October 26 Scorpios

Sign: 1 – 4° Scorpio
Type: Scorpio I
Number: 8 (2+6)
Planet: Saturn + Mars / Pluto
Tarot: 8th card of Major Arcana, Strength (or Courage)

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Gem: Chrysolite – clears mind of sadness and worry
Symbol: Wings – you’re the source of balance in your world
Star: Al Shaula – to avoid cruelty
Angel: Ambriel – governs travel, creates love and communication
Guardian Angel: Seraphim – brings love, light, and passion
Stone: Chalcedon – helps with long trips, especially by car

Astral Color: Black – protection, birth, beginnings
Color Need: Red – energy and stamina
Apparel Color: Wine – gives energy
Fragrance: Cinnabar
Health Scent: Almond – revitalizes you

Lucky Numbers: 2, 4
Best Months: January, July
Best Day of the Week: Tuesday
Best Month Days: 4, 5, 23
Lucky Charm: Red ribbon in wallet or doorway

Flower: Larch
Tree: Pine – your relationships are harmonious
Bird: Bobolink – elegant, romantic, musical

The Day of Organizational Cohesion


October 26 Scorpios take on more burdens than they could carry. They are understanding of others but fail miserabily to see the amount of pressure they place on themselves. October 26 Scorpios are natural leaders even though they may not realize it until they notice people have been following them all along. They tend to think romance is boring and may delay looking for the right potential mate until all of the good ones are taken. October 26 people have excellent mechanical and physical capabilities and are very meticulous in nature.

Potential careers: executive chef, hotel manager, head of securities

Strengths: group conscious, financially astute, organized
Weaknesses: dour, repressive, rigid

Most compatible with: Cancer and Pisces

Saturn represents responsibility and a tendency towards caution.

Positive traits: charisma, determination to succeed
Negative traits: complacency, misuse of power

October 26 Famous Birthdays

  • Francois Mitterand: French president
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton: Secretary of State, Senator, First Lady
  • Mohammed Reza Pahlavi: Shah of Iran
  • George Jacques Danton: French Revolution leader
  • Mahalia Jackson: singer
  • Jackie Coogan: child actor
  • Domenico Scarlatti: composer
  • Sid Gillman: NFL coach
  • Bob Hoskins: actor
  • Lu Jia Xi: scientist
  • Margaret Hagood: statistician
  • Cardinal John Joseph Krol: Roman Catholic Church leader
  • John S. Knight: publisher, newspaper magnate
  • Nelson Pereira Dos Santos: director
  • Don Siegel: director
  • Charlie Barnett: musician
  • Jaclyn Smith: actress
  • Beryl Markham: pilot
  • Francois Dupuis: astronomer
  • Pat Sajak: TV personality

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