Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

Zodiac Sign Cancer

When Cancer and Scorpio come together, the resulting relationship brings together two Signs of great emotional depth. Signs such as these often combine well, each partner’s strengths balancing the other’s weaknesses. These Signs have a strong sexual attraction, and when they are together the temperature in the room tends to rise! Cancer and Scorpio have a great deal in common which will keep their relationship strong.

Cancer and Scorpio enjoy working together toward acquisition and create a comfortable living space: Cancer wants security and Scorpio wants power. Both of these Signs are about domestic goods and resources, including stocks, bonds and inheritances. They are both passionate and deeply emotionally touched by all aspects of life. They complement each other because Cancer and Scorpio are both concerned with the home and both have fierce loyalty to the family group.

The Moon rules Cancer and Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. This combination is very intense, thanks to Pluto’s influence, but it’s a good balance of masculine and feminine energy. The two Signs coming together form the basic foundation of human relationships — The Moon’s nurturing love and Mars’ passion. The Moon and Mars go well together; The Moon is about growth and rebirth, and Mars is about the passion of romance. Scorpio is smoldering and intense, and Cancer is attracted to this intensity; in turn, Scorpio enjoys the adoration inherent in Moon-ruled Cancer.

Cancer and Scorpio are both Water Signs. Both are very deep Signs and like the ocean, you can never really see the bottom. Scorpio and Cancer emotionally draw further and further into themselves, then suddenly roar back with intimidating force. Cancer and Scorpio are strongly loyal to each other, a product of their mutual desire for emotional security. But while Cancer is fixated on the family and home Scorpio is more focused on the undercurrents of life. Scorpio can show Cancer beyond the literal surface, while Cancer can teach Scorpio not to fear their emotions. Additionally, Scorpio appreciates the Cancerian practicality and Cancer enjoys Scorpio’s jealousy it proves that Scorpio really loves and cherishes them.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign and Scorpio is a Fixed Sign. Once they have a common wish, it will be realized due to their efforts. However, if their opinions clash, look out! Cancer will be the first to instigate an argument and Scorpio the last to finish it. It often appears that Cancer will get its own way and be the dominant partner, but that isn’t always the actual conclusion. Sometimes Scorpio won’t even agree to disagree, although they might pretend to give in. Both partners are not beyond using emotional manipulation to get revenge. It’s important for these partners to discuss what is truly important to them so they can reach an equitable compromise. Once Scorpio and Cancer learn to trust one another and believe in each other, they are a pair that can achieve almost anything through sheer determination. The relationship will only fail if the two partners truly cannot overcome their opinionated, stubborn sides.

The best aspect of the Cancer-Scorpio relationship is their powerful teamwork when they agree on their goals. When Cancer realizes that Scorpio is there for the long haul and that the partnership is emotionally productive, this relationship can blossom. Their mutual determination makes theirs a relationship of formidable strength.

42 thoughts on “Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility”

  1. I a scorpio woman have been dating my cancer bf for only 3 mo now. I have been in 3 five year relationships where I have never had the passion or romance I desire or deserve. My bf and I have the the most amazing chemistry. We truly hit it off right away. He gives me the attention and romance I craved. It’s a dream come true. The sex gets better and better. However I think I’m more voiced about my feelings. I know he feels it also but seems to have a hard time voicing it. He shows it and I feel it he just seems reserved in that dept. He likes to start arguments every few weeks then pretend nothing happened. I don’t play that. It’s hard to pretend nothing happened. I’m very opinionated and being a scorpio have no issues speaking my mind. We both are very jealous. He started a argument last night that ended in him saying that I’m using him for sex. That’s ridiculous considering I know he knows I have a deep emotional attachment to him. Seems like he wants to hurt me before I hurt him. That’s what I did in my past relationships. Now the tables have turned. I found the fairytale man but don’t know if I should see how it goes or waste another 5 years. He’s much older than my btw. Will he ever let me in or should I walk at away now? Hes never been married and no kids. I have also i have 3 kids. So alot on the line here. Ive already let him him. Thats not something i do easily. Thanks for the advice greatly appreciated. My face book is Melissa Snyder in Las Vegas. Thanks again.

    1. Make him see that by him not voicing his feelings…he can’t force you to express yours. Guys don’t understand until you switch it up from them doing it to you to You doing it to them. For some strange reason. And I’m not sure about what to do as far as walking away or staying due to the fact that you have kids. In 26 and have no kids and in love with a cancer who is in a legal situation. He doesn’t like saying what he feels even though I can see it in his eyes. But I make him tell me. See us scorpions have a serious power..just use that

  2. Hello all, I too am a Scorpio and I believe that I am falling in love with my cancer male friend. Ugh!!! It’s like a magnet between us. He awakens my senses. I truly can’t get enough of him. We converse about the stars and nature and we love being by the water. I just ended a 10yr high school sweetheart relationship with an Aquarius.. (Can you say emotionless!) My cancer man understood this and he comforted me through it all even when I rejected him and dated a Pisces…(they might not all be like this one but Can you say Stressful.) Long story short…he doesnt know this but I’d take a bullet for him. He makes my heart cut flips and do jumping jacks in my chest and the sexual chemistry is hotter then the earths core. This is cancer is plaguing my mind.

    1. I know what you mean… Agree with what you said about the Pisces relationship, and I am falling head over heel for my Cancer man? That sexual chemistry is so intense… And he is kinda stood by me in terms of giving me comfort when I feel like I am falling apart…

  3. I’m a Scorpio & my husband’s a Cancer. We’ve been together 14 yrs. Every bit of the Scorpio-Cancer compatibility is us! I don’t think I could’ve found a better match <3

  4. I am a Cancer man, with a Scorpio man. I went through many bad relationships, and then, I went on and searched only for Scorpio men. Soon after, I met the kind, Scorpio man of my dreams, and we have been together for four years and were married in Santa Barbara, California, this past year, November, 1, 2013. This is truly a match made in heaven, so much understanding and intuition for each other’s needs and feelings. I know we will be together forever. I wish all of the Scorpios and Cancers out there the best of luck in finding their Cancer or Scorpio mate. Just look at the only Hollywood couples that have gone the distance, Cancer-Scorpio matches.

    1. I am a scorpio man and my husband its a cancer we have been together for almost 14 yrs and u are right we really belong together.

  5. I m a scorpio woman nd my boyfriend is a cancer man..he is in love with me for around 10 yrs nd its 4yrs since i accepted his love..we r so true to each other nd cant live without each other.but my mom says that kettai star and ayilyam star should not get i m always afraid of how to face the prob wen everyone comes to know abt our love affair..pls help me, these stars cant get into married life..can these two stars get married and lead a happy life

  6. I m a scorpio woman nd my boyfriend is a cancer man..he is in love with me for around 10 yrs nd its 4yrs since i accepted his love..we r so true to each other nd cant live without each other.but my mom says that kettai star and ayilyam star should not get i m always afraid of how to face the prob wen everyone comes to know abt our love affair..pls help me, these stars cant get into married life..

  7. @kenzi I’m a Cancer and we can be pretty mean. It’s not just the zodiac signs that brings us together, everyone is diffefent so try another Cancer or a Pisces, we’re (Cancers and Scorpios) compatible with them too.

  8. So glad everyone is reporting great experiences …mine …not so great. I’m a Scorpio, he was a cancer,we are now divorced. He treated me like crap and I just couldn’t take it anymore, from daily insults, cheating, not wanting to be seen in public with me, I will never ever ever ever date a cancer again. Let alone marry one,the experience was that horrible for me that I now immediately eliminate any cancer , yes hats extreme, but I am honestly that traumatized

  9. Well I’m a Cancer and I’ve never been in a relationship with a Scorpio before but I totally want it. I love the whole jealous and possessive side that Scorpios exude. I feel like if I fell for a Scorpio I won’t turn back and I don’t, but it’s fine I’ll wait for that Scorpio guy to come by and knock me off my feet… Can’t wait

  10. I am a cancer and have experienced an incredible emotional attachment to a lady who is a Scorpio. We have either emailed or talked via phone almost daily for a month. The feelings have been supercharged with intensity even though we have never shared a passionate kiss. Due to previous attachments/relationships I fear this Scorpio will soon disappear. I just want her to know that I only care about her happiness and will sacrifice mine for hers. They say if you love someone or some thing then you must set it free. I find the above description of the Cancer-Scorpio Relationship to be both accurate and revealing.

  11. I am a Scorpio and my husband is a Cancer. This December we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary. I totally agree with the information above.

  12. I have been in love with this cancer women for 2 years now. We began as high school sweet hearts now we’re both in college getting our adult lives started and the love between us just gets stronger with every passing day. We both say all the time it’s crazy how something that was supposed to be casual turned into something so much greater than we both imagine. I am a Scorpio and let me tell you I love hard. Sharing my feelings and talking about then isn’t something I’m used to but with her it came easy after we learned to trust one another. I just recently gave her a promise ring and in about 3 to 4 years it will be an engagement ring. I can’t wait to start a wonderous life together. She’s my heart my light my music and my everything. I didn’t know it was possible to be this happy with someone.

  13. I met this amazing cancer man almost a month ago. We talk and text everyday, he tells me when he feels down and I comfort him with kind words. If we don’t see eachother I miss him and I just discovered he misses me as well. We haven’t made anything official as of yet and I guess I’m cool with that, since this is fairly new. But the chemistry we have is remarkable. The sex is great and gets bettere everytime. Of course, me being a scorpio, I am a bit anxious, but something is telling me take my time so that nthing goes wrong. He talks to me about all kind of things from his to the present and I sit and listen. I haven’t shared as much but me being that secretive scorpio will eventually do so. I have never been involved with a cancer before bt I’m realizing that I’ve been missing a real love.

  14. I am a Scorpio woman and in love with a cancer man. Although I’m not really certain that he feels the same way, i can feel the connection we both have and it feels real… Cant really explain it but feels amazing and honestly i don’t see myself with anyone else but him. 🙂

  15. Ok so I’m “involved” with this Cancer guy, I say “involved” b/c currently I don’t know the full status of our relationship and as my fellow Scorpio’s should know, this is driving me CrAzY!!! I want to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth behind what we have. I truly adore him and at times I can tell he feels for me too but I don’t know how deep those waters actually run. He is everything that I think I need and more, self-sufficient, family oriented, amazing work ethic, sexy, smart, funny and is that strong but silent type of guy. The first time we met I told him I was kinda quiet and he told me nothing is wrong with that and that we didn’t have to talk. So we sat there holding each other not saying a word and it was the best conversation I have ever had in my life. LOL!! The sex is fricking amazing best sex I’ve had in a while and every single time it seems to get better. I know as a Scorpio that I tend to fall fast and hard but I don’t want to make him feel like I’m rushing him into anything but I don’t know how much longer I can have this on my chest without spilling the beans. I’ve never really felt this way about somebody other than the father of my child and this is even more passionate and emotion filled than my past relationships and its only been 6 months. I know it’s real because I get that “jealousy” itch when I saw him hug another girl the other day (still investigating that, haven’t gotten to the bottom of who she is )  See!! This is what I’m talking about; this is how I know I care about him! Lord help me! I don’t know what to do at this point, do I tell him or just keep it to myself and don’t say anything until he does?

  16. I’m in love with a Scorpio man, and I’m a Cancer myself. I fell in love with him since the first time I saw him. There was just an instant attraction between us, I can’t describe it. I want him, I want him all the time, it’s like we can never get enough of each other, and I really don’t know why. I love his protectiveness, & the way he gets jealous. Just like it says on the article! It’s definitely on point. That attraction between us, it’s just incredible. We definitely cannot be alone in a room, and the sex OMG. Simply Mind blowing. He’s on my mind all the time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  17. I been in love with a cancer guy for 2 years, a lot of the things I read is so true only because I been through some of these things with him. He’s in college and I don’t get to see him much but he always makes me feel like he’s here with me anyway because he’s always on my mind. When we get into out little arguments I feel like he actually care about me, weird but I know a lot of you Scorpio girls can relate to lol the first year we started talkin there wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t text each other and that never happened between me and another guy, JUST HIM. He makes me think about our future together because I feel like we can make so many chanes in this world together. He’s so special to me that I would wait for next 2 years till he graduates from college to be with him so we can start our careers and be successful together and live happily ever after:)

  18. I have a cancer friend. At first I think our relationship wasn’t go this far, but after I had sex with him, he just had me, my entire soul. Sex with him, I feel like I’m (finally) in love. But unfortunately I already had a Leo bf, and he already had a fiancee. After reading this, I suddenly miss him, want him, need him more than any other man I’ve ever known. And he keeps trying to reach me even while I try to forget him and my feeling for him. It was so hard, and I don’t know what to do now. I don’t know what to do with my relationship with my bf, and what to do with feeling for my cancer man. Sigh 🙁

  19. Hey daniel, i can help you with your Scorpio lady. What happen to cause you to lose her as your woman? Tell me everything, & don’t leave out any details. You can text or call me @ 318-21*-****. I would like to help you

  20. im maddly in love with a scorpio girl and i did date her for a while buts she wont take me back because she thinks us better as ffreinds and i just dont think of her like that if someone someone has advice please message me on facebook at daniel fisher

  21. Love Cancer women, I know one I’m crazy about an amazing Cancer woman but she has a boyfriend and it wouldn’t be right to get destroy a happy relationship.

  22. Crazy stuff haha ive been in love with a scorpio for the past 3yrs and shes the only person ive ever loved..we have broken up on and off because of every reason under the sun and we have yelled and hurt eachother..but i cant live without her it was love at first sight and because of that its impossible for me to see anyone else..i have no doubt in my mind that we will end up together in the fairytale..thats something i never thought id find..

  23. I’ve been in love with my cancer friend for just about 5 years now & for so long I didn’t think he had the same feelings for me. In fact I’m still not sure but with that our friendship is incredible & we’re both overly loyal and supportive of each other. We do just as above states we balance out each other’s lows and always make it a point to be the shoulder the other cries on when going through something difficult. Our friendship was once a sexual one at one point & in some friendships sex can ruin them. But instead it strengthened it & made it more dynamic and empowering. After reading this I have faith that we’ll be together some day if it’s not already too late. I can no longer stand to see him getting his heart broken by females who don’t deserve him the way I do… I guess I’m waiting for him to realize that I deserve him as much as he deserves me.

  24. For the first time in my life, I am involved with a cancer man. The chemistry is unbelievable! And the sex … My god!

  25. By reading this, I see what could have been between my ex boyfriend who is a cancer. He was the first and so far the only male I had developed so much feelings for. I always wonder what was going on in his brain. lol (To know if he felt the same). Even though we did not see each other a lot, It made every time we did special. I was always nervous around him and … being a Scorpio, as you know we are secretive… I opened up to him and told him so much, about me, that I hid from everyone else (no matter how close). I wanted to trust him more… he was so perfect to me. I asked more questions and found out I was not the only one. We broke up because I guess I was not enough, he said. He went out and found someone who could have given him what he wanted. It hurts me more than ever to know that I opened up to him and we no longer speak at all.
    He was so sweet, understanding, oh YES … SEXY and caring and I still have a lot of feelings for him. 🙂

    1. Scorpio/Cancer stuff aside: Fuk him for having someone else in his life that wasn’t you! and fuk him for thinking what you had for him was not enough! It was probably more than enough, he was just undeserving. Never let a man make you feel your not enough. Doesnt matter if his sign is compatible to yours. he comes to you, not the other way around!

  26. This is true. My best friend is a Cancer sign and we have the most amazing connection, she is like my sister. She knows exactly what I’m thinking and visa versa, she’s the only one who can get through the walls I put up around myself. We have been friends for 15 years, I can’t see anyone breaking that connection.

  27. rashawn peterson

    Woooowwww!!!!! Tht was scary…. I am a female scorpio and tht was sooooo on point with me and my husband. It was also an eye opener for me cuz i have alot of those tendices but very much in denial about them.

  28. (she) cancers is the only can open my mouth to speak much emotionally than any other sign this far. And i love it 🙂

  29. The guy i have a crush on is a Cancer. He is sexy, cute, smart, charismatic, and just SEXY. i hope that he’d stop playing games and we’ll workout. sigh

  30. the part where you say “Scorpio appreciates the Cancerian practicality and Cancer enjoys Scorpio’s jealousy it proves that Scorpio really loves and cherishes them.” This is so true

  31. Odessa Grant-Esco

    I have a cancer boyfriend and im so in love with him that it hurts to be apart from him. i never feel like there is enough time together but like it that way. i would give him my second last breath, keeping the last only so i can whisper his name goodbye. we are so much alike in the nature we are with the perfect number of differences. he keeps me from wanting to leaving the world completely and be by myself. slowly he brakes down my walls that all Scorpios have.he makes things that scare me okay, like saying i love you or letting someone know your hurt or sad. i push him away a lot because i want him to leave. he is so smart and deep that i feel so unworthy but i wouldn’t have it any other way because it makes feel so much more special that someone like him could love someone like me. he is my soul mate and at 11:11 on august 9th 2011 i wished that one day we’ll get married so i can be with him forever. he knows how to touch me, but not always when to which i love, and makes me laugh, hes shy but never afraid and i always feel safe when im with him.i don’t fear the future when i put him in it. i hate saying it but he needs to know that i only want him for the rest of my life and that i will never change my mind. it actually pains me to say that i need him because i dont like to need anyone…im a Scorpio…but i need you and ive never been so scared to say anything in my life, and that was it. i love you Daniel Cassar your are the perfect and only cancer for this Scorpio ,forever 🙂

  32. female scorpion

    My crush zodiac is Cancer.. I hope I could be with him someday!! By reading this my feelings towards him are really getting stronger!!

  33. The relationship between a Cancer and a Scorpio is beautiful… when all things work out and there’s complete understanding between each other!!! It’s like a fairy tale if things go smoothly and there’s irresistibility between the two!

    I’m truly in love with a Scorpio and have been in love with him for 5 years. I really do wish to get married to him someday, he’s always been there for me and he makes me feel so happy whenever I’m with him. He’s my baby and sweetheart. I’m a Cancer and just reading this makes my heart melt in the good way! =)

    Hope that all the current/future scorpio & cancer couples will do well together!

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