Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Leo Zodiac Sign

When Leo and Scorpio come together, they often create a vigorous and powerful team. They understand each other’s needs well; Scorpio needs to be respected and desired while Leo wants to be adored and complimented. They are both strongly loyal, often possessive of each other. Both partners are able to provide what the other needs and enjoy each other’s strengths.

Leo likes comfort and luxury, often doing things on a grand scale. Leo tends to be flamboyant, and Scorpio will like that and will be happy to give Leo the audience they require as long as there is equality in the relationship. Leo is shines brighter and more insistently, becoming magnificence and luxury personified. Scorpio will appreciate being relieved of any pressure to be in the limelight but will be content to control the fundamentals. Because both Signs are so determined, these partners really need to work to understand and accept each other.

Leo is ruled by the Sun while Scorpio is ruled by the Planets Mars and Pluto. The Sun is about ego and self, and it radiates warmth and light. Leo indeed radiates this kind of energy and enthusiasm. Mars is about war, brashness and battle, and Pluto is the influence on Scorpio’s hidden thoughts. Ruled by the House of Sex, Pluto influences the idea of regeneration and rebirthing that is a current theme in Scorpio’s life. Together, this bounty of masculine energy is why Leo and Scorpio soften their conflicts and sustain each other. The Sun represents life, and Mars and Pluto represent ambition and the unconscious; as long as they are careful to understand each other, their combination is a positive and ambitious one.

Leo is a Fire Sign and Scorpio is a Water Sign. Leo wants social freedom, while Scorpio has a shifting, viscous personality. Both Signs want to be the leader in different ways, and this common desire may be a source of discontent. Like the Elements that influence them, these two are capable of destroying one another. At times, their relationship may not be a harmonious one. However, both partners will realize that these petty disputes are of no real consequence, and as long as they can keep their egos aside and allow the relationship priority, their conflicts can usually be resolved.

Scorpio and Leo are both Fixed Signs. Both can be rigid, opinionated and resistant to change. Both partners tend to persist when working toward their goals. If they have a plan, they’ll stick to it until they get what they want. They usually share a distrust of change, preferring life to be stable and steady. If they have differing ideas on the same subject, they may find themselves in a never-ending power struggle. Scorpio won’t change their mind because they see it as a sign of weakness, and Leo may see Scorpio as being too intolerant. If they understand they’re on the same side in the grander scheme of things, it’s much easier for them to remain productive.

The best aspect of the Leo-Scorpio relationship is their mutual dedication to each other and the projects they partake in. Both Signs have very powerful, yet strategically different, personalities. Others see them as a strong pair, and their mutual commitment to fulfilling their goals makes theirs a powerful relationship.

Two shining personalities join together. They have a lot in common, especially when Leo is the female and Scorpio is the male. The Scorpio female is too demanding for the Leo male. Jealousy plays a major role in family quarrels. Basically, this should make for one of the most compatible combinations, but long and happy partnership will be far better when a Leo female marries a Scorpio male. Two very strong willed individuals generally create some rather stormy moments. Without some mutual give and take there is rocky road ahead.

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  1. Im a scorpio girl and i have an ex-boyfriend which is leo. I broke up with him after 10 months of the relationship due to a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING and well, he didnt fight for it because he was guilty and he really thinks he is so worthless to deserve me again. Then i came back to him after 5 months and he accepted me. I trusted him fully, just like before cuz i loved him. Well, after two months, before our anniversary, we are having a fight because im SO DEMANDING. Then when the anniversary came (10+2months=12lol) we are still not good, im still hurt because of him, he is not the guy that i fell in love with. He has changed. Days after that, we finally broke up! He is the one who broke our relationship up this time. I was very shocked because as i always remember, he dont know what to do without me, he even was emotionally empty when we broke up for the first time. And i think the reason why he broke with me is because ive changed too. It hurts for me thinking that im at my worst that time, he just loved me at my best but not at my worst though i know it is only for married but as an scorpio, you ,people, know that im SO DEVOTED. After days, i talked to him and LURED him back to me again and guess what, he came back, but i didnt accept that fast ’cause everything was so fucked up, sorry for the word. This time, i want it to take time, like taking it slow but AFTER A COUPLE OF DAYS, HE GAVE UP AND HE WAS REALLY CONVINCED TO STOP THE THING BETWEEN US, not our friendship though. When he told me the reason which is he is very stressed on his studies and im nagging and it feels like he cant take it anymore and i guess he wants to be alone but that leads me into thinking that maybe he will come back someday and instead of being happy, IM SO ANGRY when i realized that. Hurting me that much but youll come back? Are you fucking kidding me and it is confirmed that MAYBE he will come back to me again is because i asked him a favor to TELL ME THAT HE WAS NEVER COMING BACK TO ME, EVEEEER but he said “i dont know” and still uncertain for an answer. I can see that he is in dilemma so im so confident with that thought. And you know, if he ever come back to me, as a serious one not IMMATURE, ill tell him to prove himself to me and lets see what will happen.

    And if by any chance that “YOU” are reading this, well, okay.

  2. i’m a girly scorp in a 15 year (and still strong as hell) relationship with a leo man. he’s my best friend, the absolute love of my life, and the only man i have ever been able to trust completely. we had to work at our relationship in the beginning, it did not come easily, but the work paid off and so many of our friends comment on how strong we are as a couple, and how completely devoted we are to each other and our children. when we do clash, it can be explosive, but then so can the make-up part too ;). what’s funny is that my parents are also female scorpio/male leo combination, and remained completely devoted to each other for 35 years, til my dad passed away 3 years ago.

  3. i am a scorpio and my mate is a leo we have been together for twenty five years and some of this i can relate to to a degree…when i see conflict or fire starting i move aside and listen to what is really being said before reacting….when you work together and want the best for one another and the respect is there everything else falls into place….patience is the biggest factor here and i am willing to show it if he is….no problem….

  4. I am a Scorpio female and the bane of my existance is a Leo Man. He is the most verile, manly, sexy, arrogant man I’ve ever met. We have been seeing each other off and on for the past 10 years. We have great sex, however, there is no way we could have a successful relationship. That is why we have had a 10 yr off/on fwb situation. We have both seen each other even when involved with other people. I believe if we were both committed to a relationship, we could make it work (with great effort), but our religious views are too far apart. He hurts my feelings or I say something that pisses him off and we have regular periods of non-communication (months at a time). No matter how long it has been we can pick up as if we never parted. I can cut people out of my life (forever) for the smallest infraction or unintentionally hurting my feelings. I can’t for the life of me seem to STAY mad at or away from this man…and he hurts my feelings constantly. Apparently the same is true for him. Most often he will reach out to me after a seperation. I admit that I can be hyper-sensitive where he is concerned. He won’t allow himself to be vulnerable, and I cannot FEEL him when we are together so I won’t open up either. I suppose we will limp along like this indefinitely. If he were to turn on the charm, I know he could wrap me around his finger and turn my mind to mush.

    1. Omg! I am a Scorpio woman dating a Leo man were starting out , I’m glad to hear some positive feedback from fellow Scorpio women , I was getting scared there for a while.

  5. I am a female scorpion and this is very true! Stormy relationship and yet Leo is passionate for love..

  6. I am a scorpio woman who is absolutely smitten over a younger leo man. we started off as friends and i tried to resist him, but he is one of the best men i have encountered. we are not a couple altho we do date and kiss. we have decided to wait for a relationship , i would usually be against this , but for some reason , i don’t mind waiting for him.. ( we will see how long)

  7. I am a Scorpio man, and that last comment perfectly described the last relationship I was in with a Leo woman. She was the most interesting and admiring girl I had known. I feel my lack of communication was probably what made things end.

  8. I am a Lioness here and I’ve date my Scorp for half a year. It was surely a roller coaster ride. The initial attraction between us was strongly sexual. I was intrigued by his mysterious and secretive demeanor and so we gave it a try. The most challenging part about this relationship was communication. It irked me that he does not communicate how he feels about me, I hated having to guess what was on his mind half the time. I then did extensive research to understand him better. Actually, this relationship was the reason why I’ve gotten to the depths of astrology (natal charts/aspects). Days went by, and I learned to understand him bit by bit and have fallen in love with this man. This man that wears a tough exterior, but is amazingly sweet and passionate about his circle and life around him. Things ended btwn us due to my foolish action and his baggage. I truly think that we met at the wrong time. We both had a lot of baggage. A year later, we are still seeing other once in a while. Our sexual chemistry is nothing I have ever experienced before. The passion and intensity is raw when we make love. This is not an easy relationship, but all relationship takes communication, patience, and maturity for it to work. A Scorpleo relationship can truly awaken you spiritually and is life changing, it is not for the faint of heart. My heart is for you guys. For all the Leo woman, please be patient and do not dig and try to understand because you will never truly understand everything – give him space.


  9. I am a lioness and dated Mr. Scorpio for half a year. I can say that it was a roller coaster ride for me, amazing and frustrating all at once. The sexual chemistry is nothing I have ever experienced before, I can say the passion when we make love runs ocean deep and is blood boiling. The biggest challenge I had with him was his mysterious and secretive nature. It boggled my mind to know how he felt about me and what is on his mind. Being a Leo, we need lots of reassurance so that we can be sure that we are investing into something worthy. i spent days researching about the Scorpio men and realized that is just the way they are. After some time, I’ve learned to accept him for him and fell in love. Shortly, we broke up due to some foolish action from my part and the baggage he carried. A year later, we are still seeing each other from time to time. It breaks my heart that we can’t be given a 2nd chance at it, it’s all up to him. Open honest communication and patience is definitely a must in a Scorpleo relationship. If you can make this relationship work, this can truly awaken your spirits. Much love to you guys.



  10. I have a guy friend who is Scorpio, a year younger than me and I am a Leo woman. I accidentally met him in chat room in late 2010. I never know what was his birth sign at that time, am not also that persistent in knowing if we are compatible or not. Simply because I was just browsing for a possible prospect.. hahaha.. After that accident chatting, he’s been online everyday and started talking of anything under the sun. We became friends. Until such time, by early 2011, he finally confessed that he liked me. But, one thing that hinder us to be together is that he’s oceans away from me.. He lives in NYC and I live in the Philippines. We argue with some things, but it’s so nice to know that he’s telling me that he always understands my views and principles in life, even if, there were times that he contradicts. On my part, as we chatted everyday for that period of time, I begin to like him. But things comes to an end when I let him search for the person he wanted– because EVERYTHING written here is true. I can see him as I read every lines on this page. He wanted something physical– and I cannot give it to him. One day of that year 2011, he told me that he had found someone, and he’s so worried to what might be my reaction and so I told him that I will be okay and so he stopped communicating to me for the next 2 yrs. And, recently, Oct 2013, he come back. I didn’t expect it to happen. I realized by then that the love was never lost, it was just hidden. But I need to decide to what is right and not just for the sake of our love for each other, because we both understand that he’s committed to someone else. It’s quite difficult when he left me again for the second time. And I don’t know if I will be able to find someone as beautiful as he is.. 🙁

  11. Funny thing.. I’m a Scorpio female.. talking to this Leo.. female.. and it’s a little different for us..

    1. please tell me more about your relationship. because it seems like when i look me a lioness and my gf a scorpio up it only shows man and woman. please tell me more about your relationship

    2. Omg! I am a Scorpio woman dating a Leo man were starting out , I’m glad to hear some positive feedback from fellow Scorpio women , I was getting scared there for a while. Dr

  12. I love my leo wifey 😀 she’s so royal and even tho she doesn’t notice that her ego is trying to compete most of the time she still makes this scorpio king feel like a real boss. The strong ego of a leo isn’t easy to deal with because that is their nature but we do share a common intense appreciation for our relationship and i’ve learned to discuss our issues very objectively so our egos don’t flare up. After 7 yrs together and being married for almost 2 yrs, i think i’m now a very composed scorpio… More so than most scorpio males i kno and that is mostly due to our constant growth that we’ve attained since we have always been allowing our diff personalities to be expressed naturally.

  13. I’m a leo and he’s a scorpio, well what can I say about this man he’s charming, sexy, blunt and says what he fells a that moment regardless how’s the next person feels but try your best not to upset and you must have lots of patience once you learn to avoid that with them they would learn to trust you more and that’s when all the fun begin the sex would become amazing out of this world sex they have the most amazing sex ability than any other signs Besdes use leo’s you can’t let them go and they want let you leave even if you wanted to leave something about them pulls you back I been dating my Scorpio man for 6 months now and everyday is interesting I can’t wait until the next day to see what he has in store for me they like to keep lots of Secrets and you’re never find out and don’t go looking for it because that’s scorpio will sting your ass but as long as you don’t make him angry you will love your Scorpio to death every morning he call to check on me and as well as the afternoon and night they want to know where you are what you doing and who you’re with if he feel that you’re lying the game is off most important things with Scorpio man is to be honest they usually know when you’re lying once he has your trust once he has your trust you shouldn’t have to worry about those small things anymore once you start trusting you he was start loving you and once he loves you it is something you don’t want to let go trust me……. just remember those things be patient be truthful and don’t lie and you will have your Scorpio man

    1. I wish this Leo girl I am seeing can see what you in us Scorpio’s but she doesn’t get it cause she doesn’t care I guess I have been so supportive of her and her family every thing in life has its limits and time is clicking

  14. I’m a leo and he’s a scorpio, I mat him about 5mos. Ago and it’s has it’s up’s and down’s but over all we can’t get enoungh of each we are both married to other peoples but thissn is amazing an all ways I know we got a bond that can’t be broken mo time soon and when we see each other it’s like we can’t keep are hands off of each other it’s sex and more sex i’m in love with my scorpio my

    1. Um, what you’re describing is lust/sex. It doesn’t even have anything to do with your signs.

      You’re both married and cheating on someone – LOL There is something wrong with both of you if you think you’ll be together forever. You can’t know eachother that well in 5 months. Again, this relationship you’re speaking of is sex based and not love. Apparently you’re current husband sucks in bed and everyone knows Scorpios don’t suck in bed. So, it’s the sex you “love”. That ‘can’t keep our hands off eachother” thing doesn’t last forever.. you probably had it with your husband at one point too.

  15. Update between me and him. He Cries After our graduation and then after a few weeks of waiting his update on facebook. Naah His r/s status in Facebook is married to wife I Wonder Why He Only Vacation by himself going out with his friends the most ? Gaah. I’m confused

  16. Yeezy taught me

    Scorpio female (23) here. The guy who understands me the best and the only one I’d ever get married with is a Leo (33). We’re not dating tho. We’re like, let me say – friends with benefits. We clearly do feel some things for each other. We have GREAT communication, we respect each other and we do love each other in some way AND sex with him is the best sex I’ve ever had lol. I’m completely against marriage but he’s the one I would marry. I wouldn’t think for a minute if he would propose. We don’t see each other very often cause he works in other country (we do talk daily). Last time I saw him was 2 months ago. I had the best week of my life, and 2 months after that, I’m still smiling every day! No one ever made me this happy for this long! Thank you for being in my life #4. I love you. ☺♥☻

  17. I am a scorpio female aswell and I have been dating my leo man for almost 6 years now. Scorpios are so misunderstood because we contradict ourselves lol. My relationship is so wonderful but at the same time it brings the worst out in me but he is also the only person who can handle me, almost like he reads my mind. I say one thing but he knows I mean another. It is definatley and adventure, everyday is unpredictable. Good communication, a ton of patience, and compromise is what it takes and it isn’t easy to maintain those things between us. We can be good for 2 months at a time and one day can change everything and then we talk about breaking up for the next 2 months. If you loose sight on what is important (each other) then it is a war. We are always having power struggles and are always playing games. I am a very chill person to be around but I am almost bipolar in my relationships w/ a man because I get bored so easily, my lion is the only person who has been able to challenge me and put me in my place, which makes me respect him. At the end of the day I know we both love each other more than we should and are very possessive and even though I have often thought of leaving I don’t even think I could and deep down I never want to.

  18. I’m a Leo Woman inlove with a scorpio male he has a family yet Blahblah happens until we see each our eyes can’t take off each other he has a wife and family yet he is like we are comfortable for each other and i don’t know if we will meet in the future

  19. As a Scorpio female, I think I could handle a Leo male as a partner. After
    all when you are raised by Leos (both parents), you can kind of understand
    their characteristics better, right? :/

  20. I’m a leo woman & currently seeing a scorpio man. We have history that wasn’t so bad. It’s was a physical relationship 8yrs. ago. Never went on dates, and quite frankly I never cared about his dreams, hot momma. He was 32 yrs old good looking, great in bed & that’s all I cared about at that time in my life. I was 20 years old then, with a daughter. We ran into each other recently 28 yrs old now, and two kids later. I’m grown woman, pursing my own dreams & preparing for my kids future. Since we seen each other again, we’ve become inseparable. I had recently came into my hometown for a funeral ( we seen each other & was together until I went home, we spent Christmas Eve, Christmas and he asked what I had planned for NY & I said it would be nice to bring it in with you, but I want to go home, he came & we’ve been going strong).. We talk all the time, he plans to move to my city & he talks about marriage. I’ve never felt so wanted ever.. In my past relationship it’s been the other way around. He doesn’t play games, and he reminds me all the time he’s never been so happy. We communicate like no ones business. I don’t like aruging & neither does he. He loves me & wants to me apart of my life. My kids really like him, but I’m taking it one day at a time. I’ve been hurt, so I’m being cautious. He understands me, and I understand him.

  21. Leo male here. I’ll keep it short as I can. Six years ago, I met a wonderful Scorpio woman. I didn’t even pay attention to the Zodiac.

    What started off as a friendship disappeared and reappeared, before turning into a love affair. Initially, I didn’t believe her feelings for me were genuine. “How could this sharp-witted, ice-hearted woman become so caring?”

    I fell in love with her, and her with me. But it fell apart due to conflict, mind-games, and ultimately, her infidelity. We said our goodbyes and I found another woman, but she was still possessive and hang on, presumably out of fear of losing me.

    On many occasions after this, we planned to spend time with each other, but she flaked every time.

    To this day, in the face of the numerous women I’ve been involved with, I still love this woman. I’ve never known a woman to thaw and attract me so effortlessly; a woman so smart, deep, and insightful. She makes my heart clap with thunder and lightning. I wanted and would still marry her.

    But even though she was the cause of our separation, I feel she never forgave me for trying to move on; I sense it even whenever we talk.

    Now I’m single and she’s newly engaged (to a Scorpio!). If only she knew how much I still love her.

    1. first of all im sorry to hear that she is engaged to someone else. i am a scorpion woman,i have a daughter to a leo who always thinks that im a hardheaded and high temper. i know how much he loves me but he doesnt tell me much. why dont you tell her what u really feel before its too late.i have always been confused with my partner if he feels the same love that i give him which startin to make me gave up on him. now,im thinkin if i will give up on my leo and just entertain my x who is still tryin win me back.

  22. Jillian Samson (Scorpio)

    um…i dont know if this makes a difference but bill and hillary clinton are a female scorpio leo male match…they seem like a pretty powerful match… also i am married to a fantastic leo male, and having a baby in november:) its totally possible lady scorpios dont get discouraged!

  23. Um…i dont know if this is reassuring but Bill (Leo) and Hillary (Scorpio) Clinton seem to be a pretty powerful match… Also I am a female scorpio married and pregnant with a fantastic leo male’s child…:) it is totally possible scorpio ladies dont get dicouraged!

  24. I’m a Scorpio that has been with my Leo wife for 20 years and then some. It has been fun,and it has been crazy,but we both enjoy fun and crazy……..it sounds stupid,but I don’t think we could survive without each other.

  25. I’m here because I’m starting to date a Leo. Interesting and encouraging to read the comments here.

  26. Im a Leo female head over heals about my November born man
    6 kids and 26 years of marriage still in loovvveee!
    Haha we are both very headstrong but we are unstoppable
    He spoils me rotten and vice versa, he isn’t intimadated by me or
    My career… We have always adored each other, and always will

    1. how do you do it? me and my boyfriend (scorpio) are going through this rough period and i dont know how to handle it. he seems like he’s losing interest. how do you keep your romance going? or at least get his attention?

  27. All that seems to be crap. Look at all the posts – some couples are happy, some are breaking up quickly. This is the same for all possible signs combinations. The most important are Feelings, Communication, Ego. A couple which can master in these areas will be happy together, one which can’t will fail. That’s my opinion. Don’t misunderstand, I’m the one who will probably fail, as I know myself.

  28. I am a Scorpio female with strong feelings for a Leo male. We both were instantly attracted to one another, but there were roadblocks, so we hid it well. Presently we’ve talked about our feelings (which seem to match so well) and are at a point where we can discuss being together in the near future. I can be a stubborn Scorpio with trust/commitment issues. Any advice for a scorpio/Leo duo?

  29. My husband is a Leo & I am the Scorpio. We just had our 14 year anniversary and this is good because we met very young I was 17 years old and he was 20 years old, most that start out that young won’t last that long. Our relationship is different from others we know they say relationships or marriages are good for the first few years then down hill from there even if you make to 10 years the relationship is dead. Ours was the other way It was way rocky the first ten years I really don’t know how we made it this far, but I think going through the rocky stuff first getting it all out finding out who we are and what makes us happy now we are more in love than ever and now things are great. We’re open to each other we don’t let it build up, Ive taught him to be more open like me tell the truth it wont hurt me i want to know if i look fat tell me so i can do something about it and i would do the same for him. Taught him not to take what I say to affence but that I love you and telling so you can change it and would expect the same in return. With this our communication has opened new doors for us. We can talk when somethings wrong or bugging us without a fight. I’m one to reverse psychology put the shoe on the other foot type deal or men don’t get it. When one has done wrong we talk about it by saying if I went and did what you just did or say what you just said would you be okay with it, know? then why would you think its okay for you knowing i wouldn’t like it. do you like to fight? i sure don’t so don’t do to me what you wouldn’t want done to you. Puts things in a whole other perspective. We are so very happy.

  30. so over all of what I’ve read about the Leo female and Scorpio male , is that they ARE compatible ? also , what if the Scorpio male is awkward , and acts like a douche with his friends , but when he’s alone , he acts like himself ? a sweet , amazing guy . and the leo female is a free-spirit that doesnt care what people think ?

  31. My wife has made me complete. I, a Leo, she, a Scorpio. We match like no other an been together for 23 head strong years, I’m not leaving her. When we were younger we played a lot of games with each other off an on but when I finally decided to appreciate her we settled and married. We have three beautiful children together, two flowing businesses together and I am a soulful man with a lovely wife by my side to the jungle. Leo an Scorpio together are beyond great, we’re excellent if each would put effort into it, we’re ideal for one another.

    1. Has she spoiled you rotten over the years and you took her for granted and she got tired of the laziness and no appreciation and had to start bringing out the mean Scorpio for you to help out because you where so use to her spoiling you or was that just me and my Leo husband? The Leo sign states Leos are lazy but my husband gives the word a new meaning or I just spoiled him to long and to much. What do I have to look forward for 14 more long years? I found my husband to be unfaithful which it states Leos are Loyal where you like that and grew out of it? If you where was it hard for her to forgive? Its been very hard for me. Never caught him fiscally cheating but flirting, chat sites, girls numbers that to me is cheating he would think the same if i did it but he felt he did nothing wrong. Did you do that kind of stuff. Ive been told Leos just do it to make them feel like they still got it but mean nothing by it does it ever end or does it get worse with age. I’m worried when he gets in his 40’s guy crisis he may do more and get worse and because Ive let him get away with so many times before he’ll keep doing it and get worse what have you been through?

  32. I been in a relationship wit a leo male for 6yrz I’m a Scorpio female , I dont kno how we made it this far.its definitely a battle of power both want to be in control , I’m very jealous, possessive, very blunt and honest and he hates it! There are a lot of trust issues because I keep everything bottled in and he isn’t at all great at communicating and expressing his feelings, he wear his pride on his sleeve and is very selfish. I need to feel protected, secure, trusted and loved. I don’t think he can give me the love I desire or even understand the kind of love I’m asking for . Hes resistant to change and soo am I we both are stubborn . Once again don’t kno how we lasted this long or how to fix it my mind is made up and I just want to let it go but as a revengeful jealous Scorpio I couldn’t & wouldn’t be okay with seeing him in love with someone else!

    1. The same happened with me. We broke up recently after a 5 months relationship. I have the problem of demanding the same amount of love and time that I gave him. But he is a freewill boy, who wants to continue things at the ground level. With time our fight increased, i even tried best to change myself but things got worst with time. And finally we end up being friends, but I still loves him and pray to god that someday or the other he will get back to me. Because I have that power and determination to take him back to me.

  33. I have been dating a leo man for almost 2 yrs now. We have our issues but he always seems to calm me down and make me see the other side of things. We have a long distant relationship and it is taking our toll on our relationship. I have one more year of school left and then i can move but my fear and concern is he has been hurt badly in his past two relationship which have taken a toll on how he views love. Both past relationships got what they wanted from him and cheated then left and he feels no woman can love him now. I have tryed to show him that i am here for the long haul but he still trys to push me away. I just DO NOT know what to do anymore. Im tired of defending our relationship to him. i love him so much but i feel he doesnt believe me. And i have talked to him about it but it doesnt seem like it is helping at all. like he will go back to his old self again. and i dont want to change him i just want him to see how it is hurting me . He says he knows that he has hurt me and that he is sorry but he eventually goes back. The GREAT times definitely out way the BAD. I love him with all my heart. Any advice would be appreciated!!!

    1. @ Gerry My Leo male has been hurt in the past and I don’t think they will ever get over it cause I have the same issue with my male as you do with yours they soo stuck in their old ways so hard for them to let go the past and take a chance on love I’m done defending my relationship, they say a person doesn’t realize what they have until it’s gone so maybe that’s what it will take . You can’t force them to love you and make them see the Gud in you I had to accept that as much as it hurts. I wish you the best but just speaking from experience in my relationship it’s like talkin to a brick wall, they jus don’t get it

  34. I am a scorpio female and had a thing for a Leo man and even told him about it/so. And he never gave me a chance, now I know why….I’m TOO demanding and strong for him! LOL!

  35. I am scorpio man and I am attracted to leo wowman. I was bit aggersive wiht emotioned. She told me to slow down. I did not listen to her. Now there is anckward feeling between the two of. I have to swallow my ego and appollogies to her. So went out have to her. Thats not all about her, but now i am going to try and tone it down. Any advice how to handle this situation

  36. BY THE WAY. a leo will spoil you rotten. but when is that ever a bad thing just always remember to say thank you and use the word appreciate A LOT.
    leos and scorpios also male excellent business partners.

  37. Em & Blin Blin,
    I am a scorpio woman and my fiancé is a leo. He is the most wonderful, hard working man I have ever met. Leo men are very trust worthy. And us scorpio women are as well. I have been with him for 5 years and from the second week of being together i knew we were destined to be married. Yes, we have had our rough patches but i know he will love me even if my entire face was burned off. Never nag a leo. The best was to change/correct one is to hint/suggest and calmly discuss. Sex will always be good but he will be possessive and may prefer you wear a turtle neck and jeans out of the house. It doest take much to impress a leo. My fiancé loves it when I am dressed in jeans white tshirt cowboy boots and VERY LITTLE make up. Out of all my friends i can say we have a very good relationship. he is my bestfriend and when discussing certain topics he is able to see the counter side i dont. ….. Blin Blin all leos have a big ego . they take pride in what they do and love to be “the man” its in them they cant help it. All leos know what love it thats all they want they just dont show it as much as we do.. the best way to talk to them deeply is toliterally hold him by the face softly and talk, crying (i strongly dont suggest unless he WILL NOT listen), or rub hi back. THEY LOVED being touched on thier backs. he will bring the subject of marriage up eventually, but if you dont feel like waiting dont beat around the bush thats what will get them very upset.
    Never the less here is hope. My leo is my soul mate i would never trade him for a Cancer or pieces <3

    1. We need to talk:) Id like to know if we are experiencing the same things or have went through the same things I have with my Leo husband? It would be nice to relate with someone that has gone through similar stuff or going through it and what works for you us being Scorpios. We’re going on 14 years now being married. Our relationship is better than ever now we’ve been through the rocky part. But Id like to know what others are going through with there Leo’s.

  38. I’m scorpio female who have a crush on Leo. I can attract him and there’s no doubt about that. He’s not only respectful person who can guide me, also so dam hot. He like me a lot and take care of me but while we date I can see his huge ego and selfishness evntho hes so generous to me. That make me disappointed sometimes and what I really want is serious relationship which he don’t even believe in “love”. while I google about Leo zodiac sign It’s excetly his character and I try to understand him cus I love him. I want him so badly for my entire life but he seems like not really emotional as Scorpio at all. That’s hurt me so bad. While we hang out most people always stare us cus we are like one of best couple and it’s so outstanding. I want him to believe what is “love” and understand what marriage is … Not just sex u know. How can I make him propose me ;(

  39. Dear Em,
    Juss talk out your differences, be yourself and just don’t be over dominating since we all know Leo’s love to be in control but don’t let him go to far. If you do not like something, approach him about it. If the relationship is not meant to be then it is not but I wish you luck.
    P.S. : I’m a Scorpio woman too. 🙂

    Anyway nice article ScorpioSeason.com

  40. Leo male and Scorpio female can work well because she is feminine and lets her man be a man. Some Scorpio females are intelligent and caring, others are like self absorbed male gangsters in a female body. If you are the best of Scorpio, then you can build a world around any man that you love.

    1. So tru Jess. I’m a scorpio male and my wifey is a leo, and it took some time b4 we got our communication on a awesome level. The leo’s ego makes it difficult at 1st because they don’t know that gangster side u mentioned shouldn’t be ignored because it will come out when a situation presents itself that causes confusion and miscommunication. Growth however, prevailed at the end of the day and now i can build my world around my leo empress because we’ve been through lots of ups and downs which has made our bond stronger and much more meaningful 🙂

  41. Hmm I just started seeing a Leo male and I’m a Scorpio female…is there any chance for us? All I read here is that the Female Leo and Male Scorpio get along better… =\

    1. Hey,
      I’ve been married to a Leo male for 5 years and I’m a Scorpio female (and we have a taurus child :D) I will say this, we have um… our disputes. I am stubborn, I refuse to back down, and he the same. But as said, when it comes down to it, it really doesn’t mean that much, and we both end up giving into each other. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Our relationship is very strong, and I didn’t think it would be since we are both fixed signs, but in my opinion Scorpio F and Leo M or Leo F and Scorpio M it works all the same (When we set out minds to it, it will happen).

      1. i am a scorpio. i know how much my leo man loves me but he is not that open to tell me. we have a daughter. but not married yet cause he works far. i think i always makes the move and effort to say sorry whenever we fight. sometimes im getting tired and felt like he doesnt the feel the same to me like i am to him. there are times that i feel like i want to gave up. pls if not too much to ask tell me advice of how i could work out my relationship like yours to your husband. thank u so much

  42. I just started a new relationship with a Scorpio male he is loving and understanding …. He is also romantic and I hope to have a long life lasting relationship with him

  43. i jus began a relationship with a scorpio male…im nerves and excited to see what happens. He treats me good and i no even better when i start to make him understand im for him and only him. I think Scorpio males that ha gotten hurt tend to jus not trust the next but wen the walls are down they are thee most loyal….i no that for a fact. Me being realistic and determaine Leo female, i will show him im different than any otha chick.

    1. We just started our relationship and this just defines it to the tee! I am the leo, i am a girl…and everything on here is right. We can treat eachother amazing, but at this point we both have walls up and have been hurt in the past so our relationship is starting rocky but I cant end it, something in me says dont give up. I dont know what it is, like this scorpio male has been so stubborn and at times pushes me away. Not super romantic, the way i prefer, but this leo sometimes has high standards. Aside from the dumb little things we have been doing i know on a grand scale we truly care for eachother. it is just hard with trust, its been tested very heavily recently. So my ego is not intent on giving in just yet.

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