November 9 Birthday Astrology

Scorpion by Eva the Weaver

Scorpios born on November 9 are adventurous and always on the lookout for new experiences. They seem to be constantly in motion, involved in new challenges. They live life on their terms. They don’t mind making mistakes as long as they learn from them. They have great curiosity and never stop investigating the world around them.

Friends and Lovers

November 9 people are good at making their relationships work. In romantic relationships, they take the initiative — they go out and look for true love! Once settled in a committed relationship, they are content to remain in it forever.

Children and Family

November 9 people generally have a philosophical view concerning the past. They don’t obsess over what may have been lacking in their childhood. People born on this day have the wisdom to understand they can’t fight their children’s battles for them; they can only stand by and be supportive.


November 9 people have a balanced temperament, which has a lot to do with their good health. They have a tendency to overeat when feeling blue. Substituting low-calorie meals for sweets and junk food can provide the necessary change in their nutritional program.

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Career and Finances

People born on this date are interested in careers that provide excitement and new experiences. They often opt for work that involves physical labor and a change of scenery. They may change careers several times, eager to expand their horizons and meet new people. They can turn a modest investment into a moneymaker.

Dreams and Goals

November 9 people are in search of new and interesting experiences. People born on this date never worry about failure, because they understand that anyone who has the ambition and drive to go after their dreams will eventually succeed, despite the odds.

Scorpio Information for November 9

You should embrace: Adventure, learning, deep feelings

You should avoid: Risks, a defensive attitude, pipe dreams

Article by Jill M. Phillips, Photo by Eva the Weaver.

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