October 24th – The Day of Sensational Detail


Those born on October 24 have two major themes in their lives: that of dramatic revelations and discoveries, on the one hand, and painstaking attention to detail on the other. As they are hardly cold, analytical types, those born on this day generally feel the need to reveal themselves and their discoveries to the world, often in an exciting, even flamboyant manner. Yet most are not exhibitionists by any means, rather craftspeople and professionals who take their work very seriously, particularly from a technical point of view. The influence they work on those who watch or listen to them is calculated to impact as they wish. Not the least of their talents is a personal magnetism which aids in geting people interested in them and what they do.

October 24 people can be highly controlling personalities who dominate their family life or social circle. Though strongly assertive types who usually have something to say, they can sometimes say still more through silence. Indeed they often feel that the quality of what they do speaks for itself, with no need for added promotion to give it credence.

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Perfectionists, October 24 people are aware of the most minute factors in their work and creations. If parents, they will be concerned with every aspect of their children’s lives, and as friends and lovers they are extremely attentive. Actually the dual themes of drama and detail are closely related in their lives, for their ability to express themselves so convincingly is usually based on many years of painstaking study and experience. Rarely will October 24 people comment or act on matters which they know little or nothing about. They therefore despise phoniness, and are capable of recognizing pretense and dubious information a mile away.

Unfortunately, October 24 people can be very difficult to live and work with. Those close to them must be understanding of their absorption in their career, and not mistake it as a personal rejection. However, if an October 24 person is absolutely mad about someone, they are capable of fixating on that person to the exclusion of all else, which, of course, creates just the opposite problem. Those born on this day must try to avoid dominating their environment to the extent that they arouse resentment and anger in others and foment discontent or outright rebellion. Lessening jealous and possessive impulses may also be necessary if they wish to progress further in their personal development. They should also recognize that a highly critical attention to detail in the human realm can put those around them under too much pressure and scrutiny, and that having fun is a great antidote for stress.

Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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