Scorpio’s Relaxation Guide for the Holidays

The Holidays are approaching fast and I’m feeling it, and I’m sure you are too. There are deadlines for work and school, shopping for Christmas presents, and the usual holiday stress! Scorpios are pretty intense and from personal experience I know especially around the holidays. We can’t control it its in our nature.

I wanted to take a break from the usual post about Scorpios, and put together a list of relaxation techniques to help my fellow Scorps relax. These aren’t just for the holidays use them anytime!

  1. Breathe. Since we are all so busy, and on the go sometimes we forget to just sit down! Make sure you take some time out of your day to sit down and take a breather even if its for 30 seconds!
  2. Do something you enjoy.  In my case shopping is usually on the top of my list of things I enjoy, but around this time I avoid shopping centers and even the grocery store as much as possible. Write, read a book, or have sex with the one you love to brighten your day!
  3. Exercise. Every zodiac sign of every age, and race need daily exercise. But, it is a known medical fact that exercise helps relieve stress and makes our body’s strong. If you like taking classes I recommend Zumba and Yoga for Scorpios. We have such intense personalities both of the exercises work in different ways to help us feel relaxed afterwards.
  4. Buy a gift for yourself. We all love gifts don’t we? I know I do! For the holiday season buy yourself a gift (even if its something small), wrap it up, and put it under your tree. When you start feeling tired, or stressed open it even if its before Christmas day! This helps you enjoy a small part of the holiday season, and helps you escape the madness for just a moment.
  5. New Year’s list. Make a top ten list of everything you want to accomplish in the New Year. Jot down everything you want to leave behind in 2011, and what you want in your life for 2012. Hang the list up somewhere you can see it, and look forward to the future.

Have something to add to the list? Put in the comments below.

See you in 2012!!

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  1. thank you very much. As a Scorpio I am, I am too tensed and worried at the moment regarding various things that are getting out of my control. Hope these relaxation techniques help me.

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