Scorpio Element: Water


Scorpio is governed by the Element of Water, an Element it shares with the Signs of Cancer and Pisces. Water is also the ruler of the Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth Houses of the Zodiac. Water is linked to emotion and the subconscious. Believed by many to be the strongest and most enduring Element, Water is associated with love, purification, intuition, compassion, family, mysteries of the self and psychic ability.

In a physical sense, all life is dependent upon Water and it is symbolic of the universal womb, the Great Mother, birth, and fertility. This Element is equally life-giving and life-destroying as water is used to cleanse or purify in both a physical and psychic sense. Water is able to adopt many forms as it can be liquid or gaseous (as in steam) or even frozen. It can be as gentle as a tiny babbling brook or as violent as a thundering tidal wave.

Water element symbol triangle
Water element

The traditional symbol for Water is a triangle pointing downward. Water is indicative of the emotional response to a situation, as well as being sensitive and inspiring of intuition. This Element remembers the past and foresees the future. It is said to correspond to the emotional side of an individual’s nature since humans are equally as changeable, subtle and able to infiltrate as is Water itself. Water natives possess the ability to gauge moods, sense the atmosphere of an environment and act accordingly. The approach of these individuals is based upon emotion, where experience is registered through feelings and evaluated by the emotional responses made to such feelings. This Element also describes what is known as instinct, or the part of an individual which is animal and includes the workings of the body which are outside the bounds of willpower (such as digestion, heartbeat and the instincts of survival and procreation).

Water individuals tend to feel things very deeply but remain emotionally reserved, regardless of what outward impression may be given. However, still waters do run deep and there is a certain mystery that has always been associated with Water Signs. Such subjects are prone to fall silent or become withdrawn when they are attempting to sort things out, and it usually takes quite some time for others to become well-acquainted with those ruled by this Element since Water natives tend to reveal themselves very slowly. Water Signs realize that their intense emotions hold tremendous power and are apt to handle their feelings with extreme care. In love, water signs “fall” wholeheartedly and are more than generous with their devotion. Being sensitive, they are highly romantic… even sentimental.

Often blessed with psychic powers, those governed by Water have the ability to read the true intentions of others by simply tuning-in to gestures and body language. Those ruled by Water will always trust actions more than they trust the spoken word. This Element is the universal solvent, cleansing and sustaining life on earth, breaking down substances, dissolving them and then taking on their qualities. In much the same way, a Water Sign native will listen to the problems of others and then take on those problems as though they were his or her own. This ability to sympathize and empathize is a truly wonderful trait and individuals governed by Water offer those in need their full attention, a shoulder to cry on and some excellent advice. Because Water Signs give of themselves so readily, it is necessary for them to have regular time alone in order to regain their center

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  1. I understand myself a more and more as i continue to read everything on this, site, “it is necessary for them to have regular time alone in order to regain their center”, so TRUE!

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