the wrong way…

    1. Ha same birthday! ^-^ but then again seeing as I’m looking at something all about scorpio’s I guess it was inevitable, I’m quite like that too πŸ˜›

  7. Third decante…All true and I do enjoy a strong and lifelong bond with my mother, maybe thats why I am still single πŸ˜‰ I LOVE my mother, there are no words can express … and I work midnight shifts and usually get 3-4 hrs of sleep and thank God I still have energy to run errands most of the time. Gotta love being a scorpio!

  8. The heart here is very tender and needs careful handling. This is an individual who will search for a soul mate until one is found. However, he or she will need to be very careful in the choice of friends and companions, or suffer the consequences. Medicine and healing arts are perfect for those governed by this Decanate

    OMG as if you are talking about me πŸ˜€ i’m from the second decan 5/11 πŸ™‚

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