November 10th – The Day of Metamorphosis

Those born on November 10 are taken up with the most profound changes possible, both in themselves and the materials or products with which they work. Their personal transformation may at times seem extremely slow and can be quite painful, often involving a real struggle or wrestling in the final stages. Like the lowly caterpillar, November 10 people may need to isolate themselves from the world in a personal “cocoon” for quite a long period of time, even years, before they can one day emerge as a butterfly. Like the tadpole, they may at the onset bear little resemblance to the empowered being they will become.

Often November 10 people paradoxically give the impression of being very constant and unchanging. Yet, if one watches them as one would the minute or even hour hand of a clock, a barely perceptible but certain progression is in fact taking place. In their work also, November 10 people are endlessly searching, magically transforming humble materials into finished products, or energy into services. Most November 10 people display an instinctive knowledge of how things work, admirable patience and a technical mastery of their medium. On the other hand, although they can be magnetic and attractive individuals they are usually lacking in understanding concerning people at large and may be socially inhibited and self-preoccupied. Those born on this day who realize the importance of social contacts and relying on the right people when necessary will be highly successful. Those who are overly concerned with their own growth to the exclusion of developing their career or place in the world may find life a continual struggle. The phrase “it’s not what you know but who you know” may sound a bit mercenary or crude, but certainly holds more than a grain of truth.

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At some point in their lives, November 10 people will probably take the rap for having an overly critical and intense nature which is not easily satisfied. Also, their characteristic high seriousness and idiosyncratic habits can rub some people the wrong way. It is true that friends, family or lovers will have to be extremely faithful and trusting in order to stand by them year after year.

The self confidence of November 10 people is not always the highest when venturing out into the world, but even when they get depressed, they maintain a sense of pride and belief in their own worth. Although their personal interior space can be seen as dark from the outside by others, yet they themselves know it well and feel comfortable living in it. Like a blind person, they have thoroughly explored this inner world, and therefore have a realistic notion of their abilities and limitations. Not surprisingly they rarely overreach, but on the other hand they may ultimately not reach far enough. Thus self-knowledge is usually both the cross and salvation of these fascinatingly intricate people.

Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays by Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers

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  1. Hate being a Nov 10th er so many bad quslities pointed out like always. Sick of my zodiac sign. Came here in hopes of something cool just maybe but as usual more negative crap about my sign

  2. I freaking <3 Scorpio's!!!! My birthday is 11/10 can i get a birthday shout out on twitter @Dynamic_Ty !!!!

  3. This is sooo true about November 10th Scorpio’s. My Birthday is November 10th my twitter name is: @JANK_alicious can I get a shout out please! =)

  4. This is sooo true about November 10th Scorpio’s. My Birthday is November 10th my twitter name is: JANK_alicious can I get a shout out please! =)

  5. I always believe that my struggle in a higher stater than all other scorpios, guess this proves it right. Nov. 10 @SHEiSRAEL

  6. Love love love this, absolutely true . . .
    Of course my b day is on this day, and I would be very grateful for a shoutout
    It would mean so much.
    Much love to the bloggers and my fellow scorpios (@eat_mi_boxx)

  7. This is true. November 10th is my birthday and please believe I’m gonna do it big. I’m @ladydhestroyer

  8. Very true! Was born on November 10 too, would love a birthday shout out on twitter name @Tara_Anne22 thank you!


  10. This is like amazing ๐Ÿ˜€ I love to learn bout myself. When I saw a comment with the name Julia I was like ‘I didn’t comment on this yet’ Then I saw the Twitter name and I was like ‘Ohh..Imma follow her’ I’d love to be friends with her ๐Ÿ˜€ Cos we were born on the same day with the same name ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Completely true … I’m born on the 10th and I do need to work on somethings pointed out but I love being me !!! @beautifulma is my twitter name รฎยหœ

  12. November 10th is a GREAT day!. Hello all my fellow Scorpion Birthday Mates!. Its almost our time!. @LadiPearl

  13. Thankx for always posting such true things about our beautiful sign. nov. 10 @_BANANAS_1. i would like a b-day shout out please and thank you :*

  14. This is so ture! I was born on this day and everything written strikes a cord with me!

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