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Origin of Scorpio

Scorpio Stars

The sign of Scorpio stems from the Tale of Orion. Orion was the son of Poseidon and Euryale. He would hunt every night with the Greek goddess of hunting, Artemis who ultimately fell in love with the handsome hunter. Artemis’ twin brother Apollo became angry with Orion for loving his sister so he went to his mother Hera and asked her to send a scorpion (Scorpio) to kill Orion. Hera obliged and the Scorpion stung and killed great Orion. Artemis vowed never to love again and weeping asked her Father Zeus lord of the skies to put a constellation in the sky for her beloved Orion. And so he did, he not only gave a constellation to Orion but also to his killer Scorpio. That way Artemis could always see her love amongst the stars while she hunted.

Scorpio Sign Facts

Here are basic facts about the zodiac sign Scorpio:

Scorpio Basic Facts
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Ruling Planets: Pluto and Mars
  • House: Eighth
  • Birthstone: Topaz
  • Color: Black, Red, Gray
  • Mode: Feeling
  • Motto: I Control
  • Body Areas: Nose, genitals, blood, urethra, bladder

Scorpio Lucky Charms

General good luck charms for those born under the sign Scorpio.

  • Lucky Day: Tuesday
  • Lucky Numbers: 3 and 5
  • Lucky Color: Dark red
  • Best Locations for Success: near water

Scorpio Stones

  • Black pearl: for calm in troubled times
  • Carnelian: to keep your feet on the ground
  • Garnet: to balance sexual drives
  • Ruby: for inner faith and courage needed to face the world

Scorpio Positive (+) Characteristics

Everybody has a good and bad side, here are some of Scorpio’s good qualities:

Scorpio Positive Characteristics
  • Loyal
  • Passionate
  • Resourceful
  • Observant
  • Dynamic
  • Intense
  • Magnetic
  • Honorable
  • Thorough
  • Seductive
  • Determined
  • Protective

Scorpio Negative (-) Characteristics

Nobody is perfect! Here are some of Scorpio’s negative qualities:

Scorpio Negative Characteristics
  • Stubborn
  • Secretive
  • Obsessive
  • Jealous
  • Manipulative
  • Suspicious
  • Unyielding
  • Aggressive
  • Moody
  • Quick-tempered

This is just a basic introduction to the zodiac sign Scorpio. Browse the site for more detailed information on Scorpios.

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73 thoughts on “Scorpio Basics”

  1. I have my sun and moon in Scorpio lol definitely can check off all the negative trait list, but as I’ve grown spiritually and grown more conscious of my thoughts and emotions, I don’t let these negative traits get the best of me anymore. Yay scorps

  2. I am a Scorpio 11/17/88 , Libra moon. My emotions are sometimes overwhelming & I feel pulled in many direction ( poor description). Is this because my sun & moon are so contradicting ? JW

  3. I’m a SCORPIO.sun/TAURUS.moon &(ROOSTER) I’ve removed JEALOUSY, GREED & Character Assasinating from my life since 1993.I believe I’m on a different level in this life & Anger is best CONTROLED & Aliens are our distant relatives.& we MAN has been here since the of creation, we have been evolving for 4.6 billion yrs.. Death is just a process or our evolution. We keep coming back.. each individual have their own “SEASON THE we die, like each blade of grass keeps coming back since the 3rd day of its creation & each year it dies.Man is much more complicated than grass, we have CHOICE! & of course, we are created in the image & likeness of a GOD!& We have dominion over the entire EARTH. I work each day to being the best & I pray for the rest! & YES! We came from HEAVEN. (above) I only work in FACTS! ~THE REALIST~

    1. hey, you say and speak like angels. Do not be like this or you know what is to get crucified. ok clear? is it?

  4. so many lizards roaring like leos and butting their heads like aries. this is why other signs scorn us.

  5. skyler aka big daddy CAP

    IM a cap dec 30 , go lebron figure it out .. i love scorpio i have a daughter with one .. def felt the sting but still my girl ROD ride or die love my whiney bitch boo .. she gave me a beautiful lil cap jan 15 go mlk jr. figure it out .. if she wasnt my irresistable lil bitch boo id a killed her by now πŸ™‚

  6. November 6 1973
    aww man I love me I love being a scorpio and all that It entails.
    we run the world in many different ways . best believe we are last man standing
    we know who exactly are front man is (shake ya mane Leo)
    and we fine lettin you stand there an look pretty.
    one thing is for sure we see bullshit a mile away
    and can tell your fake before you open your mouth.
    I love sex but it’s the eroticism that will have me way over
    the top.
    my motto ” it either is, or it isn’t , it’s just that simple”
    “go hard or go home”
    I’m in the process of rebirth right I’ve got some changes
    taken place as a chapter has ended a new one is being written
    ain’t nothin better to watch heads turn when I enter a room.
    conceited = yes I am
    peace love and don’t fuck wit me,seriously
    all said with a smile.

    1. Kim,
      I couldn’t have said it better myself!
      I am a Nov 6, 1974 Scorpio with a Scorpio Sun & Leo Moon like Julia Roberts, Maria Shriver & Gabrielle Union. I always say Scorpio’s make the world go round-Standing on the front lines all day every day! It’s nice to hear a fellow Scorpio who feels the same πŸ™‚

  7. I was born Cynthia Ann Totty at 3:27am on November 1st ,1962. I am also very proud of the fa
    ct that I am a Scorpio.
    Everything they say about us is so true or at least in my case it is! Love being a Scorpio!!

    1. I’m Nov. 1st, 1974. I love being a Scorpio as well. Also born year of the Tiger and on All Saint’s Day!

  8. A Sting in the Tail

    Very much like me, I have to admit. Didn’t know about the judgmental concept, something I mastered a long time ago without even realising.

  9. the moon signs only exemplify scorpio’s unconscious side and actually tend to be more crazy and uncontrolled than scorpio sun signs virgos always see structure but are more architects than players in the worlds drama leo we just like to let you be at the front so when when the shit hits we duck and hide and you get it all lol oh and so you can get all the annoying attention and we get our information thanks for being the puppet

  10. My b’day is on Oct 27 and I’m 150% PROUD TO BE A SCORPIO!!! This site is totally awesome

  11. I’m a Scorpio Moon and I agree that we are more Scorpio than the sun sign scorpios. It’ll be hard for sun signs folks to digest for a while but im sure Scorpio moon folks know what im talking about. I’m a Capricorn sun and Scorpio moon and im

  12. I am virgo sun / scorpio moon. It sucked until I found true meaning of Nature/God in vegan way and heart of hearts communication. And compassion and tiny house movement / live on boat type of freedom from materialism loving crowd πŸ™‚

  13. Actually Scorpio Moons actually exhibit more “typical Scorpion” traits than that of a Scorpio Sun. As you know, Scorpio is an emotional water sign and those attributes and traits are readily more powerful and exemplified in Scorpio Moons as the moon dictates, dominates and governs your emotional state. A Scorpio Sun native isn’t a push over by any means but a Scorpio Moon native WILL be your worst enemy if given a reason to be such.

    1. Then I guess we can both agree that there is a difference between being a sun scorpio and a moon one and also a difference in their traits.

    2. You obviously never confronted the sun in Scorpio. I am a scorpion in the high noon sun. I can tread paths that emotion can only guide you to not through. I have seen and felt deaths touch myself for I was born that way. I have destroyed myself and rebuilt myself time and time again. Looking for the biggest question of all…. What is my purpose? Scorpio sun signs are controlled observers. Evaluating and weighing every aspect of any situation. You are a fool to think the moon is better than which keeps all the ruling planets on corse. But, regardless the difference. The combination of the two is unstoppable if enlightenment is reached. After all we are scorpios. We bring to life the unimaginable.

      1. Amen. I too have been to the depths of hell and have risen time and time again. Being a Scorpio has given me the courage to move up and on. I’m trying so hard to reach our highest evolved state, the Phoenix. Just as a constant reminder, I’m getting it tattooed on my thigh.

  14. Scorpios are angry, jealous, vindictive people, full of inner turmoil. They will never rule the world because they can’t seem to master themselves. I’m a Leo sun and a Scorpio moon and I really do love my Scorpio traits (psychic, mysterious aura, deep, dark eye) from my moon sign, that sign has many negatives. Not only that, Leo’s will always rule the world:) It is the mightiest sign of the zodiac.

    1. Your scorpio moon is cool. But you need to have a scorpio sun to even be in this discussion.

      I’ve got a virgo moon you don’t see me reading on Virgo. I know what it is, but thats it.

    2. I personally think that having a scorpio moon has nothing to do with being a true scorpio, unless you have a scorpio sun as well. And you’ve spoken like a typical leo. Leos don’t rule over anyone, not scorpios not even sagittarius or aries and definitely not aquarius or capricorn but they like to think that they do. It seems like it makes them happy or something.

    3. You will not πŸ™‚ You might have some fun for some time but its the virgos who make the systems and paths operational, especially the cute ones like me who are also scorpio moons ( meaning that once i loose it in typical scorpio way, I loose it bad, since my virgo side will make sure of that πŸ™‚ ) and kumbaya spirit will rule the world like it once was. This is why people turn to vegan compassionate ways, use more free/libre/opensource software like Android Linux or Ubuntu Linux for desktops… or Libre Office a dropin replacement for Microsoft office πŸ™‚

      We are the borg of compassion and love. Your willing to rule the world will be assimilated πŸ˜›

    4. Go fuck yourself you low-life degenerate leo fuck faces pieces of shit, Scorpio rules the Zodiac Signature.

  15. Im a Scorpio through and through. November 13 1968. I also tend to be my own worst enemy. A great freind, neighbor, brother, co-worker. But if my generousity is being taken advantage of,…..well, I become terrible! Probably why I live alone! HA-HA! God, I love being a Scorpio!

    1. I’m with you there bro, born a week after you on the 20th nove 68.
      exactly the same, its uncanny

  16. im a scorpio born october 30 1989 which puts me in the year of the snake which is 2013 year of the water snake right? i feel as if i have uncontrolable amounts of potential inside me and it feels like im about to explode with change and i reallybelieve i am on this planet to do something big, really big. and i believe i can, up until now ive been the quiet one in the group, never know what to say just listen and take it all in i feel like im about to finally come out and shine, can anyone help me on where i can find info on my exact birthdate

  17. Time to rule for sure. If we all came together it would be easy, but the bloodbath for the throne would be horrible.

  18. To bad nobody in here seems to see the scorpio’s weakness, not only are most of us short tempered, we are so sure about our knowledge of people that we can’t handle it when peope act out of the ordinary. even though we have great minds, can see straight trough lies, our lightning fast mood changes immobilizes the scorpio. ofcourse being a scopio is awesome, some times I feel like the scorpio’s powers are more like super powers. but that makes our weaknesses greater to.

  19. This has confirmed my faith in the “bigger picture” and in the cosmos in motion. Astrology (the stars) hold your destiny but you have the power to change it by communication. I’ve risen from the ashes and I hope to bring the world into this higher state of existence so that they might see the beauty of it all. Thank you for this website.

  20. We want the world in our hands only to give it right back to the people because we are selfless. Search what sign is more likely to jump on a grenade and see what you find. We want no recognition cause we prefer behind the scenes. We are erotic and sexual because we are a from the age of chivalry. We call a spade a spade and hate when people sugar coat things. Only sign to chase the demon in a nightmare instead of running. The hate you receive from people is because people hate the good traits you display. We’ll fight literally to the death. Scorpios get ready to to step up because the world is on a path that needs people who aren’t afraid to see how bad things really are. But it’s up to us to make it for the better and avoid the extreme part of our nature. Others watch out cause scorpio zone is here. And I’ll break your cheek bone if come at me wrong. Later scorp soldiers

    1. I whole heartedly agree ScorpionKing on every single word written!
      Scorpio’s stand on the front lines all day every day! Wish I knew you in person, we would get along great! πŸ™‚
      Scorpio Soldier signing off :)♏️

  21. People are so stupidly ignorant and jealous of ‘Us, they abuse the ‘great things we do for them. Mankind has needed our ‘help since the Beginning, but they push us to the End. Then, what are they left with? I’m a Scorpio and I’m Proud. November 1st-11:26 am Born. Most of my Life, people have stomped on me and judged Me, for just Being Me. They are the Ones, that Lose….sorry Envies. Respect what was Lent to You, to Help You. Disrespect it…..then it’s a whole different ballgame, One where You lose….not Us. Hats off to the site;)

  22. November 20 is my birthday.Totally knew nothing to do with Scorpio Γ’β‚¬β€œ Sagitarrius cusp.Thanks to this site…now i know. It’s unbelievable they way everything here is soooo me!!!!! Love it.:-)

  23. This scorpio is loving this site. I wish I’d found it sooner. November 21 here… Scorpio – Sagitarrius cusp.

  24. Indeed. Scorpios are all about the passion, be it in love, or in war. We don’t tend to do things half-assed; either we’re in it to win it, or we just don’t care.

    The bigger the stakes, the more we like it.

    1. We ARE so passionate about EVERYTHING we do! Sometimes it exhausts me emotionally. We see everything in black and white. It is or isn’t. Where’s all my birthday twins at? Nov. 6 th!

  25. Scorpio: Your BEST of Best Friends; Your Absolute Worst Nightmare of an ENEMY.

    Its much better to LOVE Us Than Cross Us….

  26. The above says it all about me…We Scorpios, We create, and We conquer ALL!!

    We are the mighty sign of all the zodiac signs…Opppssss “Don’t Argue”…lol

  27. I am proud to be a Scorpio an absolute powerhouse sign hands down. I greatly appreciate this site for the in depth description. Gives me insight to my being and to who I am an my abilities to overcome and to triumph .

  28. meh. i always have the feeling that scorpios are reduced to sex. right now i couldnt care less about that. i want an emotional depth and not just bodies working. other than that i am a very typical scorpio woman.

    1. zachary kaufhold

      It is not our fate to rule this world, but guide it. We are on a path of destruction and chaos. However where other signs fear and hide from this we try to understand it. Therefor it is up to us to lead the world back to the path it needs to be on and bring humanity to the next stage of evaluation.

      1. I agree with you, Zachary. I think you meant “evolution”, but quite possibly, we, humans, are being evaluated for mass ascension. Consciousness is rising. People are waking up. Some believe too little, too late. I believe time is a well constructed illusion, necessary for the implementation of this holographic 3D perception/reflection-based experience we call life. And when we are ready… when we all finally realize that we are living in the now, not grieving and longing for the past or desiring and afraid of the future… When we truly surrender to the present moment with no attachment to time or form or identity or fear, then we shall know what being and what love are. One in the same. Word.

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