October 24 Scorpios

Sign: 0 – 2° Scorpio
Type: Libra-Scorpio Cusp
Number: 6 (2+4)
Planet: Venus + Mars / Pluto
Tarot: 6th card of Major Arcana, The Lovers

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Gem: Topaz – loyalty
Symbol: Triangle – you have the right combination of abilities
Star: Al Kalb – you are often delightful
Angel: Ambriel – governs travel, creates love and communication
Guardian Angel: Michael – “Who is like God”
Stone: Chalcedony – helps with long trips, especially by car

Astral Color: Crimson – reflects ability to nurture
Color Need: Yellow – gives stimulation and exhilaration
Apparel Color: Rose – balance and harmony
Fragrance: Cinnabar
Health Scent: Orange Blossom – balance body, mind, soul

Lucky Numbers: 2, 4
Best Months: January, July
Best Day of the Week: Tuesday
Best Month Days: 4, 5, 23
Lucky Charm: religions token or religious card

Flower: Plane
Tree: Palm – you are very healthy and creative
Bird: Goldfinch – gentle, exquisite

The Day of Sensational Detail


October 24 Scorpios go through more emotions in an hour than most people experience in a lifetime. They have a suspicious nature and have natural artistic talents. October 24 Scorpios are cynical and skeptical. Their independent nature fools others into believing that they are not as needy as they are. October 24 people are lucky with money and despite their cynicism, are actually very caring people.

Potential careers: law enforcement, auditing, insurance investigation, artist, entertainer

Strengths: magnetic, perfectionist, dramatic
Weaknesses: jealous, claiming, overstressed

Most compatible with: Cancer and Pisces

Numerology: 6
Magnetic in attracting love and admiration

Venus represents social interaction

Positive traits: affections and desires on a high moral, aesthetic and physical plane
Negative traits: propensity for unfulfilled desires, sentimentality, and indecisiveness

October 24 Famous Birthdays

  • Antonie von Leeuwenhoek: microscope inventor, biologist
  • Pierre-Gilles de Gennes: Nobel Prize winning physicist
  • Kevin Kline: actor
  • F Murray Abraham: actor
  • Karlfried Graf Durckheim: philosopher, writer
  • Dame Sybil Thorndike: actress
  • Bill Wyman: Rolling Stones bassist
  • Merian Cooper: director
  • Moss Hart: Pulitzer Prize winning playwright
  • Sonny Terry: blues player
  • Luciano Berio: composer
  • Y.A. Tittle: NFL Football quarterback
  • Juan Marichal: MLB pitcher
  • Marshall Goldberg: Football halfback
  • Victoria Ena: Scottish-born Spanish queen
  • Rafael Trujillo: Dominican soldier and dictator
  • The Big Bopper: Rock & Roll singer
  • Tito Gobbi: Opera singer
  • Cheryl Studer: soprano

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