The first set of Scorpio Profiles which I posted in the last few months of 2009 were written by Jill M. Phillips. Jill M. Phillips has written countless astrology articles and regularly writes columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. She is also the author of the book Birthday Secrets: What The Heavens Reveal About You and Your Birthday.

I personally haven’t purchased this book (yet) but based on the accuracy of profiles she has posted on HowStuffWorks, I’m sure the book is equally as accurate. Birthday Secrets is described as a “lively, easy-to-use guidebook features 366 intriguing profiles for each birthday of the year, with personality overviews and explanations of what the stars say about everything from intimate relationships to health to job satisfaction. Includes a complete astrological chart and ascendant table, as well as famous people’s birthdays”.

I’m currently digging into other astrology books at the moment but I will get this book in the future and I’ll let you all know what I think about it so be on the lookout for that! In the meantime if you already have this book let me know your thoughts on it.

Happy Holidays!

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