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When it comes to lovemaking, the Scorpio man is capable of attaining the highest level of passion. Scorpio men are persuasive and will not admit defeat once they have their mind fixed on a particular mate. Scorpio men prefer to control their mates’ emotions. Like everything else, the Scorpio man will always give one hundred percent and of course, he will expect the same in return. To them, sex is a competitive game, and revenge and jealousy are two of their characteristics that will surface if they aren’t winning.

In Love With a Scorpio Man?


The Scorpion is determined, protective, jealous, and powerful. It is a sign prone to obsession, and the Scorpio man is not nonchalant about anything, from his career to his love life. Much has been written about how sexy and mysterious and Scorpio is. To him, sex is very important, and it would be impossible for him to have a happy relationship without great sex. The Scorpio male is macho, a modern day 007: thrilling, strong, silent and handsome. Scorpions are the most intense, profound, powerful characters in the zodiac. Even when they appear self-controlled and calm, there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior. They are like the volcano not far under the surface of a calm sea it may burst into eruption at any moment. However, those of us who are particularly perceptive will be aware of the harnessed aggression, the immense forcefulness, magnetic intensity and often strangely hypnotic personality under the tranquil but watchful composure of the Scorpion.

The Challenge Of Being In Love With Scorpio Man

One of the challenges of being in love with a Scorpio male is to get him to voice his innermost thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it is impossible to know exactly what a Scorpio is thinking.

How To Handle a Scorpio Man

Still waters run deep, and you will find him fiercely loyal and deeply passionate. This Pluto ruled-lover would never dream of divulging details of your private life together to others and expects the same from you. Woe to the woman who strays from his bed to another lover, for he will never forgive her. The Scorpion`s sting is never used casually, only when he feels threatened to the core, for its sting kills not only the victim but also the Scorpion itself. Scorpio will never suffer betrayal.

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  1. Mitul Atulbhai Rupareel

    I am a Scorpio and I had a 2 year serious relationship and my ex was very possessive about me and this lead to the relationship where I didn’t feel any space and also I had a career to approach but I made a terrible mistake the way I left her was so terrible that I made her so angry that she has lost all beliefs in love I don’t know what to do, I live in India and she is leaving for US in coming months give me some advice!!

  2. A few years ago, I was engaged to a scorpio man. We were together for three years. In the beginning, I had my doubts about his feelings for me due to all I have read about the scorpio’s passion and devotion. I didn’t feel any of that. He was with me because he wanted to be with me, but I don’t believe it was love or passion even though he proposed to me after the first year. He other motives though, as I found out later. My point is, I left him after three years (I had to face the facts — this man does not love me and never did.)

    It’s been three years since my last serious relationship (my choice). I had to heal. I am over the ex, and even though he has tried over the years to be in touch with me, I totally fell off the grid concerning him. I don’t answer texts or emails or linkedIn invites from him and as of this year, it appears all attempts to contact me have stopped. I have no feeling either way, because I will never going to respond to him.

    Now, a few weeks ago, I’ve met another scorpio man who is NOTHING like my ex. He’s funny, relaxed, laughs at my jokes, sounds genuinely happy to hear from me, and not demanding or critical of me at all. We met online so we have not physically met yet, that’s in the works. My question is, I’m a little gun-shy about meeting him. My ex scorp was so unlike any of the things I’ve read about concerning a scorpio in love (ex was first decan, libra cusp). The new man is third decan scorp. But I don’t want to be hurt like that again. Does anyone have any advice for me? I have no problem giving my devotion and love to a man who will love and be there for me, but I will never tolerate what I allowed myself to go through a few years ago with any man.

    1. You must realize that there b are many things to factor here. His whole natal chat must be taken into account. His rising sign, planets, and houses. Also his upbringing too. He (your ex) may have been too timid to express how he felt about you. Maybe he was scared for whatever reason.

    2. well first off the mistake is comparing. The first guy is only half scorpio because of his libra tendencies. The one your currently pursuing he is a completely different person. His characteristic is charming, so he’s more into that passion and love that your striving for. I myself am a scorpio III male. I’d say give it a try. He’s going to be more intensified than your ex so tread carefully because the emotion is real. Take his feelings into consideration but at he same time make sure it goes both ways. We are tricky people to deal with, but with the right person things can feel almost magical. It sounds like you’ll be a lot happier.

      1. Thanks, SheaLeche22. I posted that two years ago and things didn’t work out with the latter scorp. When we did meet, it was very nice. At the end of our first date, his kisses goodnight were sweeter than honey — I had to tear myself away from him. By the time of our second date a week later, something had changed. He always asked me to come to his house and I just wasn’t going to do that. I had just met this man online and while he appeared ok, I wasn’t comfortable about being at his house only after meeting him once. On the second date, he asked me again to come to house and I again declined (politely). I guess he didn’t like that. This was a Saturday. By Tuesday, he sent me a text telling me that while he enjoyed being with me, it’s best we be friends. I was very surprised and tried to see what happened, but also accepted his decision even though I had no idea what happened other than my not wanting to go his house. My friends suggested he may have met someone else and was letting me go nicely by offering friendship. I contacted him again on New Years day 2015 via email and his response was to say happy new year back — nothing leading.

        Last summer, He contacted me again on the site.(I had taken myself off the site in 2014 after i met him). I was happy to hear from him, but he acted like he didn’t know who I was. I had the same picture and everything. He immediately started communicating with me in very much the same way he did the previous year. telling me all about himself, being very open and friendly. When I asked him had we met, he said no, he didn’t think so. I was very surprised. He asked me did he look familiar to someone I knew! That was wild. At any rate, I let him know who I was, (I thought this was only fair) and he remembered. He didn’t appear interested anymore and so I asked to call him. He told me I could so I did. WE agreed on a time when I would call and I did call him at the agreed time. I asked him had I offended him in anyway. He said no. then quickly said unless I think I offended him. I told him no, I hadn’t offended him to my knowledge that is why I was asking him. I told him I don’t know what happened that he changed his mind about us. He didn’t explain it and I don’t think I pushed the issue. He did seem to have to mention, by the way, that when he answered my call he thought I was his mechanic since he had his car in for repairs. ReAlLy? Your mechanic? I would think a person would know their mechanic’s phone number. It almost made me think that he may not have answered the phone or something had he known it was me. Maybe that’s what he wanted me to think. Maybe he wanted to be mean. But why give me your phone number to call you in the first place?

        I really find it hard to believe he didn’t recognize me. I had the same exact pictures on the profile, same intro, same everything. Here I was thinking he was contacting me again because he remembered me and wanted to give us a second go. AFter that, I guess he’s just all over that website dating women and can’t keep up with who he has dated. I often wonder what would have happened if I had played along, acting like we hadn’t met and when we finally did, find out what happened previously and see if we could move past it. I just couldn’t let him think we’d never met before. It seemed like a dirty trick, (since I remembered and he didn’t) to play that kind of game. I wanted him to know who I was so I could know he really did want to try again.

    3. Everybody is different. Zodiac signs tend to share some of the same traits, but there are exceptions to every rule. Personality plays a key role here, and so does life experience. This new guy is not your ex-boyfriend. You won’t have the same experience with him as you did with your last Scorpio man. I think you’ll be okay.

  3. I’m aquarius women. I’m in love with scorpio guy. I’ve to say this isn’t an easy relationship. It’s like “I had to walk through the hell fire” just like rose said. But now I’m with him. He’s my home, lover, brother, friend, family and little big boy sometimes. I know that I’ll be safe with him. I love him not just because he saved my life but I can be myself when I’m with him.

    1. “Hell-Fire” …TRUTH if I ever heard it lol.

      I am a Scorpio male and my poor girlfriend used the same term 3-4 years ago when we first got together. Because, we Scorps give our entire mind, body, soul and every ounce of energy into a committed relationship, we have to ensure that our partner will do the same.
      In all of my relationships I’ve put the woman thru hell and back, intentionally and subconsciously. Back in high school, I told my best friend (whom I am still friends with ) that the woman who can deal with all my BS in the beginning is the one for me, and she will not regret it because she’ll never meet ANYONE else that will be able to compare…before or after me.

      So rejoice! You made it lol. The rest is smooth sailing, utter devotion and happiness from here.

  4. In regards to a Scorp with another Scorp.. I am a Scorpio male and have been in love with my Scorpio female. When I first met her, she had this magnetic power that drew me to her. Of course, others were and still are attracted to her. Imagine my surprise when she told me that her birthday was the same day as mine. It was like an mirror image of myself in female form. We were together for twenty years and had kids. In the end, my jeolousy and insecurity killed our relationship. Remember …She has her secerts too. You have to be careful with the Scorp female for she will sting you with her tail to make you stronger. But she will kill you if she is not getting anywhere with you and move on. A male always has to be the male with her. Nothing less is acceptable with them.

    1. Hey Two Tails,
      I had the “luck” of meeting 3 female scorpios born on the same day as me. One in particular, is 2 years on my mind. When I met her she was dating a guy, two months after that they broke up a 5 year relationship. I thought I’d give her some time, because I didn’t want to be “the rebound guy” I wanted our relationship, if any, would stand on its own. She went home for the winter holidays (we were both in college then, I just graduated now, she’s got one more year), and she got another guy. I was still staying on my word that this relationship is just a rebound and won’t endure but they are still together. I’m still waiting, and I will keep waiting, because I really think she could be the one. But its hard enough even without a boyfriend, since I’m no longer in college so we don’t even see eachother (she has no facebook, btw), so I was just wondering, what are your thoughts, should I pursue despite her boyfriend (which I don’t think is the right thing), should I just wait (but I don’t want to get a girl in the meantime knowing about my scorpio, it seems dishonest), so any advice?
      Thanks, and your story is inspirational to me even with the less than best ending, be happy it happened is my moto.

  5. Lol @Boni.. Your last statement is pretty hypocritical.. Scorpio has to learn how to compromise and accept that leo doesn’t bow down to anyone? Doesn’t sound like much of a compromise from your end. You honestly sound pretty immature aswell.. You gave him the disrespect that he gave you back? You had to resort to revenge before you have enough self respect to just leave him? Okay, I’m done 🙂 Well I hope you’re happy with your life, sweetheart. Bye.

    1. You must understand that by testing your waters we learn every aspect of you in gliding your soft underbelly

  6. stay away from imature scorpio males, dont waste your time. They are great liars, cheates, dont know what they want, selfish dont know how to compromise. They are hreat lovers though. Reliable and know how to take care of a lady but the lying and cheating always comes out to them not being satisfied and not knowing what they want.
    Scorpios are very insecure and need to be reassured that they are loved but at the same time they wont trust you even if you let them know how much you’re commited. An imature scorpio is suspicious, jealous and a bit controlling. I’m a leo and I’ve been with a scorpio for 8 months, he was a good boyfrind but he was insecure and disrespecful, so I gave him what he gave me, I was disrespectful back and he was always shocked, it was like he’s never had a ”girl” do that to him. I hope mature scorpio male are better and these young ones love sex so much, that if you dont feel like having sex with him best believe he’ll find it somewhere else, that just shows they dont respect their bodies and themselves, young scorpio male can have sex with anything that has a hole. Lack of self control.

    Ps: I’m a leo and love the finer things in life and scorpios are too selfish for leos. Scorpio and leo will not work unless a scorpio learns to compromise and accepts that a leo doesnt bow down to anyone.

    1. Boni, Scorpio males are definitely NOT for Leo females. My sister is a Leo and she had an explosive relationship with her Scorp-mate! And BOY! Leo females are Queens of the World – at least, that’s how they see themselves. Genetic makeup and all that. Anyway, I love her to death, mind you. That said, she *is* high maintenance (whew!).

      With regards to Scorp-males and sex, it’s how they express their love to their mate. It’s all they know how to do it. Leo’s LOVE wining and dining and sex can then proceed, but with Scorp-males, sex is *the* way to express how they love you. Withhold it, and they’ll look elsewhere. It’s just how they’re built and it’s something people need to come to understand when they are brave enough to take on a Scorpio male (find out what his Moon sign is, too. That could make him either softer or fiercer in the not so nice way! Avoid male Scorps with their Moon in Aries – *shivers*).

    2. Well Boni, l’m a Scorpio male and was married to a Leo and you talk about Scorpio’s being liars. She was the biggest liar and cheat on the planet a social climber and gold digger.
      I’m well shut of her I can tell you!!

  7. Hi. I’m a pisces woman who has fallen for a Scorpio man. We would talk to each other a lot on Facebook and HE makes plans for us to hang out but then something always comes up and HE cancels and I’ve been very understanding about it. Anyways about two weeks ago I messeged him and he has yet to reply. And he has been logging onto his Facebook and not even reading my message. I’m just confused. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or he just doesn’t like me anymore. Is me? Is it him? I’m just so confused. I don’t know what’s going on. What should I do?

  8. I am a female first decan scorpio with venus in virgo and I met a guy a couple weeks ago who is first decan also with venus in scorpio. i am going through a divorce right now. We hit it off big time immedialetly. I don’t usually sleep with someone right away but we both could not resist each other and had the most phenominal night of my life and connected deeply, meshing, physically and connected emotionally. He texted me a lot the next few days, called once, I told him I missed him and he said that touched him, I said prove it by seeing me again and then there was nothing for a few days. i don’t believe in crowding men or chasing them, so I gave him his space. Then all of a sudden on his day off he calls and shows up in my neighborhood as a surprise wanting to meet with me. So we hung out, worked out, talked, debated a little and he gave a a lot of super sweet hugs and kisses. i will admit i fell hard but i don’t say it a lot bc i don’t want to get hurt or scare him off. So, i show when we kiss and giving my attention, and other little things we were around each other. So, then a little texting the next day, then again, nothing for a few days. I send a text saying hi and asking if he is okay. Way later get a short answer and nothing for a few days. So i leave it alone and then all of a sudden on his night off again he calls me and wants to hang out. So we hung out, shopped, and he shows up with his close friend. He introduced me and out his arm around me in minute and hugged and kissed me before leaving. he asked me questions about my kids and casually looked at things we like and such. I got along fine with his friend and we all goofed off a lot, especially me and him, and had fun for a couple hours. And then he responded to my text the next morning late, saying he didn’t have his phone nearby. But now a few days later and nothing again. I can tell he is into me when we are together, but I have never dated a scorpio before, so it is different. We are a lot alike but bc of gender we are also different in some ways. Men have always chased me hard and consistently, so I haven’t experienced this on/off stuff. I am indepandant and can handle not having constant attention. And it hasn’t been that long so I have no problem giving space when needed. But I cant help but wonder what the reason is and if this is normal behavior for a scorpio man. Did i do something offensive? Is he just busy and cant multitask? Is he not interested enough in me? Is he just confused and afraid of being hut again or what? Should I keep doing what Im doing or does he maybe need a little more iniatiation and assurance from me?… feedback is welcome…and I would especially love to hear from a mature male scorpio perspective who can be objective, without being a troll or an ass as some have been on sites like these. Thanks

    1. Dear Scorpshine:
      The answer is yes…To all of the above. Definitely keep doing what you’re doing, try not to change the consistency. We, Scorpio males are creatures of habit, we’re a fixed sign as you well know. If you become more assertive or aggressive in your approach that will probably scare him away.
      The fact that he is so magnanimous about his feelings for you when you’re together, usually means he’s totally into you, but keeps space so that HE doesn’t scare YOU away. Everything you’re feeling, he’s feeling too…probably at the same time. And therefore, he’s dealing with it in a typical “male” way…single-minded.
      It could also be any number of the possibilities you’ve mentioned. The assurance that he may need from you will come in time with your consistency. I don’t know how long you two have been courting, but that matters. What I mean by that is this: If the relationship is still new, than let things take their natural course. However, at some point in the relationship (usually when you’ve had enough lol) you’re gonna need to sit down with him and GENTLY express your wish that he initiate more contact because you need to feel loved, sought out and wanted too.

      Hope this helps darlin. Good Luck

  9. Arieswithpiscecusp

    Am an aries crazily inlove with a scorpio man,@matured scorpio jst sumed half of wat am dealing with ma scorpio man,my problem with him are,he runz hot and cold,very secretive,I ve to push and push B4 he opens up a lil to me…and he is very contradictory…we fight a lot and he always shut me off 4days wen upset without any reason,is there a better way to understand ds complicated creatures?PS. He likes me chasing after him and I hate it,is it normal

  10. Some advice with dating Scorpio’s: We age very well. Like a fine wine, if you find us too soon we will leave a sour taste in your mouth and you will never taste us again. When we are young we may not be able to control are intense emotions. Do not stay with an immature Scorpio, we will at best break your heart, and may break your essence if we have not learned self-control. But at some point most of us learn (40+ is a good age). And when we do watch out, if we capture your heart you will lose yourself to us. But do not fear that, we will die to keep you safe. I am currently pursuing an Aries. I can see that she has already lost herself to me but she tells me NO THANK YOU! And then she will text me a random question at midnight…  I understand my Aires but she does not understand me… I make her feel confused. One day I can see she wants me, the next not so much… Why an Aires? Because I am now in control of my passion until I am around her, then I feel uncertain. Scorpios hate uncertainty, but secretary we love the chase more then we love certainty. This is the fate of a Scorpio. We will fall in love with a woman because she gives us certainty, and then fall out of love with her because there is no chase. God we suck that way when we are young. Aires scares the hell out of us, we know she can destroy us with a wink. We will never let you know, and if we do it is worse!!! Why? Because when we feel week we seek a position of power, you will not like us then… So what happens if your Scorpio opens up to you one day and shows his profound weakness for you? You have only one choice, match his vulnerability half way! We think we can only survive when we think you need us as badly as we need you. But in truth we must always be in pursuit unless we are very mature.
    Aires this will be HARD for you to do unless you can face that we do in fact control your heart, just not your stubborn head!
    Scorpio men for the love of god learn to show half of your emotions when you feel the overwhelming need to expose yourself! It will still be twice as much as any man, and you will not feel so over exposed after! And learn that any woman that is with you is completely yours already! She is with you because she cannot say no to you. And it is far better that she never tells you that, least you lose interest! Give her the illusion of control and you will both be happy!

    Good luck! LOL

    1. Hello Mature Scorpio. I am a stubborn Aries female bonded to a Scorpio man. We met as teenagers, had a frustrated romance by parental control. We were deeply in love, but I had to set him free still loving him. He joined the service, moved to Europe, married and had a child. I lived on never forgetting him, but we did keep in touch, specially when deployed. He separated, moved back home, but was not divorced. We bumped into each other almost two years ago (I had been evading him when he returned home, since I had been with someone else) and it felt like time had not passed between us. We began a relationship with a rocky start (I had to forgive him and learn to trust him for so much hurt we had from the past), but I still took the plunge. This time around it felt much stronger and deep that it was before. He made me see all the colors in the rainbow and I have never worked so hard to understand and devote myself to a man. As an Aries we don’t allow many people in and I even showed my most deep vulnerabilities to him. To say I am the same is a joke; he expanded my world. We encountered many obstacles due to issues we were both dealing with in our own ends and it did affect our relationship. Regardless, I was willing to put in the work. So I don’t ramble on forever, my “make it or break it” was the fact that he kept on breaking-up with me, basically once a month, and coming back regretting his decision. The last break-up we officially did not get back together because I told him he needed to know what he wanted and stop pushing me away and there was the issue he wasn’t divorced. Well, when we talked about making it offical again he told me he didn’t want to get divorced to not lose his daughter (big story about his still wife who knows who I am from back in the day and hates me) and get pressurred into remarrying. He didn’t belive in marriage anymore, he just wanted a lifelong partnership. Unfortunately, I even as an Aries who loves her independence, I still belive in marriage and even though he says I am the love of his life, I can’t help feeling that he’s not willing to committ to me. I know his marriage story was an extreme one, but after so many years of us apart I’m just baffled that I had to step away again due to differences in values. I love him and respect him deeply, if he doesn’t belive anymore then I can’t push him to it. I find that insulting to his beliefs and to marry in that state is marrying a lie. He did ask me to stay with him and help him find the way to believe in it again, but I am afraid I may spend many more years in the same situation (mind you I’m close to 30). Needless to say, it has been some months and I’ve been doing my part to move on again, but I miss him every day and question if I did the right thing by defending what I believe in at the cost of losing him again. As a fellow Scorpio, do you men ever change your perspective on those things? I know him enough to know values to Scorpio men are embedded deep within them. I have been his since he kissed me almost 15 years ago. No one filled my heart completely. I just need some light to kill my hope once and for all, or maybe think something is still possible for us.

      Congrats on pursuing a fellow Arian by the way, it is an extreme but beautiful combination.

  11. I am a female cancer sun (virgo moon) and my boyfriend is scorpio sun (capricorn moon) and we are so in love. We fight like crazy but the reward of our hard work we both put in daily to fine tune ourselves to be in better harmony with eachother is worth it. I LOVE scorpios. They are scary sometimes and i have been hurt in honesty as I am a bit gulliable, sensitive and soft… but we both have acceptance for our own dark sides and just not care too much about the shit side. We just keep fine tuning until we get more and more one person. I have changed parts of me to better suit his needs and he has done the same. We are very aware of our differences and make a big effort to better understand ourselves and eachother. This makes the scorpio not seem controlling to me. To me, i would now feel hurt if he stopped being so controlling over me as i would know he has lost interest. It’s not about judging here, its about communicating and having awareness and insight to eachothers needs and wants.

    1. You have to tell me more about your Scorp Sun/Cap Moon lover as I am head over heels for one–he is also Scorp Rising. I am Taurus Sun/Cancer Moon/Libra Rising. I love how our sun signs and moon signs are opposites.

  12. Rose, your comment was just what I needed to read especially reminding all of us who are falling in love with a Scorpio or trying to win their heart, that their are signs to watch out for that this is _not_ worthy of our time. Especially as Scorpios in general do not find weakness attractive. I am a Scorpio woman and I believe I may have found my soul mate in another Scorpio but I shall follow your advice and look for the best for both me and him in the relationship or move on if it feels like a one way street. Thanks so much for your excellent advice.

  13. Scorpio men can be won, and they will reveal themselves to a woman if they trust her and love her. He is NOT easily won. The level of devotion, commitment, and love have to be proven over a period of time. My guy is a Scorpio and I had to walk through hell fire to show him the level of my devotion. Once won, however, Scorpio men are the end all and be all of passion and romance. They will treat a woman they deem worthy beyond wonderful.

    These men are capable of keeping a woman around as long as she suits his purposes, and not give her a larger commitment. If he won’t commit or move the relationship along, leave him. Patience with him manipulations is just proof to him that you deserve to be manipulated. These men respect strength, and if you can’t stand up to him when he needs it, you get an automatic fail. If he truly loves you, you won’t lose him as he will move heaven and earth to keep a true love by his side. If he doesn’t love you, you will have saved yourself time better spent searching for a man who will!

    Loving a Scorpio man isn’t for the faint of heart. However, if he truly loves and trusts you, he will share his deepest feelings, thoughts, fears, and dreams. And, he will be grateful that he finally has someone he can be his real self with…..For many Scorpios, this occurs with only a very few close people over his entire life and it is the reason that many people believe they are always somewhat removed and protected. With those people they are….but that doesn’t hold true for those in his trusted circle.

    Pursue a Scorpio only if you believe in your heart that he truly is the ONE for you (unless you are just looking for a dalliance and sexual exploit, those can be fun with Scorpio if you both truly just are looking for a more casual arrangement or temporary fling). And, be prepared for a LONG trial period. In the years rather then months category for earning long term commitment with a older Scorpio who has been previously burned.

    Lastly, if he is an unevolved Scorpio, protect yourself and don’t allow yourself to be dragged into abuse, control, jealously, and the craziness of his dark moods. Scorpio men can be downright dangerous, if they are addicted or going through severe mood swings that he allows to go unchecked.

  14. I started seeing a scorpio man (I am scorpio myself). When I first met him I was immediately drawn to him and found myself trying to get close to him. Eventually he gave me his number and I texted him. He was surprised that I texted him and didn’t expect ‘a girl of my caliber to notice him’. I assured him that I was just as attracted to him as he was me. Soon after this we started hanging out, and the passion between us was so deep and intense. He told me that sometimes he gets really depressed and didn’t really know how to deal with it so well, he asked me with teary eyes to not break his heart I said I wouldn’t. We decided that we were going to take things slow, recently I’ve asked him to come over to my place to see my parents and what not. He’s been here before so I didn’t think it was a big deal. Then he hits me with that he thinks that we’re going too fast and that he isn’t ready for a serious relationship, as he has a lot of personal problems and that he truly feels awful and doesn’t want me to feel bad. I was just confused and I said that I hope he’s feeling okay, and that I would be there for him if he ever needed him..I’m just so confused and upset.. I have lost him? Does anyone think he’ll come around?

  15. I am a Scorpio Woman who began seeing a scorpio man and whilst i am sure that in some cases it might very well work, I think we were in fact two different spectrums of scorpio. I am a Type I Scorpio where as he was a Scorp-Sag Cusp. I was easy going and what they classify as a “sunny” scorpio. I am very stubborn and can be skeptical about what people tell me but on the other hand i am easy going and just like to have fun. I am not overly emotional and i don’t get myself emotionally attached to people or objects. My Scorpio male however started of seeming cool and calm but as the relationship progressed he began to change (mind you that we never actuallly dated, we did say we would see each other but it was nothing serious). He would want to know my where abouts at all times and if i didn’t reply to a message within 20 minutes he would start to suspect that I was with another guy, despite the fact that I don’t really have many guy mates and most of my time is occupied with family or my girlfriends. I was honest with him when i met another guy and we hooked up, which when this happened me and Scorpio boy had only hooked up once and werent even “seeing each other”. I wanted to be honest with him but that was the beginning of the down fall. he never got over that. He began sussing this other guy out and making speculations in his own mind about what was going on between us and even going as far as making up strange scenarios in his own mind which just seemed crazy (example: He told me that i only told him about me hooking up with this boy so that i would think he would trust me and then i could go and hook up all the time and lie about it and get away with it). I don’t know if all Scorpio males are like this but in the end i told him to take a hike (That is a nice way of putting it) and that i was off him. He tried to threaten me and hold things over me but in the end i couldn’t care less, i wanted this psycho out of my life. Perhaps because I am not very emotional and I don’t get myself attached to people, he thought i didn’t have strong feelings for him because i never seemed to show it much but regardless This one bad experience has probably turned me off the whole male scorpio race.

    1. Well, Nads, you’re a Scorp-female. In a Scorp-on-Scorp relationship, either things go extremely well or they go extremely south – the primary word being extremely. There is NO middle-ground for a relationship like that. Scorp-females are no different than Scorp-males (just physically, but that’s where the differences end!) when it comes to personalities. Of course, your moons need to line up especially when it comes to relationships.

  16. Quanica Baptiste

    That part about being in love with a Scorpio is so true because that is how my bf is

  17. I’m a scorpio woman and i love an aquarius i do not know if we fit My fear that we are very different yet … Can someone help me

  18. “They are like the volcano not far under the surface of a calm sea it may burst into eruption at any moment.” This is 100% correct about me

  19. I am an Aries female and in a relationship with Scorpio male for 12 years. It was difficult in the beginning but somehow we managed to keep the relationship going as the years gone by. I had some relationships before him but he is the only one i can submit myself. Yes we fought and argue as I am an aries and fight for my opinion if I know im right but in the end I let him win, that must be one of the reason we’re still together until now. The description of a Scorpio in this site is exactly my Scorp guy except that I am the more jealous type than him 🙂 I love him to death and will fight for my love as I know i can not find someone like him.. I know its difficult at times and we will face a lot of problems along the way but as long as he will not give up on me i will never give up too.

  20. To scoprio male, what if I’ve messed up and disrespected him accidently without malice, hea ignored me now for 7 weeks, closed down completely, can I turn this around and how? I lobe him with all my heart and cannot live without him in my life. Help!! Broken hearted virgo

  21. I’m a leo girl but I Love This Scorpio guy who is family oriented we fight for the first time yet we are not couple we are just student-teacher friendship. he controls me I become humble in him.and When we are seeing each other idk what to say

  22. I am a male Scorpio, and to all the women that are worried about how their Scorpio partner is trying to control them, you need to learn how to handle it. There is an inherent switch in all (most) Scorpio male brains that cannot be turned off when it comes to their partners. The possessive and controlling qualities are not only passed onto you, we fight this every day within ourselves. The Scorpio loves to be in control, once he knows that he has control he no longer needs to be control-ING. You need to reassure him, most positively with actions rather than words, that you are committed to him and that your energies are being put towards constructive things with him. I have battled with obsessive behavior with girlfriends in the past, but as I am now 30 years old and have had 7 years of long term relationship experience with 2 women, I realize that if I actually NEED to be controlling, or even feel the need to, then there is a greater problem that needs to be resolved. To sum up, with a Scorpio, ACTIONS ALWAYS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, and while it is nice to hear certain things every now and then, it means NOTHING if there is no substance behind the talk. Where most men say, you are the most beautiful, one day we will get married, la la la, I, as a Scorpio male WILL MARRY YOU. Just be an asset to my life rather than a burden and the future will be blissful. Scorpio is a sign of ACTION. Lack of action is almost the biggest turnoff. Mainly because if we feel we are investing our emotions into a black hole, then our survival instinct kicks in and we COMPLETELY shut down any chance of ever experiencing any joy from a situation that we feel is fruitless. I could go on forever, but in closing, pay attention to this. A Scorpio is ALWAYS watching. Always paying attention. Even at the smallest things. Waking up to a text msg from someone he cares about will make his whole day, yet if you say you care and neglect to contact him for a week just because your ‘busy’, then this says as much as the text only in the totally opposite direction. If male Scorpios are anything like myself, if you find one, grab on, don’t let go, give them your whole heart and they will give you their WHOLE WORLD. Good luck!

    1. You are so true Anthont…I’m a cancer girl and i had a relationship with a scorpio guy for about 1\5 years but now is over because i didn’t respected the traits of a scorpio and i wanted to be in controll because i’ve loved him so such . For the last 5 months he is ignoring me and i don’t have a clue of how to make an approach. I”ll be thankful for your advice

    2. Oh, and you forgot to add: Scorpio males need to OWN you. He won’t accept anything less.

      For the more independent women out there who pride themselves in being strong and self-sufficient, this isn’t an option. At least, not for long. For those who don’t care about having their lives completely controlled by the Scorpion male – from what you wear to where you go to who you see – go for it!

      In the world of the Scorpio-male (depending on his Moon sign) it’s all about 100% and extremes. Give yourself 100% on all levels and he’ll give you, well, 95%. Scorps LOVE their little secrets and maybe that’s a good thing since those secrets are not always pleasant. 🙂

    3. Hi.. im in love with a scorpio and we together for 5 years. Theres this thing about him that he shuts up after an argument. . For weeks and sometimes months. I havent heard from him for 3 months now. He loves me and we intend to get married but I dont understand why hes so quiet. I sent him a few emails but no reply. What should i do? Its a long distance relationship.

  23. I’m a scorpio myself and have been dating my scorpio bf for the past 8 yrs. we quarreled often over small matters(which he claims was for the fun of it and he said for better communication), however, we never allowed quarrels to be left as it is overnight. Though both of us are scorpios, i feel that we have really different personality and perspectives. at the start both of us are very possessive in different ways, but now we have learn to respect each other. I would say a scorpio-scorpio relationship might still work out..but still there’s alot of pressure emotionally..

  24. My bf is a scorpio and he prefers to control my emotions. He’s draining out all my energies quite often. And it hurts. For me it is pure evil. I only want peace. I’m a pisces. Please help?

    1. Control your emotions how? I’m a pisces too 🙂 and my guy is a scorpio. I think cuz he’s choosing to control your emotions he’s scared you’ll take em and run off somewhere leaving him in the dust and if it were me and my guy, my guy would hate it to his core. Just tread lightly and see what you can do to resolve the issue before it gets real messy.

  25. I’m not a Scorpion,but I’m in love with a Scorpion guy and willing to win his heart (so I read this page, LoL). I know this Scorpio guy for about 2years. He often came to my city, skip his extra job on weekend just only to fullfill his promise to come and see me, even have my parents permission to take me out of the house. My parents won’t allow me to go out if it’s not with him or my best girl-friend which is Scorpio too. We ever talked about music, films, career, and even wanting to buy a house! From this 2years experience with him I found that he is caring, dependable, mature, sexy, and fun, but he never talks about his feeling to me, he just compliments me in many aspects. I’m scared to show him what I feel because I ever got hurt many times by some guys (not a Scorpio, this is my first Scorp-guy).

    I’m the only child, have a very stricts parents with too many paranoid rules, have some lovely Scorpio bestfriends to keep me ‘sane’, motivated, and happy.
    Sadly, reading another page of this web and ashamed of a Gemini-reader comment and how all of you Scorpion attacking her (or him), I am Gemini myself.
    Any chances for me?

  26. @Cris

    good luck, seems like the kind of situation I am in ight now, as a Scorp I can tell you that most scorp guys love to share feelings etc. but only to a person they love and above all trust. seems you did something to lose his trust, OR he’s trying to make you jealous. a scorp needs to see action, it seems he really loved you though, and you haven’t lost him yet cause a scorp could easily ignore you even if it meant breaking your heart, mind, even if it let you to total dispair.


    a scorp guy

    1. Yeah…Scorpios LOVE their little mind-games and stirring up fights keep their adrenaline tip-top shape! They’re born to fight (so is Aries but Aries ain’t got nuthin’ on Scorps!) so that will be part of the relationship all throughout.

  27. I have known my Scorp guy since we were teenagers (we used to see each other back in the day) although we fell out of touch as I moved out of the area. I am now 27 & have moved back to my mums after my relationship of 6 years to an Aries ended (he was far too laid back for my liking). So I randomly bump into my Scorp, he takes my number & wants to pursue me (I’m having none of it at this point) Anyway a week later he goes on holiday & calls me (instead of going out, having fun with his pals) having a deep conversation about ‘the future’ & how he isn’t a player anymore & wants to settle down even asking me how many kids I want, names, sexes. A week later I go & meet him, I felt like a teenager again! Straight away he hugs me & keeps hold of me for the WHOLE time I’m with him. He was just staring lovingly into my eyes, telling me how beautiful I am & he could see himself marrying me (I was chuffed at this obviously cause I am so into him) even going into detail where we would live after marriage. Anyway this was back in October, since then he has been hot & cold with me, stirring up emotions that I have never experienced in my whole life. I thought I was ‘in love’ with my Ex (the Aries) but now I am questioning if I’ve been in love atal until now? (Yes I’m head over heels in love with my Scorp). He doesn’t really talk of the future anymore & said he doesn’t have time for a gf as he is so busy with his music & business & it wouldn’t be fair on me but I know he cares deeply for me.

    We ‘made love’ for the FIRST time ever last week and it was mind blowing, even thinking about it makes me weak at the knees. Here’s me thinking my Scorp will be hooked now as we have done the deed but if anything he has remained the same. He has tested me throughout & only after studying Scorps I realised that I have done so many things for him to be cold with me & unknowingly to me stirred up the famous Scorp jealousy, but luckily nothing for him to hate me. I speak to him everyday via bb only about random things. He knows I love him very much but doesn’t speak (write) of his feelings anymore or even respond to mine, instead he’ll causally discuss another topic as if he has missed what I wrote-lol. I think at the times I stirred up his jealousy he took giant steps back so now I have to earn his trust again. I am crazy about him and I KNOW this is the man for me so am willing to wait when he’s ready.

    Yesterday he bb’s me randomly telling me how some girl at work fancies him & he doesn’t see why cause he’s never given her that impression (?) Although I ‘should’ have felt some jealousy I was quite amused about the whole situation, but after thinking about it for the whole day it really threw me as to why he would have shared that information with me cause he reveals nothing & when I say nothing I mean it’s like getting blood out of a stone (I’ve told him this before).

    Can somebody shed some light on this please, I’d absolutely love to hear from a Scorp guy to really break it down for me.

    1. Lol, your story is amazing, your making me want to go out with a Scorpio, lol. I am a Scorpio woman and I love being one. Personally I believe that you just need to reassure him that you are there for him and he is the only one for you. However don’t show any pity or anything for him. That makes even me mad when people do that to me. Be yourself and honest, when he talks about anything, even the smallest of thing, pay attention because he is revealing parts of himself and how his psyche works. He’s revealing himself to you but however expect him to listen to you too, lol. Also you can casually bring up deep conversations, we love that, lol. I hope this helps! 🙂

    2. I am a scorpio man, and I can tell you that Jealousy is a weakness of the scorpio man. He wants to merge with his mate, his love. He wants you mind, body and soul completely. When we make love, our intensity of emotions is so great, that it causes great fear inside us. We can lose ourselves, within the oneness that we seek. I have personally broke of relationships, because of the manipulation and the use of jealousy, as a ways and a means to gain control of me. We need our love to surrender themselves to us completely, and without question. Only then will we surrender to our love, for you. We will test you over, and over again. We will catch any and all lies. Never look at another man, in the presences of us, it will hurt us deeply. Most of us are extremely Loyal, and we do not stray. I at times even feel guilty, looking at another women. We, I am built for a one women love, that surpasses all love. We I looking for the one true love, and no other can compare. Respect is key, to relationship with a scorpio man. If you don’t give it, you won’t get it respect. When a scorpio man loses respect, it just becomes sex, and nothing more. He will turn off his emotions, and never return again.

  28. I’ve never dated a scorpio but ive been attracted to them and we tend to have awesome friendships♥

    1. hey in reply to anyone’s comment about a scorpio dating a scorpio, im a guy dating a scorpio girl, and i find that it does in the end work out well because your both really intense and pationate lovers, and the romance you have always been seeking for, lys right there infront of both of you, there will be rough times only because you will get overly jealous about things and find it a competition almost of who will be in control, but once you both realize that in fact, your both almost the same, you will learn to use your similarities to form an indestructible team

    2. hey in reply to anyone’s comment about a scorpio dating a scorpio, im a guy dating a scorpio girl, and i find that it does in the end work out well because your both really intense and pationate lovers, and the romance you have always been seeking for, lys right there infront of both of you, there will be rough times only because you will get overly jealous about things and find it a competition almost of who will be in control, but once you both realize that in fact, your both almost the same, you will learn to use your similarities to form an amazing life long team

  29. sure.. i am scorpio and so does my bf. we have been together for more than 6 years.. : )

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