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When Libra and Scorpio come together, it can be a fulfilling and stimulating relationship both mentally and emotionally. Libra’s balancing energy can counteract Scorpio’s brooding disposition. If the pair can fuse Libra’s exceptional interpersonal skills with Scorpio’s determination and drive, they can reach amazing new heights together. Scorpio has more focus than Libra, and Libra can get the ball rolling in the direction both partners want. Libra and Scorpio are steadfast in their loyalty to one another.

This can be a very goal-oriented relationship. It tends to be both highly emotional and intellectual, thus making the bond multifaceted and deep. Scorpio tends to be more patient, but is also more controlling than Libra. But despite their differences, both partners love risk and taking chances; this is not a boring relationship! Libra and Scorpio can have lots of fun together, and both can be quite charming. At times they have difficulty understanding each other, because Libra is up front and open, while Scorpio is more mysterious. Both partners need to get together occasionally and decide on some common rules and boundaries.

The Planet Venus rules Libra and Scorpio is dually ruled by the Planets Mars and Pluto. Libra’s ability to articulate and love for beauty and romance balance the strife that can arise from the secretive and emotionally obtuse Scorpio. Mars represents passion, so Scorpio’s energy fuels an active and exciting time together. Neither will want to argue; Libra doesn’t enjoy conflict and Scorpio will seek secret revenge. It will usually be Libra who calls a truce and comes up with the solutions. Pluto adds an intense edge to this dynamic.

Libra is an Air Sign and Scorpio is a Water Sign. These two elements can be a great combination if they work together, using willpower and intellect to get things done. Scorpio is a strategist, and can help Libra slow down and learn how to test the water before diving into it. Libra teaches Scorpio to relax and cut their losses when their efforts are thwarted. However, Scorpio can be emotionally manipulative, too much Water watering down Libra’s enthusiasm. Conversely, too much Air can hurl a riptide into the Water and drive Scorpio mad. Libra and Scorpio must plan and work together, rather than coming up with their own agendas to maintain the great sense of balance between them.

Libra is a Cardinal Sign and Scorpio is a Fixed Sign. Libra brings a new idea to the relationship and Scorpio maintains it. Both require extreme focus and devotion in a relationship. Scorpio can lead Libra toward stabilizing and finishing things rather than jumping into new projects without completing the old ones. Both are loyal and devoted to each other, and when they can understand, they can enjoy a satisfying relationship with Libra providing the reasoning and brain power, and Scorpio as the passionate, emotional force.

The best aspect of the Libra-Scorpio relationship is the power they find in unity. They can accomplish a lot, whether they come together for a cause in the business or romantic sphere. They are both winners and they won’t give up, making theirs a relationship that takes care of business.

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  1. secreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    This is kind of accurate cuz i have a girl friend libra and im a girl scorpio and we had a lots of fun and we r good friends 🙂

  2. I’m a female, and I’ve had this crush on a Libra guy. We didn’t work out well.
    So, I don’t know..

  3. Tyne, Giiirrrllll!!! I agree with you 150% … I basically have the same story, I mean down to the “T”. My ex-Libra guy were together on and off for about 7 years. I have threatened to sting him so many times and he ignored the signs because I was trying to be the damn EAGLE Scorpio but he brought me back to earth REAL quick. We also have a daughter together and I can count on one hand how many times he’s seen her or spent any time with her and she is 2. I don’t agree with this post at all! Libra’s and Scorpio’s do not mix in my book, and I’m not basing this on just one of them. After we broke up the very next guy that stepped up was a Libra. Uhhh nah … I’m good b/c he started exhibiting the same exact traits. Not a good mix!!! But congrats to the Libra Scorpio couples that do make but I know that was some HARD HARD HARD work!!!

  4. im a scorpio girl. Actually I honestly would advice all Scorpio girls not to fall in love with a Libra. The day right after my birthday 12th November on the 13th I saw him after apparently 11 months literally nearly a year. I was like what’s going on? I’m not in now am I ( I hated his ethnicity and nationality, we both did I guess) but really I found out after a week I was madly, really in love and then after 3 months i realized how much i loved him i couldn’t leave him. Time went by we both started to be friends and then i found out he doesn’t like me and i didn’t know how to get him back. Its been a year and 4 months now i still really love him. Im ready to give up my whole life for him. If something happens to him, i won’t be present the next day. I know Libra men are flirtatious and that Scorpio ladies cant stand that but i think and can compromise and go with that. Because i know they cant love another person like they would love you. Im dreaming huge about the future and marriage with him and kids and a happy life. My love for him is unexplainable and it stands out nicely. I really hope to make him mine.
    I may be jealous but that’s only because i care. i may be intense and passionate in love doesn’t mean he won’t be not going around my mind 24 7. I love him so much. I can never explain my love for him through” i love you” its more than that.

    1. Listen let him know how u feel !!!! I’m a libra female and us libras wear our heart on our sleeve. And yes we are natural flirts but honestly when we are with someone that’s it!! I just got friend zoned by a scropio man whom I really care for I want it to work but he said I’m not for him. Yes my feelings was hurt. But whatever

  5. I am a Libra woman and my boyfriend is a Scorpio.. All of that is true! we know our flaws and we work on them so that our relation can be better. We actually understand each other, and we are the best best friends in the world also. I love that connection between us! and we are actually accomplishing a lot! Yes there are some clashes that we both dislike, but at the end they bring us even closer to each other! I love my Scorpio.

    1. My husband is a libra and I am a scorpio. He and I have a connection unlike any I have ever seen. He is layed back and patient. I can be a little intense emotionally lol ok a lot intense. But we trust eachother, so we can be open. I have jealousy and anger issues I can face my negative points and work on them. He can be a bit indesisive and tries to charm my pants off sometimes literally lol but I keep him in and his charm in line. But he never takes me off my pedestal. And that’s just what a scorpio needs. Admiration and devotion. I give it back 100% we are soulmates and enjoy doing so many hobbies together. Our sex life is kinky and passionate. You have to both want eachother enough I think.

    2. Yeah.. I think you’re like my extroverted libra fiancee.. while I’m an introverted scorpio.. It helps a lot the fact that I’m very patient and intellectual(?!).. while she’s very extroverted(spontaneous and talkative) which is a great mix (in my opinion)..

      I’m not saying that this is not a complex relationship.. but with work from both, it works great!

  6. Why do libra take out there anger out on there partner instead the one who put them in that mood…

    1. They do not want to hurt others feelings so they let it out with the person they are the closest to. Not a good thing.

  7. I am a Libra born Oct 7/68 and my husband is a Scorpio born Nov 16/65. We just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary! We love and respect eachother more now than ever. It can be done! Libra and Scorpio can love and live a life together in harmony!

  8. I have been in a relationship with a lidra male for 5 years now. I can’t stand him. He annoys the life from me. He will not take advice, he will not take direction, he will not complete any task set forth or on his own, he will not work a normal job but must scheme and manipulate people into giving him what he wants. He lies, or does not tell the whole story. He hasn’t cheated that I know about, and he cannot be serious about anything, is a dick if I have a bad day at work and need some support, and he sucks in the sack quite honestly. I’m a Scorpio. The only reason we are together is because we have a daughter who is 4. Hes completley irresponsible and cannot think past the next 5 minutes. Yet, all of our issues are my fault. And only mine. He is gods gift to the world. I seriously want to punch him everytime I see his face. But I hold back, so much more than he thinks. I do not get why everything says we are so perfect for eachother.

    1. I think it’s because his a male-libra and you’re a scorpio female, Libra males like being the bad boy.

  9. I am a Scorpio born 11/16 and i dated a Libra and fell in love initially and i was attracted alot to her beauty, it only lasted 4 weeks and we had sex over 100 times. I later found out she was a whore (kinda already suspected) and she flirted with every guy no matter what, if they showed a slightest interest.

    1. It is not wise to base your oppinion on the actions of one person, because there is a whore in every sign, with this type of narrow minded thinking you might miss something

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