* Congratulations to @aoldscarystoree and @XolovespelloX, our contest winners! @aoldscarystoree chose prize #2 in red (click here to check out her pic of the gift she received) and @XolovespelloX received the birthday book (click here to check out the pic she posted of the book)!

In celebration of Scorpio Season, we will be giving away a prize to one lucky Scorpio winner. This is a first for us so we’re going to see how this all works out! This will be our test run year and if all goes well we will continue doing this every year!

The Contest

There will be 3 parts to the contest. Be prepared for each segment as each question will be released during Scorpio periods I, II, and III. After the third question is released, the first person to email [email protected] with the correct answers to ALL 3 questions will be the WINNER!

  • Do NOT email the answer to ONE question at a time, no email submissions will be accepted before the 3rd question is released!
  • To WIN you must have ALL 3 answers sent in the email, after the 3rd question is posted.[The questions will be posted here after it is announced/released]
    Question 1. When was the @ScorpioSeason Twitter account created? (month/day/year)
    Question 2. This #Scorpio has an odd future ahead of him. What’s his name/alias and birthday (month/day/year)?
    Question 3….

    Pick a Prize

    I couldn’t decide what prize to offer so we’re going to let the winner decide what he or she would like!

    *Please note that you will have to give me your address so that the prize could be shipped to you.

    Here is the info on the prizes being offered.

    1. The Secret Language of Birthdays book
    This is by far my favorite birthday book. It offers information about every zodiac sign including the different elements (Water, Earth, Fire, Air), the different qualities (fixed, cardinal, mutable), and planets. It also lists birthday personality information for EVERY day of the year (and more)!

    Everyone who I have shown this book too has been surprised to see how accurate it is. I also like reading up on the birthdays of people I am curious about (lol). Others who have this book have had it stolen, so if you end up getting it… watch it!

    2. Scorpio Gold Bracelet
    This Scorpio Bracelet has a gold-plated Scorpio disk charm with a small Scorpio figure backed by black enamel!

    3. Cord Scorpio Necklace
    This black cord, Scorpio Necklace also has a gold-plated Scorpio disk charm with a small Scorpio figure, backed by black enamel.

    4. Scorpio Black Bracelet
    This Scorpio Bracelet has a gold-plated disk charm with a small Scorpio figure backed by black enamel. It is accented with round gold-toned beads within the knots and at the cord ends, the bracelet is tied so as to be adjustable!

    Decisions, decisions… I know 🙂

    The winner will be announced on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook! Good luck to everyone as we celebrate this year’s SCORPIO SEASON!!

12 thoughts on “2011 Scorpio Season Contest!

  1. I used to have the Birthday book until someone stole it at one of my house parties. I would love it….interesting & insightful! The #4 bracelet looks badass!

  2. Hmm, I wonder if the timezones will be taken into consideration with the posting of the questions. If not, a lot of Scorpios will be out of luck, I guess.

    But, on a lighter note, I love the competition, it seems awesome!

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