October 25 Scorpios

Sign: 1 – 3° Scorpio
Type: Libra-Scorpio Cusp
Number: 7 (2+5)
Planet: Neptune + Venus + Mars / Pluto
Tarot: 7th card of Major Arcana, The Chariot

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Gem: Agate – health, long life
Symbol: Heart – enthusiastic, empathetic, full of love
Star: Al Kalb – you are often delightful
Angel: Ambriel – governs travel, creates love and communication
Guardian Angel: Raphael – helpful when looking for guidance
Stone: Chalcedon – helps with long trips, especially by car

Astral Color: Black – protection, birth, beginnings
Color Need: Red – energy and stamina
Apparel Color: Green – power, overcoming obstacles
Fragrance: Cinnabar
Health Scent: Jasmine – makes you easygoing when stressed

Lucky Numbers: 2, 4
Best Months: January, July
Best Day of the Week: Tuesday
Best Month Days: 6, 15, 24
Lucky Charm: old key

Flower: Indian Pink
Tree: Sycamore – you love, communicate honestly
Bird: Skylark – handsome, musical

The Day of Substantive Form

October 25 Scorpios tend to live in their head, but need to take action since they can be successful in extraordinary ways. They have a passive aggressive personality and try to dominate in all circumstances. October 25 Scorpios are fine problem solvers with great ideas, opinions, and advice that could be useful in any career field. They will make good parents and do very well with children.

Potential careers: lecturer, military commander, highly specialized physician

Strengths: physical, substantial, dependable
Weaknesses: overbearing, intolerant, complacent

Most compatible with: Cancer and Pisces

Numerology: 7
Enjoy change and travel

Neptune and Venus brings about grace and imagination

Positive traits: success, talent, efficiency
Negative traits: dictatorial attitude, poor sense of direction

October 25 Famous Birthdays

  • Pablo Picasso: artist
  • Richard E Byrd: explorer
  • Georges Bizet: composer
  • Johann Strauss, Jr: composer
  • Dan Gable: US Olympic gold medal winning wrestler
  • Midori: violinist
  • Abel Gance: director
  • Galina Vishnevskaya: soprano
  • Kornelia Ender: swimmer
  • Bob Knight: Olympic basketball coach
  • Klaus Barbie: Nazi SS leader
  • Helen Reddy: singer, song writer
  • Jimmy Heath: musician
  • Henry Steele Commager: historian
  • Harold Brodkey: writer
  • Dave Cowens: NBA player, coach
  • Lee McPhail: AL baseball president
  • Bobby Brown: cardiologist, AL president
  • Jack Kent Cooke: NFL NBA NHL team owner
  • Lord Macauley: politician

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