The Signs and Holidays

Gift Zodiac Signs

Can’t figure out what to get you’re Aries mother? Have a picky brother who is a Capricorn? What about your Scorpio father/sister? Taurus grandma? Virgo aunt? This guide to Christmas gifts for the signs should help!

Aries– a $500 Visa gift card. They can shop to their hearts content.

Taurus-a cookbook full of their favorite recipes. Or trip to the spa.

Gemini– the latest laptop by Mac, or the latest iPod, the latest digital camera, or the latest cell phone. If it’s techie, it’s right for the Gem.

Cancer– a digital photo frame of their family and friends.

Leo– tickets to the theatre. Also, a gift certificate for their favorite store with a personal shopper. Leo craves anything having to do with the spotlight.

Virgo– cleaning products, cleaning products, and even more cleaning products. Also, a gift basket full of organic bath products.

Libra– a very lovely pajama and robe set.

Scorpio– a sex toy. If, failing that, some spyware software. If failing that, a really cool suspense or mystery novel-just not the latest bestseller. A paranormal romance or romantic suspense novel is the best. If failing that, get them a really cool calendar.

Sagittarius– a plane ticket to anywhere they’ve been dying to go.

Capricorn– a $1000 Visa gift card. Or, a 24k gold Rolex.

Aquarius– coupons for just the two of you for one day.

Pisces– a video game, some flavored massage oil, a gift certificate to the sex store, meth or heroin. Whatever suits their addiction du jour.

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  1. I dunno, as a scorp i gotta say i prefer gifts picked out specifically for me something out of the ordinary like some home made cookies (gotta love someone who makes you cookies) , or custom wooden jewellry, i’m partial to my koru spirals.. Things that aren’t normal, really do strike my fancy.

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