History of Astrology: How Zodiac Signs Came To Be


When people think of astrology or zodiac signs, they usually think of it as something magical or surreal. This is one of the reasons why many do not believe in astrology… it’s all hocus pocus! And with all of the fake and superficial “horoscopes” that you see in magazines and newspapers, I guess I don’t blame them! Similarly I have seen the opposite reaction from those who read articles from experts and I have even seen many of my fellow Scorpio’s responses to my tweets on Twitter. They cannot believe how accurate the statements are and some did not believe in astrology or zodiac signs until they followed the @ScorpioSeason account. Well, it isn’t all magic folks, and there is a method and history behind all of this.

I’ll explain this a bit more, but first I recommend watching this video by astrologer Christopher Witecki. I remember seeing this video earlier this year and loved how he explained everything so simply.

AstroXtra – The 13th Sign and Progression of the Equinox

As Christopher explains, astrologers in the past simply observed characteristics in groups of people who were born within a specific period of time. In order to keep track of the time these individuals were born, they used the stars. There is no other-worldly influence of the stars on people, which is what many (falsely) believe is what zodiac signs are all about. The stars DON’T have magical powers, they do NOT influence your personality.

Earlier this year the internet went nuts because of the “new” sign of Ophiuchus. Astrologers have known about this constellation for years – and it has not changed anything. Yes, the earth has tilted and you may not be born under the same exact angle under the stars that ancient astrologers have noted when they first made their observations, but that does not matter because it is NOT the stars that influence your behavior. The earth is still rotating and the sun and planets are still circling the earth. I thought it was so silly how people were looking at their “new” signs and found that they could not identify with the traits of that particular sign. Remember, back then the stars were just used as a guide to note the time… nothing more.

Astrologers are observers, much like Scorpios. The way I like to personally use astrology is as a guide. I have said this a few times, do not let astrology run your life. Use it as a guide. It is all based on observation, some may apply to you and some may not. You just have to be honest with yourself to figure out whether or not certain statements apply to you. You have to notice patterns within your OWN life and go off of those observations, just like our ancient astrologers did. You also must understand that many of the zodiac information and horoscopes that you read can tend to be generalized and are usually based on your Sun sign alone. I plan on posting about the other planetary influences next year so I will get into that later.

This is what astrology is truly all about. Many naysayers who are against astrology are lacking when it comes to self-observation. Think about it, this is the exact same reason why we have psychologists and therapists. Some people are just unable to engage in introspection and need others to point out their own thoughts and behaviors to them. Some unfortunately are not able to understand it even if it is right in front of them. Astrology may be a challenge to some.

People have asked me why I know so much about Scorpios and have asked me if I’m psychic. I am definitely not psychic. I am just a Scorpio and over time I learned about myself. I have read astrology and zodiac books and articles over the years that I identified with (the good and the bad). But that was just really the tip of the iceberg. Thankfully, as Scorpios we are able to delve into our own depths to understand ourselves, others and the world around us. I went off of what I have read and discovered more specific aspects of my personality, and my relationships with other signs. And fortunately I am just able to express all that I know into words (possibly because I had so many planets in the 3rd House, the House of Communication, when I was born; I will touch on the Houses next year as well). I saw patterns. I noticed that I would never date this one particular sign, but they made great friends! I even noticed that most of my female best friends were another particular sign, but at the same time I noticed that I could not stand men who were that exact same sign! Also I tend to attract 2 other signs as well.

Use astrology to learn about yourself. Afterwards you could use this knowledge for personal growth by using your strengths and acknowledging and possibly fixing or improving your negative traits. Scorpios are complex so it will be quite a task for you guys. The more self aware you are, the more confident you will be. You will understand why you act or think the way you do in certain situations and can adjust your life accordingly for your well being. As far as social interaction goes, my advice to you is to meet people first and form your opinions over time, THEN reflect on their sign. You may notice some interesting patterns in your own life. Never ever ever learn someone’s zodiac sign and dismiss them or put them on a pedestal based on their sign. Be open minded, get to know the person first, observe and make mental notes. Over time you will see a pattern.

I just wanted to end the year with my take on astrology and how I feel it should be used. I am looking forward to posting more next year to help everyone learn more about themselves. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday, and I would like to wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀

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