November 22 Birthday Astrology

Scorpio by VerseGuru

A Sagittarius-Scorpio born on November 22 is fun-loving but has a serious side. They unhesitatingly put themselves on the line for the people they love and the causes they value, without being self-righteous. They possess a great soul. They have class; it’s impossible for anyone to dislike them.

Friends and Lovers

November 22 people love to travel and often find memorable friendships with people from other cultures. They seek love affairs that combine love with potent sexuality. They prefer long relationships; though they sometimes find that inhibits their autonomy.

Children and Family

November 22 people are great believers in family closeness. People born today often put off having children until they’re able to see and do things that are important to them. But while travel and professional goals usually come first, by their mid-thirties they’re ready to become parents.


Good health is important to these men and women. They enjoy a daily workout and are likely to participate in sports. Stress management is high on the list of things they need to master. An ability to recognize the symptoms of potential emotional meltdown will help them handle life’s negative moments.

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Career and Finances

People born on this date are action-oriented and are likely to find a desk job difficult. They love studying and reading, but they need to put their learning to use. Money is viewed as a means of exchange; they have no desire to keep up with others. They love gambling, which may need to be controlled through therapy.

Dreams and Goals

November 22 men and women are big dreamers but aren’t likely to map out their goals. They know how to maximize enjoyment in life, but they are wise enough to know that material achievements don’t always equal success.

Scorpio Information for November 22
You should embrace: Redemption, karma, strength

You should avoid: Procrastination, nihilism, divisiveness

Article by Jill M. Phillips, Photo by verseguru

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  1. Ummm someone just told me I was in no way shape form or fashion a scorpio 🙁 11/22 I had to respond by saying politely “Ive had the same birthday for like my WHOLE life” lol she doesn’t know how close to being stung she was…


  3. i would appreciate a 11/22 birthday s/o on twitter @magnificent_one or on tumblr I love this site. Everything it says about me is on point. I appreciate everything. Thanks! TeamScorpio ♏

  4. Karen Jimi_Thing

    Birthday Shout Out, Please…Nov. 18.
    GREAT site!!! I’ve been studying astrology for years… Great to find you!

  5. I would Love a birthday shout out on November 22nd
    @vanebab3 , please.
    Scorpio / Sagittarius

  6. so sorry, I got my nickname wrong >.<
    I would like to have a b'day shoutout for @NovembeRedCloud on November 22, thank you.

  7. This describes me perfectly! I would love a birthday shout out on 11/22 please! My twitter screen name is @BellayysHuman.

  8. This is spot on for me and November 22nd. Thank you. I am 29 degrees 59 minute Scorpio Sun, with a Scorpio rising, Neptune, Venus & Mercury conjunct in the first house in Scorpio. I am about as Scorpio as it gets. I enjoy your tweets about Scorpio. I am a chef, writer and astrologer and my first book comes out on January 3, 2012, by St. Martin’s Press, “Lobster for Leos, Cookies for Capricorn: An Astrology Lovers Cookbook. Spread the word and you can pre-order on and save 32% off the list price.

    Thank you for the great site and look forward to your posts on Scorpio Season.



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