October 28 Birthday Astrology

Scorpios born on October 28 need to exert authority over others, which can result in continuous power struggles. They are strong-willed, precise, and dedicated to doing a good job. They become disgruntled with themselves if they can’t live up to their too-high expectations.

Friends and Lovers

October 28 men and women expect their friends to “be there” for them in good times and bad. They can be very demanding. Love rarely runs smoothly for them. They can be critical and do not mince words when voicing their opinions. Anyone who falls in love with them had better expect to take emotional lumps.

Children and Family

October 28 natives spend a great deal of their life puzzling over childhood. Even if they enjoyed a peaceful upbringing, they remember the darker undercurrents. Once they become parents, they’re likely to open up about their childhood. This can help them to understand themselves and their youngsters.


Staying healthy is rarely a priority for these individuals — that is, until something happens to make them question their immortality. Then they begin to take stock of their habits. When young, they are likely to have poor eating habits. But once they make the effort to alter their eating habits, they become habituated to leafy green vegetables and fresh fruit.

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Career and Finances

October 28 natives have a desire to wield power. They don’t need to be in a visible position, nor do they hunger after compliments. What they want is the power to make decisions. Money is seldom a key issue with them, except in the way it gives them leverage. They are careful handlers of money.

Dreams and Goals

October 28 people are tough on others and tougher on themselves. Getting to where they want to go is worth a lot to these scrappy types, but they will not compromise their ethics. They know the race of life is won by long-distance runners, not sprinters.

Scorpio Information for October 28

You should embrace: A generous spirit, knowledge, involvement

You should avoid: Dictatorial attitudes, perfectionism, willfulness

Article by Jill M. Phillips, Photo by Creativepatch85.

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  1. @scorpioseason My birthday is October 28th. Please mention me on twitter @FIR_FAN_PAGE thanks. 🙂

  2. @scorpioseason my birthdays on October 28th Im @JaMarrPorter hopeing to get a shoutout from you guys thanks… all your posts are so true it feels good to know that Im really understood by someone, I love how accurate it is

  3. It’s a bit scary how ON POINT this is, but I’m damn proud to be a Scorpio! <3
    @IzzyCakez on Twitter! Can't wait til next Friday to turn 20!! 😀

  4. @candydior22 is def one of the stars  that was born on this wonderful date that lands on a Friday this year!! I’ll be 23 & oh yea, IT’S GOIN DOWN  #TEAMSCORPIO  WOOT WOOTLol

  5. this is so true its almost scary LMAOOO anyway my bf is a 28th october scorpion @Arya_9 give him a shout plssss

  6. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. And I should know cuz I was born on Oct 28th (the same day as Bill Gates. Coincidence? I think not lol.) I’m already following you on twitter. Follow me @saadloveupabove Keep up the good work! #teamscorpioforlife

  7. @etaleRUnaC
    10/28 is a day in history to always remember. If you are in Atlanta, please be prepared for the best day ever!!!

  8. 10/28 is a day in history to always remember. If you are in Atlanta, please be prepared for the best day ever!!!

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