October 23rd – The Day of Conflicting Karma


Those born on October 23 are rarely able to achieve stability in all aspects of their lives. No matter how hard they try to balance their energies, there always seems to be one major area at any give time which will be out of kilter. Somehow controversy seems to follow them wherever they go. Truth to tell, they do bore easy and so are often on the look-out for excitement. Therefore what appears heavily stressful or difficult to others may actually be enjoyable to them.

Most October 23 people are not so big on planning. They have a talent for improvisation, and therefore tend to deal with situations as they arise. Similarly, they are rather impulsive, and when they see an opportunity, don’t hesitate to go for it.

When those born on this day have negative or critical feelings toward the way things around them are being handled, they are likely to express their opposing points of view bluntly. Because they dislike vagueness and ingratiating speech, their words can sometimes offend others. Depending on their social circle, work environment or cultural milieu, it is possible that they will be pegged as rough or unsophisticated by more genteel types.

October 23 people have an undeniable talent for setting up groups or taking over the helm of already existing ones. Because of their charisma and well-developed sense of humor they can be popular figures indeed. Yet they will have great difficulty letting go of their posts when the time has come to call it quits. In like manner, those born on this day are prone to possessiveness, jealousy and claiming behavior in personal relationships. The lessons of giving up power for its own sake and seeking the ideal of unconditional love should, as their lives progress, become more and more meaningful to them.

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Because those born on this day are magnetically attracted to adventure and challenge (often they take on the role of hero or heroine coming to the rescue), they frequently find themselves in the thick of exciting situations. Even the calmest and most fearless of October people have to beware of sudden instabilities, even disasters, which arise around them. Accidents of all types are commonplace to this day, so those October 23 people who succeed are usually highly adept at handling emergency situations.

Because those born on this day live active rather than static lives with the propensity for change as well as instability, the opportunities for growth and improvement are great here. On a personal and spiritual level, October 23 people are capable of making enormous progress in this lifetime. If not, they may become sensationalists, going from one stimulating experience to another. Staying balanced, refusing to be diverted or sidetracked, and generally finding peace within themselves are their stepping stones.

Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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  1. tell me why this is true n still hard to believe… n yess all i dream off is being some type of hero in basktball or boxing i always see myself on top. Everything fits to the part that i get bored n do something about it constantly…thats is all but thanks

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