October 25th – The Day of Substantive Form


Those born on October 25 must give form to their ideas. Although they can be extremely imaginative people, their dreams and visions mean nothing to them unless they can be substantiated in physical reality. Those born on this day generally present a solid, earthy exterior to the world and, although often quiet, will give reassuring support to their families and friends. They serve as a rock on which their colleagues, students or employees can depend without fear of being let down.

More highly evolved October 25 people are not satisfied with only developing their physical self but want to universalize their substantive feelings for form and structure. The great opportunity and challenge for all October 25 people is to give shape to their fantasy and to translate their innate physicality into productive work. Consequently, they should take an interest in art, politics, literature, city planning, ecology or a host of other areas in which their solid, substantial natures can produce tangible results. Ultimately, however, they may progress still further, expressing a truly original creativity that reaches into more abstract or theoretical areas as well. All along the way they must beware of power urges getting out of control and being diverted into destructive or immoral activities.

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October 25 people hate chaos and like to be in control of things. They may be very intolerant of those whom they see as flaky, abstruse or vague, and can be quite severe with such people. They frequently will fight to overcome their own uncertainties in their twenties, ruthlessly hanging in there no matter what and hammering away at themselves until they have built a rock-solid personality. In doing so, however, they may have to cut away a certain amount of sensitivity. They will have to beware of being too critical of those they perceive as less mature than they.

A great challenge for October 25 people is not to get stuck, either at the most basic physical manifestation of their personalities or at any further step in their spiritual evolution. Habit, repetition, comfort and financial security will tempt them to quit and rest at an acceptable level, giving in to the desire to luxuriate or vegetate an forsaking their ideals and goals. Another danger is that when young they will reach a high level of achievement in the physical realm and not know what to do with themselves when age comes on and this power starts slipping away. It is precisely here that the opportunity exists to graduate to a higher plane, but they will often struggle for some years before doing so. October 25 people are tremendously self-sufficient, but must learn to ask for help when needed and give others a chance to assume the dominant role from time to time.

Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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