October 23 Scorpios

Sign: 29° Libra – 1° Scorpio
Type: Libra-Scorpio Cusp
Number: 5 (2+3)
Planet: Mercury + Venus + Mars / Pluto
Tarot: 5th card of Major Arcana, the Hierophant

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Gem: Sardius – gives insights into own heart
Symbol: Triangle – you have the right combination of abilities
Star: Al Icliel – star of those who easily submit to authority
Angel: Zuriel – lends power to find balance when we need it
Guardian Angel: Plavwell – gives power and strength to presence
Spiritual Stone: Sapphire – serenity and prosperity

Astral Color: Crimson – reflects ability to nurture
Color Need: Yellow – gives stimulation and exhilaration
Apparel Color: Brown – stability
Fragrance: Cinnabar
Health Scent: Peach – balances good qualities

Lucky Numbers: 6, 9
Best Months: August, December
Best Day of the Week: Friday
Best Month Days: 4, 5, 23
Lucky Charm: a pen someone else has used

Flower: Polyanthus
Tree: Apple – you are creative and bring happiness
Bird: Flamingo – beautiful, caretaker

The Day of Conflicting Karma


October 23 Scorpios are compassionate and have no problem showing it. They love adventure and crave constant stimulation and expect to live an exciting adventure every day. In relationships, October 23 Scorpios need someone who understands their thrill seeking needs. Their patience, kindness, and intelligence will give October 23 people many opportunities to succeed. One potential problem is that their love of challenging and new experiences can distract them from their goals.

Potential careers: philosopher, chef, investigator, graphic artist, troubleshooter.

Strengths: energetic, quick, passionate
Weaknesses: undiplomatic, possessive, excitable

Most compatible with: Aquarius and Gemini

Numerology: 5

Mercury represents quickness of thought and change

Positive traits: self assuredness and insight
Negative traits: moralizing, bombast, dogmatism

October 23 Famous Birthdays

  • Pele: Brazilan soccer legend
  • Gertrude Ederle: US triple gold medal winning swimmer
  • Michael Crichton: novelist, film director
  • Johnny Carson: TV host
  • Frieda FrommReichmann: psychotherapist
  • Frank Rizzo: mayor, police chief
  • John Heinz: US senator
  • Pierre Larousse: encyclopedia founder
  • Clarence W Lillehei: surgeon, open heart surgery pioneer
  • Emily Kimbrough: writer
  • Philip Kaufman: film director
  • Edward Kienholz: artist
  • Diana Dors: actress
  • Jennie Lee: actress
  • Marshal Andoche Junot: French Army commander
  • Dough Flutie: quarterback
  • Harry Tracy: murderer
  • Ilya Frank: Soviet physicist
  • Wilhelm Leibl: artist
  • Richard Mortenson: painter

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