Astrology: Planets’ Meanings

Astrology Planet Influences

When you read your horoscopes in a magazine or talk about your zodiac sign, you are usually referring to your Sun sign (also known as your Star sign). Your Sun sign is the position or zodiac sign the sun was in at the exact time you were born. While your Sun sign plays a huge role in your personality – it isn’t the only planetary influence that you have. The 3 major influences are your Sun sign, Rising sign, and Moon sign. But if you want a more complete picture of you as a whole you must consider your Rising sign (also known as your Ascendant) and the positions of other planets and luminaries such as the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each planet represents different life experiences and is influenced by what zodiac sign that planet was in at the time of your birth.

Many times there are Scorpios who don’t quite agree with certain Scorpio facts. They may find that they are more social and or they are extremely compatible with zodiac signs that Scorpios are usually not compatible with. The reason behind this is that not all Scorpios are alike. We all have different planetary influences and our personality reflects this blending of zodiac signs that we were born under.

How do you find out your planetary influences? Get a free birth chart. Please note that you need to know the exact time and location of your birth in order to get the exact location each planet was in at the time you were born.

Here is a brief introduction of luminary and planetary influences to get you started:


Your Sun sign is your basic personality and nature that remains consistent throughout your life. The sun is seen as the core of your being, it is your will and individuality. It is the force that motivates your actions and everything that you do. It reflects how you are and how you will leave your mark on the world.

Ascendant (Rising Sign)

The Ascendant is the zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. The ascendant is known as your “mask” and is the first impression you make on people. It is your most outwardly appearance to others, the way you present yourself to others, the way others SEE you. It is a big part of your personality in addition to your Sun sign.


While your Sun and Rising signs are out in the open for others to see, your Moon sign is not. The moon sign reflects the inner being of the person that only close companions get to see. It is your soul, your subconscious and raw emotional or behavioral instincts. It is said that people only rarely show their moon sign traits to those they feel comfortable with, or during a crisis when you automatically respond through your natural instincts. Your moon sign traits will show when you have your guard down, or if you have lost control in some way due to stress, being drunk (!), etc.


Mercury is all about your mind, intelligence, ideas, the way you communicate and express yourself. Your Mercury determines how you make sense of everything around you, how you go about obtaining information. It represents communication, intelligence, reason and self-expression. It is the message between your soul and the material world.


Venus is traditionally seen as your feelings, especially when it comes to love and emotions. It shows how you approach partnerships of any kind whether it be marriage, romance or friendships. Your sign position here will influence your taste and attraction to potential mates. It determines what you like in relationships, what gives you pleasure, how you approach love and how you show your love.


Mars is all about energy and action. Your Mars sign shows your sexual nature, how you express anger, what makes you angry, and your first instinct to act. It influences your actions on how you handle frustration, conflict. Your competitive nature is also influenced by your sign in Mars. The way you express yourself sexually is another factor that is influenced by Mars.


Jupiter influences all the good in our lives, including luck. It is the the call to grow, improve and follow your destiny and dreams. If you have a favorable or prominent Jupiter then you are lucky, however if your Jupiter has friction (squares) with major planets then more likely than not you will have to make your own luck most of the time. Jupiter also shows how we express our generosity, tolerance, and how we go about trusting others.


Saturn is known as the “Great Malefic” due to its great coldness and dryness. Saturn represents limits, fears and sense of responsibility. Saturn is the furthest planet in our solar system visible to the naked eye and shows where the greatest challenges are and the hardest lessons learned. With sustained effort and discipline you will be rewarded and be able to serve at your highest potential. You should also see my other post on the Saturn Return, which occurs at ages 27-30, 58-60 and 86-90 and is considered some of the most important times in our lives!


The influence of Uranus is typically seen on both personal and collective levels since it stays in each sign for 7 years, so it is also seen influencing small generations. Uranus is seen as the provocateur that shakes things up and brings about sudden changes. It is said to bring out a restless need for freedom and the need to express your authentic self, free from any type of restrictions. It raises personal consciousness and represents the drive to be unique, to shock and to surprise. A period known as Uranus opposition, which is typically around the age of 40, is also known by many as the mid-life crisis. I will post about this in more detail in the future.


Neptune is another modern planet that also has a collective influence on generations since it stays in each sign for about 14 years. It represents non-material influences such as illusions, visionary ideas, dreams, fantasy and spirituality. It shows areas of life that could be confusing since it is hard to discern reality from illusions. It represents idealistic drives on social and spiritual levels. There is little known about modern planets in astrology which is why Neptune is used secondary to the traditional 7 planets.


Pluto also has a collective effect on generations since it can stay in one sign from 14 to 30+ years. For individuals, Pluto brings total transformation and is seen as a threat to the self and is experienced as total destruction. This destruction brings about death and rebirth and brings endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth. Pluto brings up deep psychological issues from the subconscious and is the key to understanding secret drives and thoughts.

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