Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility


When Scorpio and Aquarius come together, it mingles different needs and different philosophies. Scorpio has an emotional intensity with which they face life. Aquarius has an unusual, idealistic worldview. When Scorpio may be more introverted and prefer to be alone with their lover, Aquarius enjoys a night out with friends. They may appear to have few common interests, but these two are both possessed of strong willpower. When they set this force to a common goal, they are assured of success.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius can be incompliant and opinionated. They like things to go as they dictate, with no questions asked. Scorpio is probing, delves deeply into the hidden meaning of things. Aquarius is modern and does not enjoy detail. Scorpio will find Aquarius exciting, yet may feel frustrated trying to penetrate this revolutionary’s mind. Aquarius will not appreciate the possessiveness of a stinging Scorpion or the amount of attention they require, but will find the devotion Scorpio provides to be a great support.

Scorpio is ruled by the Planets Mars and Pluto, and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Mars is a radical, belligerent, aggressive and courageous masculine energy and Pluto enlightens these impulses and adds a rebirthing, cyclical quality. Saturn is a cool, contained energy, and Uranus is about all things different and unusual. Mars is emotional, reacting without thinking things through; such is the nature of Scorpio. For Aquarius, Saturn is about hard work and discipline to achieve goals while Uranus determines thinking ahead. Scorpio will teach Aquarius about life based on emotional impulses and what it means to peak behind the surface. Aquarius can teach Scorpio to be more aloof, to detach themselves from uncontrollable situations and to re-evaluate their goals if they are off course.

Scorpio is a Water Sign and Aquarius is an Air Sign. Aquarius moves through life with pure inventive exploration, while Scorpio is more analytical. Scorpio looks for purpose and Aquarius seeks the stimulating. These partners may find it difficult to understand the other’s origin of thought. This pair may have confrontations if Scorpio is too possessive or if Aquarius seems too cool and flippant and denies Scorpio emotional reassurance. Both partners need to learn that they view the world in different ways and they should celebrate and laugh at their differences.

Scorpio and Aquarius are both Fixed Signs. Both can be rigid, opinionated and unyielding. Both partners tend to persist when laboring toward a goal. If they have a plan, they’ll stick to it until their efforts are rewarded. Once they have made up their minds that they are good mates for each other, they will never be discouraged from maintaining the relationship. But if they have differing ideas, they may find that the Scorpion is the more tenacious, more dogmatic partner who is not beyond emotional manipulation of a loved one. If they each believe in the value of the relationship, they will be able to overcome differences.

The best aspect of the Scorpio-Aquarius relationship is the capacity for success in their synergy. Both Signs have very powerful personalities, so neither will openly dominate the other. Once they can work out their differences, come together and agree on their individual roles within the team, the fruits of this relationship can be fulfilling.

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  1. I have been in a on and off again relationship with an Aquarious for 7 1/2 years. We have a child together and we get along, only problem is I ask questions, and she gets annoyed at me that I wonder about what she does when she hangs out with friends. Once we break up, at first we are down each others throats in war. But then slowly we start to doing the little flirts, tickling, and I look at her and she at me without blinking and our eyes are addicting. Then next thing you know she moves back in and all is back to the way it was a month ago. The two of us have a NO ORDINARY LOVE, and people don’t understand. You would have to be us to understand. It’s fun but hard, and we both spiritually and soulfully are connected as one. The first day we went out by ourselves it was like we haven’t seen each other in a while and we were catching up. Weird but not worth explaining

  2. I would like to join and receive info on November 18th, 1959 Scorpio information. I would like to receive info through my e-mail. Thank you, Deborah

  3. i do too agree that if the couple in the relationship decide they are in love and are ment to be then theres no breaking that… i also agree not all aquarius’ and scorps work out niether… im a scorpio and my fiance is an aquarius and we are very much in love and we have a very loyal, caring, understanding relationship. yes we both are stubborn and have our disagreements but we do come to a common ground. we are best of friends actually… but my ex is also an aquarius and i just knew my heart wasnt all in it and i broke his heart bc he loved me but i didnt love him.

  4. I am an aquarius girl and I love my scorpio boyfriend. We get along like peas in a pod. The first mistake alot of people look at when looking into compatability is that they forget to see if their moon, rising, venus and mars are compatable. In my case I have a pisces moon and he has a cancer moon. I have a pisces rising and he has a scorpio rising. I am a capricorn venus and he is a virgo venus.
    We agree on everything, except for he likes real raw fish in his sushi and I just love sushi so much ill take it with anything in it. He likes to bring home food to me and I like to learn from him. In bed we are the most passionate I have every felt. I am emotionally satisfied on all levels, hes the perfect ammount of intense and loving that I need and I touch him and make him feel loved enough to open up to me and set his fears aside like baggage at the door. He admitted that he is inlove with me and that if he pushes me away its because he is scared, and I love that he is that way, reminds me that when he is ready to set his fears aside that I will have a part of his heart that is closed off to the rest of the world and that makes me feel loved. And I do the same for him, except I am not affraid of being hurt, and well I trust him because I follow my instincts and not my past.
    Its a beautiful thing what me and him have and I wouldnt give it up for anything 🙂

    1. That’s so true that our other planets (moon,venus,mercury,rising) does matter! It’s actually an amazing relationship that’s full of knowledge, love, loyalty, and freedom.

      I’m the Scorpio (11/12) and my husband is the Aquarius (02/12). Our compatibility chart is very passionate, intense, yet nurturing.

      ***My Aquarius husband || Me the Scorpio***
      Rising: Pisces (him). Scorpio (her)
      Moon: Aries. Sagittarius.
      Mercury: Pisces. Scorpio.
      Venus: Aquarius. Libra.
      Mars: Sagittarius. Aries.

      We’ve been together only 5 years with 2 beautiful children. Yes we have differences but I wouldn’t want to go through them with any other person.
      He’s my soul mate and we’re devoted xoxo


      1. I’m dating someone and we actually have the same birthdays as you and your husband… Any helpful advice?

  5. I’m an Aquarius girl and I love Scorpio men! They’re really intriguing, so mysterious… haha. I’ve been in a relationship with my Scorpio boyfriend for a year and 2 months now. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted. We have a lot in common, and our differences always seem to harmonize together. I could see why this match would have a lot of problems, but I think it all depends on how well you communicate with each other. My boyfriend and I resent from getting extremely upset about silly things and rarely ever get into fights or arguments, but when we do, we try to learn from them instead. For example, I’ve learned how to be more understanding and in tune with my emotions. He said he’s learned to be more open minded. We have a lot of fun together, so I’d say don’t knock it ’till you try it. If an Aquarius and Scorpio like each other enough, they’ll make it work. But it could also be the fact I have a Taurus moon, and he’s a Scorpio/Sag cusp (November 20)… my full chart is Aquarius sun, Taurus moon, and Aquarius rising. His is Scorpio/Sag sun, Scorpio moon, and Gemini rising.

  6. Alrighty then.. Well me n my Scorpio husband hav been married for awhile, (4yrz)and we are happy for the most part. You kno all this stuff they say on here is so nt tru! Ok, I’ll tell yu the probs I hav with ths man.. (: he expects me to wait on him hand & foot, he totally believes every negative thing he hears, I believe he lives in his own world completely! Lol(; hes distant alot of the time, and selfish I think becz it’s lik he won’t even hear my point of view wen we’re arguing and he’s extremely jealous! That’s the part I hate becz I feel lik I’m constantly trying to convince him he’s all I want. He twists my words and I catch him in little ass lies all the time!! Damn! Need I say more.. Besides all that, my heart goes out to him. I’ve had a strong desire since day 1 to love him & prove it …so I do. He is thee most sexy,aggressive,clean,strong -desire able man. He’s more the serious type than funny so his smile means alot to me. I just love to watch him cuz he truly is ah super sexy beast!;; all he wants is someOne to treat him right so call me old fashioned but I DO! No lies, jus love :0) good luck! N yu guys shldnt believe everything yu read or hear.. It’s all up to yu!

  7. She’s a Scorpio and she’s fucking amazing. We met at a football game in ’10 and felt the vibe then. We just stared at each other and knew. We didn’t exchange numbers or anything but some months later I managed to find her. Crazy story my best friend wanted to get on Oovoo and chat with some females, but I wasn’t really feeling that beacuase I had no idea what Oovoo was but he called this girl he met and she called her friend and you know who was there? My scorpio lady. She remembered everything about me; my name, the story I was telling, the joke I slid in, everything. I fell in love. We’ve known each other for 3 years now, I went to her prom, she almost went to mine, we’ve been knockin items off our bucket list together, talking about marriage, our moms birthdays are 2 days apart. There isn’t anything not to love about this girl. I, being a Aquarius-Pisces Cusp born on Feb. 17th, even love her possessiveness and how she needs me to be sensitive sometimes. The sex is paradise, our convos last till 5 in the morning, we cuddle when it rains, we’re knocking off things each other’s bucket list. I think the most important thing about our relationship is that we never argue, just communicate.

    1. Omg that sounds like destiny to me. I am an Aquarius girl and just came out of a 4 year relationship with an Aries… But i have been chatting to this Scorpio guy for sometime now. He understands me and we have sooo much in common its like we are the same in almost everyway. EVerything i have read on this page seems so true but i think alot of it depends on your personalities as well.

    2. Wow my ex was February 17th and the whole staring each other down thing we did the same thing when we met. He’s my soulmate and Love of my life we are not together but he’s always in my heart.

  8. I honestly hated being with an Aquarius.
    Although he was nice and caring and really showed me that he loved me, I haven´t felt like we would have anything more in common than the physical side of our relationship.
    After three weeks of being together I told him that it was over as he didn´t gave me my personal space that I need and drained all energy from me.
    As after being with him I felt like a lifeless zombie and I always so tired of the relationship.
    Now I´m happily dating a leo and would not want to come back to an aquarius at all.

  9. I am with an aquarius. Love him to death. But dont know if it will work out though. He have been, and still is, a player to a count, flirting with others, dont see the thing about cheating as bad, as long as it is not done in real life. He do cheat online though, and that hurt.
    I am the one hurting, because he dont care. He say:Sorry you feel that way”…but why not stop making me feel that way?

    Beside that he is the most wonderful man, a bully, but still. He is not willing to cuddle, or hug, or kiss, or give compliments….to me. I guess he will continue doing it to others though.

    I am going to make him chose. I am too old for this bs. If he want to be with me, he need to stop with the others. If he dont, I am gone. After all, we are grandparents, and I am a hugger, a cuddler, and need that intimacy, but he dont.

    Maybe that is why these two signs dont really go together? I never really believed in it, but hey…..I am a believer!!!

    1. I once knew this girl or what I thought I knew about her. Says she was a street thug, been through some hard times, willing to make a change. So I helped her pass junior year in HS did so much for her to have a second chance no one would give her. My only thanks was laughter and insults about what a desperate person I was just to call her my confidant. Sure I did lightly jab her on her arm; whimpered she did then, I see all she is was a girl lose in her many stories to impress others.

      We sometimes see each other exchange looks then walk on by. I thought she was the one to change my view about Aquarius people but she only further my belief that an Aquarius are all too free minded, needing the spotlight, but they are generous people through materialistic means, do not expect what they say is concrete, their words are formless like their element.

  10. I’m actually in a relationship with an Aquarius right now and everything seems to be going amazing. We’ve both learned to understand one another and now nothing and no one can tear us apart. We are literally inseparable. He used to be the player/cheating type but ever since I came along that has changed and it shows. I trust him with my eyes closed and I have never gotten bored of him sexually either.

    Remember, it might just work so give it a chance.


  11. dated an aquaris for 5 years (through high school into college) we separated because his free spirit couldnt be dampened by my need for intimacy long distance. He still tries to re kindle what we had. BEST sex of my life.

    I am currently married to another Aquaris. been together 6 years. We work mostly because he is ok to let me take lead. I do not attempt to dominate him in front of anyone and I trust him completely. I do get bored from time to time sexually- but then I remember how great every other aspect of our lives together are and I let it go.

    Never been seriously attracted to another sign.

  12. Aquarius and Scorpio does not work out no no way Ive been with this Aquarius for 7yrs too long waste of time, energy and everything else

  13. My first love was with an Aquarius Man. We broke up in 2006 and messed around til 2009. Because of I guess his freesprit and being a liar and cheater, we came to an end. I have not been with anyone else since him.

  14. It just doesn’t work out, mister. It just doesn’t work out. I too had a crush on an Aquarius for quite a long time and once us scorpio love somebody, we lost the power to understand them. we are too concious of our own emotion.

    This article is awesome. Very very accurate. I love that. Remind me of how I would never get to be with her in every fucking way. It’s true we could get together if we decide we’re the mates we want. But I’m not who she wants, so forget it. Just forget it.

  15. I have dated and been married to anAquarius woman who left me for no reason that she can tell me even to this day. We still talk to one another and have sex rarely but do have it, not enough for me. But she calls me daily but when we spend time together she goes to sleep. I like her but don’t know what to do with her. I was born the year of the tiger,she was born the year of the snake. She has no kids, I have two daughters ,bothare over 33 years of age and one grandson.We are both retired and now just watch TV. where did i go wrong with her? I have know her since we where kids. I left and went to Vietnam. She was a part time lover to a guy i knew that got married and kept her on the side. We did not meet back to become lovers until 1986. I don’t get angery with her nor her at me we just are missing something I don’t know what! We both have out own homes,and cars. I just don’t know.

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