October 30th – The Day of the Overseer

October 30 The Day of the Overseer

When given the chance, October 30 people generally make good managers who have a talent for directing others. Those born on this day are usually multi-talented and can often bring abilities specific to one field of endeavor to bear on another, traditionally unrelated, field. In addition to their expertise, they invariably have the ability to draw people to projects and keep them interested and motivated. Strangely enough, many people born on this day travel overseas in fulfilling the demands of their career or even in starting a new life, thus giving the name of their day a double meaning.

The image of an October 30 person crossing a sea is indeed a relevant metaphor for those born on this day, as they must sail through three crucial periods in their lives: their late teens, late twenties and early forties. At each juncture they are faced with the daunting challenge of uncharted waters. Should they decide to stay where they are and shun this challenge they can find themselves living out their lives in frustration with their wishes remaining unfulfilled. On the other hand, if they take the plunge, they may have to suffer hardship and instability for an indeterminate length of time. Although others may see their decisions to risk as courageous, in fact many October 30 people feel that they no choice but to follow their dreams.

Though October 30 people often initiate projects themselves, they are also capable of conforming to another person’s system or way of working. They possess a rare capacity to be both directive and receptive. Thus they can make good chiefs but also good braves, good cooks but also good assistants. They adapt well to tasks of maintenance, and are therefore able to keep a project running (whether their own or another’s) despite problems that arise. October 30 people have a way of asserting their authority effectively. This is not to say that they do not arouse resentment from time to time in their family, social circle, or workplace, but that they are nonetheless able to smooth ruffled feathers and convince everyone to go on with the job.

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Though, as mentioned, October 30 people are not averse to taking the challenge of a new opportunity when it presents itself, they can nevertheless be so attentive to the here and now that they miss chances to advance their career or widen their world. They do better when they give themselves the space to think broadly, the distance and objectivity necessary to view their lives from another side. Too often, those born on this day are preoccupied with the discharging of responsibilities when all the while the clock is ticking on their larger plans.

October 30 people must not only direct their energies outward toward the success of worldly concerns, but also pay more attention to their personal needs and wants. They must beware of sacrificing their own spiritual development for the sake of a larger social group or cause; allowing time for themselves to grow as individuals is equally important.

Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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