November 15th – The Day of Encounter

November 15 The Day of Encounter

Those born on November 15 repeatedly face challenging life experiences and intense encounters with people, often people they have never met before. Being prepared is thus a big item for those born on this day, whether it be a general readiness for unforseen circumstances or a conscious planning for scheduled events.

November 15 people may be known as confrontational types because they rarely, if ever, avoid a challenge or back down in a disagreement for the sake of comfort or convenience. They are ready to stand up for themselves and in addition, they are stalwart champions of those who need their protection. Yet they are also willing to walk away from pointless arguments or no-win situations that would only compromise their dignity. Their real strength lies in defense, with the threat of retaliation their most potent weapon. Others instinctively feel that these are people who, like a wasp’s nest, are better left undisturbed.

Most November 15 people can display great patience. They recognize the importance of waiting for the right moment to act, and rarely miscalculate. To others they may seem overly grave and measured, acting as if they believe that their whole life can come crashing down as the result of an error. Indeed, fear plays an important part in their prudence, for they know instinctively what to be realistically afraid of.

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Not surprisingly, November 15 people can make dangerous partners in love relationships. They are hardly lacking in charm or sophistication, but such attributes often hide a more volatile interior than anyone would ever suspect. This side of their character may be revealed suddenly and by surprise, occasioning great alarm. However, it also lends excitement and fire to their emotional image.

November 15 people have a feeling for the apocalyptic. Either they expect the worst, or at the very least have a good idea of what the worst can be. Explosions of all sorts seem to recur in their lives, and they themselves can be accused of erratic behavior. Perhaps it is simply that when November 15 people have to move, others must get out of the way. With startling speed and secrecy, those born on this day are capable of appearing and disappearing like a will-of-the-wisp in the night. Those who value security may be taking a chance choosing such a person for a love relationship, but those who like excitement may have found their mate.

November 15 people often make an issue of honorable behavior. Yet the temptations for them to act otherwise can be overwhelming. Consequently, the twin issues of honesty and integrity figure strongly in their lives, and raise internal battles which only they can fight. Guilt is not, however, especially troubling to them – rather not having prepared properly for an eventuality bothers them far more.

Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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  1. follow me on twitter @CaptainSavAHoe1 with a 11/15 B-day shoutout………scorpios we are in the building and accurate with the description. I couldn’t have asked to be anything better. I spelled my twitter name wrong in the first reply.

  2. follow me on twitter @CaptainSavAHoe with a Nov.15 B-day shoutout……Scorpios we are in the building and accurate with the description. I couldn’t have asked to be anything better.

  3. I love being a Scorpio and would love a birthday shout out on twitter @HazelStacey πŸ˜€

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  4. I’m a November 15th Scorpio and this is on point as a native of this day it’s interesting to me of all the encounters and challenges we face some or very weird, but regardless I preferred to stay prepare and ready for it at any time at all costs. Being prepared is very important to me.

  5. I’m November 15th, a scorpio to the bone and very proud of it. This describs me perfectly, as most all scorpio facts! I think its because we are true scorpios born right in the middle of the scorpio season… not one of those ‘cusp’ people lol.
    I love being a scorpio and am very proud of my sign, i think it’s the most powerful sign, the most deep, smartest, and emotionally controlled. We’re borderline sociopaths but yet we feel more than anyone else… we just dont show it that often, because it would be seen as weakness.
    I think if there was a camera that could be put inside a scorpip’s head, they would see a lot of terrible but awesome things πŸ˜‰
    I also think a lot of the times we’re misunderstood, because we’re very reserved and quiet towards people who are not in our inner circle. Because we dont feel the need to gloat or brag about how great we are, but rest assure… we know how powerful we are, and we know we’re better than everyone else. GO SCORPIOS!

  6. my birthday is on nov.15 shootout to the scorpios and this ewho share my bday..fuk wit me on twitter @GregGahDamn

  7. November 15th is my birthday! Oh and I’ll be turning 21 so tweet me early so I remember it @EllieSweetTweet

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