Scorpio Sun With 12 Rising (Ascendant) Signs

Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising

As I mentioned in my previous post, your Sun sign is only one aspect of your personality. Another important sign to take into consideration is your Rising sign, also known as your Ascendant. Your rising sign is often referred to as your “mask” to the world and is the first impression you leave on others. If people you come across do not believe you are a Scorpio, chances are that what they see in you is your rising sign. Only people who know you well will see your Scorpio traits, and those who do not know you very well will see your rising sign traits.

Here is some information about those with their Sun sign in Scorpio, and Ascendant in the 12 other zodiac signs:

Scorpio Sun, Aries Ascendant

AriesWhat a strong personality! Your enemies should better brace themselves! Owing to your Aries Ascendant, you come across as a daring and impulsive person, and you either fill with enthusiasm, or scare away, the people who meet you for the first time. Indeed, with you, no half-measures are to be expected. Your friends and relatives know your more secretive and complex Scorpio facet. In any case, since you loathe easy and frustrating compromises, you assert your specificity. Although your apparent recklessness may win over several members of your entourage, you must bear in mind that it may also intimidate many other people. You must beware of the dangers implied by hard-line attitudes. Beneath your soldier-like image, you brood over your intense feelings to the extent that you sometimes get bogged down in inextricable or paradoxical situations. Actually, passion suits you perfectly well, and somehow, you revel in those painful, powerful, and secret emotions which you reveal only to your most intimate friends. You are endowed with more tactical and psychological skills than your outward appearance may suggest, and your acerbic and well-chosen remarks often astound your interlocutors and hit the nail on the head. Curt and passionate, you? Definitely, yes!

Famous Scorpio Sun / Aries Rising: Bo Derek, Billy Graham

Scorpio Sun, Taurus Ascendant

TaurusThe instinctive might of these two Fixed signs endows you with a determination and a stubbornness which are almost frightening! Owing to your Taurus Ascendant, at first glance, you seem rather calm and easy-going. Indeed, you know how to enjoy the good things life offers, and also how to share them with other people. Nevertheless, you remain very careful in the management of your resources. Your hospitality attracts the people who are willing to know you better, and it enables them to discover your Scorpio facet which is more ambiguous, complex, and tortured. Both signs have in common their reputation as the most sexual signs of the Zodiac, in addition to their obstinacy or their perseverance. However, they occupy opposite places in the zodiacal wheel, and whereas Scorpio’s investigative mind dissects everything with surgical precision in an attempt to excel itself, even at the risk of getting involved in complicated situations, on the contrary, Taurus seeks security and most of the time demonstrates a disarmingly sweet and salutary pragmatism since it believes that patient work is safer than playing the role of Dr. Faust. In any case, you are prone, or vulnerable, to obsessions and possessiveness. If you are in a couple, once the relationship is well-established, you give yourself to your partner so entirely that you undergo a deep feeling of betrayal if he/she ever disappoints you.

Famous Scorpio Sun / Taurus Rising: Charles Manson, Maria Shriver, Laura Bush, Robert F Kennedy, Dan Rather

Scorpio Sun, Gemini Ascendant

Gemini As suggested by your Gemini Ascendant, your outward attitude is tinged with impish and flexible lightness. You easily establish contacts, and you adjust to your interlocutors with cleverness, humour, and subtlety, all qualities which are also Scorpio’s attributes. You choose your centres of interest and the people who aroused your curiosity with discernment and clear-sightedness. Since Gemini is intellectual and fickle, you are exposed to the risk of spreading yourself too thin. Fortunately, this tendency is offset by your Scorpio inner self, with its need for passionate commitment and its maniac and quite tortured perfectionism. You are grumpy and curt with your close friends and relatives, but you display more sociability and versatility towards people you don’t know well. In any case, it is difficult to throw you off balance because you use your critical judgment and your observation skills very well. Whereas your quips often reach their targets, it is difficult to trap you. You are more emotional, caring, and sensual than what you appear to be at first glance. Indeed, your chameleon facet is only a mask which you find so practical to wear in society.

Famous Scorpio Sun / Gemini Rising: Hillary Clinton, Matthew McConaughey, Voltaire, Kelly Osbourne, RuPaul

Scorpio Sun, Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Is it possible to come close to you? To tell the truth, your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign are not easy to tame, this is the least that can be said… Are you afraid that your well-protected secrets are uncovered? Between the crab with its thick shell, and the scorpion, a discreet, anxious and worrisome insect, you have every reason to puzzle your entourage. In most cases, when you are in society, you remain on the defensive as if you feared that people might endanger your inner world, which you find so wonderful and cosy, and in which you often seek refuge. Your Scorpio Sun reveals its true nature only after people have crossed the threshold of your fortress. You were thought to be a bit dreamy and protective, but you show that you are at the same time even more enigmatic, magnetic, and cunning. You take it to heart to intensely commit yourself to your relationships, and you revel in extreme situations packed with thrills and dangers. You are instinctive and possessive, and you must be careful that people do not feel smothered. Since your Sun and your Ascendant are both in Water signs, they deepen your intuition and your imagination, which has a definite impact on your behaviour. You often get lost in your inner labyrinths, and this trait strongly reinforces your mysterious charming power.

Famous Scorpio Sun / Cancer Rising: Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Marie Antoinette, Keith Urban, Lisa Bonet, Larry Flynt

Scorpio Sun, Leo Ascendant

Leo These two signs share the same uncompromising integrity, and they blend together to give you a powerful personality. Nevertheless, Leo’s brilliant and warm look contrasts with your Scorpio core, which is entirely made of mysteries and ambiguities. You want to impress and to receive the praises you need to calm down your anxious mind. You are quite inflexible and righteous, and you seldom adopt a conciliatory stand when you do not appreciate a situation or an interlocutor. In the best cases, your Leo Ascendant prefers to display some amount of dignity and magnanimity because this is your first reflex whenever you face new circumstances. Your Scorpio inner self reveals to your close friends and relatives only the passionate but tetchy nature which lies within. You are possessive and you endlessly question everything and everyone, including yourself. You strive to excel yourself or you enjoy flirting with danger because this is what makes you feel more intensely alive. Although you display a cheerful and pompous facade, you feel that your secretive and tortured inner self is quite repulsive. All in all, light and darkness gathered within the same person…

Famous Scorpio Sun / Leo Rising: Pablo Picasso, Indira Gandhi, Brittany Murphy, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther

Scorpio Sun, Virgo Ascendant

Virgo What a smart fox! Scorpio’s investigation flair blended with Virgo’s sharp intellect does not predispose you to spontaneous and untimely behaviours. You progress step by step, preferably through shortcuts, to reach your goals. Owing to your Virgo Ascendant, your outward appearance seldom thwarts your deeper aspirations, which are symbolised by your Scorpio Sun. Both signs are equally careful, secondary, and reserved, and strengthen your need to be in full control and to analyse every detail in every field. Your entourage is often bewildered by your constant dissatisfaction as well as by your taste for confrontations and thrills. Indeed, your Virgo facet, entirely made of humility and flexibility, conceals a burning heart. You sometimes utter relevant but acerbic remarks because you instantly see the grain of sand which could jam the most sophisticated machinery. Although you are well-organised and very precise, you always seem on the alert. Why don’t you relax, once in a while?

Famous Scorpio Sun / Virgo Rising: Ryan Reynolds, K.D. Lang

Scorpio Sun, Libra Ascendant

Libra You really are a formidable diplomat! However, you should not let yourself be tempted by manipulative actions. Your verbal brilliance and your interpersonal skills earn you the understanding of the people you meet for the first time. You keep your more irascible tendencies for those who know you more in-depth, as indicated by your Scorpio Sun. Your inner self does not match the image you project. Indeed, on the one hand, Libra prompts you to avidly seek people’s approval and try to establish harmonious and warm relationships. On the other hand, Scorpio urges you to instil passion and intensity in everything in order to uncover secrets which, as destructive as they may be, are the base of any thrilling relationship. To smooth out the rough edges, or to bring matters to a head, that is the question… Owing to Libra, you run your social life perfectly well, and you easily attract people thanks to this unique blend of gentleness and impishness. You usually avoid direct and unforeseen confrontations, and you get around hurdles with your sweet manners. Somehow, more or less consciously, you make use of your magnetism and your sensuality in order to attract your partner, but once in your den, he/she is most likely to experience your absolute possessiveness.

Famous Scorpio Sun / Libra Rising: Leonardo Dicaprio, Aishwarya Rai, Katy Perry, Gerard Butler, Neil Young, Tara Reid, Tatum O’Neal, Sally Field

Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio What a nasty creature! Please, admit that life with you is anything but a bed of roses! You are twice a Scorpio, you would not budge an inch whatever the situation may be, and you assert yourself forcefully, even though it means hurting your interlocutors. However, Scorpio does not impose itself as openly as Leo, for instance, and prefers to work more insidiously. Since you are hypersensitive, your emotions are acute and intense, and you sometimes need to explode so as to release the pent-up tension underlying your stubborn stands. Although you are proud of your deep-seated capacity for self-control, you are not scared by bellicose behaviours. You use your legendary perspicacity to throw your contenders off balance because you can quickly identify their weak spots. Determination is one of your major qualities, but it can turn into extremism or obsession if you are not careful. Indeed, you look for breathtaking experiences and you enjoy so much dangerous pleasures that you sometimes get lost in them…

Famous Scorpio Sun / Scorpio Rising: Grace Kelly, Björk, Marie Curie, Bruce Jenner

Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Ascendant

Sagittarius You are a born adventurer! Your Scorpio Sun urges you to live your experiences to the very end, and even, to get involved in desperate straits… Owing to your Sagittarius Ascendant, you come across as an idealist and a bon viveur who is a bit intrusive. Indeed, the constant agitation which Sagittarius brings about may be irritating, not to mention the fact that it is never where it is expected to be! Whether you are willing to reach Scorpio’s dark abysses or Sagittarius’ faraway glimmering stars, you seldom content yourself with a status quo. As a Scorpio Sun, you sometimes regret your hasty and incisive remarks, which are so typical of Sagittarius, because you usually prefer not to draw attention on you. Indeed, you reveal the secretive and tortured nature of your Scorpio Sun only after people have experienced your ardour tinged with optimism which characterizes Sagittarius. Nevertheless, these signs share the same passionate involvement in relationships, which is more selective and discerning for Scorpio, and more open and demonstrative for Sagittarius.

Famous Scorpio Sun / Sagittarius Rising: Jodie Foster, Winona Ryder, Anne Hathaway, Calista Flockhart, Goldie Hawn, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny Devito, Ted Turner

Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn The Lord of Darkness… More seriously, one cannot say that you display a catching enthusiasm, except when you pursue your goals or an obsessive idea, in which case you are unavailable for anything else. The cold reserve of your Capricorn Ascendant conceals a volcanic nature. Scorpio and Capricorn share many common features, such as honesty and strategy skills supported by unfailing patience. They also agree on the importance of self-control and the need to ruthlessly eliminate anything superfluous, through provocation for Scorpio, and through tough indifference for Capricorn. Cynical, you? Or perhaps pessimistic? Sometimes, yes, but it is because perfectionism and ambition forbid any kind of leniency with yourself, as well as with others. Although you are reserved and clumsy, you try to get closer to other people, and you offer them all the energy and the passion which are smouldering beneath your thick shell. Of course, they must be deserved…

Famous Scorpio Sun / Capricorn Rising: Meg Ryan, Rebecca Romijn, Dayanara Torres, Troy Aikman

Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Rebellion and stubbornness would be the first words which come to mind for the description of this combination of signs which, as different as they are, are equally attached to their individuality. Since you are determined and hardly change your views, you are rightly criticized for your lack of flexibility. The similarity between these signs ends here. Your Scorpio personality, at least the way you express your will, is marked by your instinctive distrust of unknown people, but also by your strong attachment to your beloved, to whom you want to reveal the exquisite torments of passion. Scorpio’s jealousy is at the same time worrisome and fascinating, whereas owing to your Aquarius Ascendant, you come across as quite an optimistic and eccentric person with an earnest curiosity for anything new. You display an ethereal, friendly and tolerant attitude with your entourage.

Famous Scorpio Sun / Aquarius Rising: Condoleezza Rice, Whoopi Goldberg, Roseanne Barr

Scorpio Sun, Pisces Ascendant

Pisces This special aquatic duet has everything it needs to disconcert people. The Water element gives you a secretive nature marked by exacerbated sensitivity and complex emotions, which are expressed in almost mute manners. You easily get drowned in your inner whirlpool, but you make every effort to conceal this vulnerable point. Scorpio and Pisces, each in its own ways, always look for the thrill of forbidden experiences, unless they try to keep them at bay, or they keep them clearly separated from their ordinary concrete life. Whether you are driven by Scorpio’s wildness or by Pisces’ fantasy, you yearn to devote yourself entirely to a goal or a person. Nevertheless, your mystical and obsessional facet is not perceptible at first glance because your Pisces Ascendant wears an indifferent and polite mask. Since you are emphatic, you can easily put yourself in people’s shoes and if necessary, you offer them your selfless support. As far as your close friends and relatives are concerned, depending on your mood, they are entitled to undergo your wrath or enjoy your unwavering loyalty. In most cases, you display as a backdrop an irrepressible need to provoke.

Famous Scorpio Sun / Pisces Rising: Demi Moore, Ellen Pompeo, Theodore Roosevelt, Warren G. Harding


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  1. I’m a Scorpio with Leo as my ascendant and moon sign. I do find it difficult sometimes to balance my light and dark sides of my personality at times, possessive, jealous and passionate I’m most certainly am, but would not lower my dignity/integrity by showing these emotions in public- I would rather walk away from them/cut them out of my life instead of showing my true feelings. At least it confirms what I always thought all along. I am friendly/kind by nature, but at the same time don’t let anyone get too close to me either.

    At times it seems that I’m ‘acting’or’living a lie’ at most times in public (Leo side coming out again :)) with people I deal with, while my Scorpio side prefers to hide unseen in the darkness watching, observing and is drawn to the dark side of things/people/life.

  2. I find it interesting I’m scorpio/Taurus, my opposite, and before I found I chose a tat of a scorpion crushing zodiacs but leaving Taurus alone, slipping my scorpions grip. For no particular reason, but did know it was my opposite, didn’t know it was my rising…

  3. Scorpio sun/scorpio raising – is soooo true in sooo many ways – and with 2 Scorpio parnets had a crazy childhood – I have the same cool blond hair/blue eye looks as Grace K., and I’m always on the lookout for the stange and slightly dangerous so far it’s all been very intersting – and I love that word “insidisousily” perhaps we are just more self-protective then the Leo – who always has to be in the “spotlight” – we prefer to play in the dark!!!

  4. I found this post to be very interesting. I am an identical twin, so we both have the same astrological chart except for our rising sign — mine is in aires and hers is in Taurus. It’s interesting how we come across to people. I am by far more assertive and confrontative, energetic, and mischievous, and she is quieter, calmer, stubborn, and very security conscious. But, we pretty much think alike and have the same values. I am so fascinated by this.

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