November 11 Birthday Astrology

November 11 Scorpios are the world’s true mystics. Unable to live life on a strictly material level, they depend upon knowledge and experience to take them where they wish to go. They have marvelous creative powers. They are natural storytellers. An interest in all facets of human experience is an illuminating influence in their lives.

Friends and Lovers

Superficial relationships are beyond the understanding of these people, who prefer intense friendships and love relationships. When they fall in love, it’s almost as if they become the person who is the object of their desire. While this can produce an amazing union, it also can create a relationship too complicated for its own good.

Children and Family

People born on November 11 have a singularity about them. As parents, they neither possess nor allow themselves to be possessed, regardless of how deeply they love their kids. They may see their children as having been “lent” rather than given to them and are usually able to keep ego issues out of parenting duties.


Because the will of men and women born on this date is strong, it often endows a fragile constitution with good health. If their creative energies are expressed, these people will enjoy a high level of vitality. If these channels become blocked, they may become depressed, even depleted.

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Career and Finances

Those born on November 11 need to feel they are contributing something unique so may have a hard time settling on a career. Money is not likely to be a factor in selecting a career; they can amass and administer a fortune — money has no emotional hold on them.

Dreams and Goals

Despite their somewhat otherworldly demeanor, November 11 people are very concerned with meeting practical responsibilities, especially to those they love. Their personal dreams are likely to be plotted on a grandiose scale — impractical but not impossible.

Scorpio Information for November 11

You should embrace: Graceful words, positive thinking, the will to win

You should avoid: Inner fears, petty details, power trips

Article by Jill M. Phillips

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  1. Very accurate!!! 11/11/11 @chrislaroche11 on twitter please follow me on twitter and give me a shoutout so I can follow you back!

  2. Quite accurate. I’m fairly certain that this is THE best birthday ever.
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  3. This is really accurate. Hello Scorpio brothers and sisters! I’m nineteen this 11/11. Prettiest date ever! Twitter: @deannaishak

  4. I’ve never read anything more accurate about myself. 11/11/11 is my 21st! πŸ™‚ twitter names @YoByrdLovesMe & @QueenveByrd

  5. I always laugh when I read things like this, because it describes me soooo accurately. Born on November 11, I think is the best day of the Scorpio Season, more so because it’s 11/11. I’d love a shout-out on Twitter. Follow me! @Faith1193

  6. my birthday is november 11th and it was pretty accurate! especially about careers and finances and relationships. my twitter name is @apreevess

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