Healing Gemstones for Scorpio


Gemstones are more than just pretty ornaments. These natural, Earth-based beauties also have the power to heal, protect, relax and clarify. Certain gemstones are particularly beneficial for each zodiac sign. When thinking about which gem is appropriate for you, a friend or a loved one, consider not only Sun signs, but the Moon and Rising signs as well.


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: December 16 – 22, 2019

scorpio weekly horoscope 12-16-19

We are halfway through the month of December and the year 2020 is upon us. This week is the perfect week to plan and brainstorm in order to take your ideas to the next level.

On Tuesday, the Moon will enter Virgo. Even though it is only for a short period of time, the moon in Virgo is usually a favorable time to work skillfully and precisely. This is a time to pay attention to details and be organized....


ScorpioSeason Giveaways: Scorpio Pillow by MarbleFly Design

Scorpio Pillows
HAPPY SCORPIO SEASON! This year we are bringing back contests in a big and better way with #ScorpioSeasonGiveaways! The last contest we had in 2011 was a huge success, so we had to bring it back. The first giveaway of 2014 are these Scorpio Pillo...

Scorpio’s East Meets West Zodiac Signs


If you know your Western zodiac sign and Eastern Zodiac sign (based on your birth year) then read on about your "Primal Zodiac Sign". Astrologer Simon Poindexter describes each West + East zodiac combination, below I have listed all of the combinations for the Scorpio zodiac sign. Check out the summaries below and click on the link to read more about your Primal Zodiac Sign!


October 25th – The Day of Substantive Form

Those born on October 25 must give form to their ideas. Although they can be extremely imaginative people, their dreams and visions mean nothing to them unless they can be substantiated in physical reality. Those born on this day generally present a solid, earthy exterior to the world and, although often quiet, will give reassuring support to their families and friends. They serve as a rock on which their colleagues, students or employees can depend without fear of being let down. More