Astrosexologist Kiki T., author of “The Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook: Astrological Tips for Satisfying Seduction and Ultimate Love” was a guest on the Tyra Show today and she had interesting things to say about zodiac signs that were most likely to cheat and or be faithful. For those who can’t watch the video above I will summarize below…

Every sign has the proclivity to cheat because if they are unhappy they can act out in certain ways. But some signs can be lured into cheating a little easier in comparison to other signs. The two culprits? Gemini and Pisces. Kiki explained that they are “fun time” people, people who like to have fun and can easily switch into a dual role without remembering their old life and that is why cheating tends to be a little bit easier for them in comparison to the rest of the other signs. Gemini and Pisces can juggle two different lives and be fine with it.

Pisces in general are dreamers and are romantic. They can flip into the “other world” and justify their cheating behavior by believing that they can cheat with someone else because they don’t love him/her as much as he or she loves you.

Sometimes people question Aquarian’s motives. A guest was worried about her new Aquarius boyfriend who still spoke to his ex-girlfriend. Kiki explained it was okay because Aquarius is the sign of Friendship; they always try to stay friends with their ex-girlfriends/boyfriends. It is ultimately up to the Aquarius’ significant other to trust their mate.

Virgo is a committed sign as they like to work on “one project at a time”. This applies to relationships as well as they will focus on building a long lasting relationship.

When asked what the most faithful signs were Kiki’s first response was “Scorpios are very loyal”. Leo is a sign of loyalty as well and so are Taurus and Aquarius, which are all of the Fixed signs. Kiki explained that once fixed signs get into something they are very stubborn so they will stay in their place when it comes to relationships.

Tyra asked which signs are great in bed. Once again, the first sign mentioned was that of the Scorpion… “Scorpio is the sign of sex”, but she added that if you like something a little more gentle then maybe a Cancer could be more your speed. For spontaneity and excitement, she recommended Sagittarius.

14 thoughts on “Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Cheat / Be Faithful

  1. I’m an Aquarius with Moon / Pluto in Scorpio and Taurus Rising. For some reason I have rotten luck with love. I always get cheated on and dumped. I have never cheated and am faithful in a relationship to the point where I won’t even think about flirting with other girls, but when i’m single i’ll flirt and play around alot. I once had a threesome with two girls at a party. I do love parties, haha. Every Scorpio i’ve known has been faithful. I had a Sagittarius ex that cheated on me with girls and guys. I had another Sagittarius ex that dumped me when I was being reclusive and detached. My Leo ex left because she fell for another man. Both of my Pisces exes also fell for other men while with me. Perhaps people can’t handle how eccentric and dark I am once they get to know me? I don’t even like how dark I am, socializing helps me to have fun and get away from my dark inner world. I still dream of true love. Peace and love, my friends.

  2. with me being a scorpio i have high intensity with every situation/feeling. I tend to do a weening process to work out the big picture and the outcome. I am so intent if dealing with injustice. I do not use my sting only when injustice has been done. I would not want any harm to come to any of my friends/encounters. We are all only human and deal with situations the best way we can. All i can say is live for the moment and enjoy life on a day by day basis

  3. I would say sags (which I am) are likely to cheat because of their restless nature. I have not cheated because I value my marriage, but I can admit that I have been tempted more times than I like to think about.

  4. My experience with the sign most likely to cheat would have to be Gemini. They will be the nicest, but once they are bored they leave quickly.
    The top promiscous signs going by gender.
    1. Gemini men
    2. Sagitarius women & Men
    3. Leo women
    4.) pices- women
    5.) Cancer- men
    6.) Scorpio-Men
    7.) Libra men
    8.) aries men
    9.) Virgo women
    10.) Taurus-None
    12.) Capricorn-men

  5. I’m a Gemini and although my Leo ex was unfaithful, I never strayed, so I’m not sure what that’s about. Every sign has the propensity to cheat if they’re immature. Once they’ve matured they usually handle things differently. I know a Capricorn who presently cheats on his wife, and my Taurus ex was sneaky as hell. Like most people, Geminis tend to cheat if they’re bored or unhappy in the relationship. At this stage in my life, rather than return the favor to a cheating partner, I just leave. I’ve seen Cancers and Scorpios due to their difficulty in letting go, resort to cheating on their partners because they were cheated on first. Not sure how you would explain that.

  6. I am a Scorpio and what I can tell about myself is this. When I am dating a girl or in a relationship, she is my world. No other girl exists for me. I may casually talk with others, but there will be only one person on my mind 24/7. And that will be the girl I love. I have some really close Scorpio friends (my best friends are mostly Scorpios) and after having watched closely all of them, I can vouch for them as well.

  7. With scorpio I think it can be either extreme – they can be faithful but if they are not being satisfied sexually they may have a tendency to cheat. After all if we are the most sexual and if we aren’t getting it – its going to drive us crazy!

  8. scorpions are faithful as long as it suits them.scorpions can cheat you without you knowing it and they are not at all faithful since they beat to their own drummer and what “they” feel is correct.Geminis are two faced,sagi too adventurous to stick to one partner.Pisces seemingly always in search of that elusive love that can ward off the mundane which every love affair eventually lapses to.aries male also cheat by rationalizing themselves of the thrill brought by the chase.

    among the faithfuls,taurus wins for its steadfastness,cancerian loyal for its own inherent fear of insecurity ,capricorn for its belief in dignity and tradition.

    it’s also seen that cancerian men ,aries women are more sensitive and loyal when compared to the cancerian women and aries male.

  9. Scorpio are nothing close to faithful,my dad is a scorpio and has different women,one I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the morning,another I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the afternoon and a different one at night.

  10. Oh no….I am a gemini and I have had an affair with a married scorpio..It was really a click between us. We talked for hours and the sex was great. In fact we are still friendly and could easily go back to being lovers at the drop of a hat. If anything changes in our primary relationships (we are both married to other people-me to a sag and him to a fellow gemini.) I ended it cause I had divorced my virgo ex and he was still married to the gemini. Didn;t speak for a number of years and now we are speaking again….I know that we are very close to starting it up again. cause we have discussed it Neither of us is happy with our current partners and sometimes I think we wish we were married to each other.

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