October 24 Birthday Astrology

October 24 Scorpios have great magnetism. In love with life, they possess a highly romantic and sensual nature. People born on this date are talented as well as fiercely competitive. While they have a haughty disposition, they are nicer than they appear. Because they may lack confidence, they find it necessary to act as though they are in complete control.

Friends and Lovers

October 24 people are able to command love, even worship, from friends. These darkly charming individuals can treat people rudely and still be loved. Romance can be difficult for them. They are addicted to excitement and often end up with someone who is actually the antithesis of what they really want.

Children and Family

Even if there is not some dark secret in their past, October 24 individuals treat the memory of their childhood as if there were. They make mysteries of everything! If they have learned the important lessons life has to teach them, October 24 men and women will not repeat the mistakes their own parents made with them.


Extremists in most areas of life, October 24 natives have some eccentric health habits. They are likely to banish certain foods from their diet and overindulge in other foods that are considered to be especially “healthy.” Fasting is a popular health habit of October 24 people because it fulfills physical and spiritual needs for them.

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Career and Finances

October 24 people enjoy work that has some possibility of danger, such as police work, firefighting, or the military. They also enjoy professions that let them dabble in mystery. They are careful about how they manage money. They are much more taken with the idea of saving, even hoarding, money than with spending it.

Dreams and Goals

People born on this day have difficulty deciding what they want out of life. Their talents often make things easy for them, but they want to strive, fail, then begin again. If they make complicated situations work, they’ve achieved nirvana.

Scorpio Information for October 24

You should embrace: Experience, activity, subconscious will

You should avoid: Carnality, lordly behavior, hidden agendas

Article by Jill M. Phillips, Photo by missmaya

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  1. Everything is true except the money wise part. I spend money like crazy :/

    Twitter : @whitecolgate

  2. So True… I treat people like trash sometimes then i regret it… @Micchizzey (birthday shoutout) Love being a scorpio!!! @micchizzey

  3. This was pretty accurate πŸ™‚ except I’m almost positive about my dreams & goals. I love being a Scorpio. Even tho people act like they don’t understand us :p #TeamScorpio – @Breeziey

  4. I’m not going to lie, I don’t see myself having a career in the military or the police force but as for everything else its on point.

    Twitter : @La_Moola (Birthday shout out)

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