About Taurus

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and represents growth and development. Taureans are deeply concerned with the material world and is concerned with making their environment beautiful. They can be stubborn and confrontational, but in important relationships they can be surprisingly flexible. Taurus people have a great interest in all physical matters, but do not crave constant activity and greatly enjoy comfort.

Taurus Sign Facts

  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Ruling Planets: Venus
  • Birthstone: April – Crystal/Diamond | May – Emerald
  • Color: Blue, Green
  • Mode: Sensation
  • Motto: I Have
  • Body Areas: Ears, vocal cords, neck, throat, palate, salivary glands, cerebellum
Taurus Zodiac

Taurus & Scorpio Compatibility

When Taurus and Scorpio come together, the result is two signs opposite one another in the Zodiac so a blending of two halves… read more about Taurus & Scorpio.

Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon

Scorpio Sun with Taurus Moon

The Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon combination produces a nature that is solid and down-to-earth, coupled with an enormous amount of strength, intensity, and concentrative power. Read more about Scorpio with 12 Moon Signs.

Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising

Scorpio Sun with Taurus Rising

The instinctive might of these two Fixed signs endows you with a determination and a stubbornness which are almost frightening. Read more about Scorpio with 12 Rising Ascendant Signs.


What Taurus Offers Scorpio

What does Taurus give Scorpio? Lifetime steadiness and stability. Read more about What Each Zodiac Sign Offers Scorpio.

zodiac sign kisses

Taurus’ Kissing Style

Taurean‘s kisses linger; they are deliberate, heartfelt and can go on and on and on… Read more about Kissing Style By Zodiac Sign.

Gift Zodiac Signs

Gifts for Taurus

What should you buy for a Taurus? A cookbook full of their favorite recipes. Or trip to the spa. Read more about The Signs and Holidays.

Taurus Condom

Taurus Condoms

Taurus condoms are made from the most luxurious materials with special models available in silk and velvet. Read more About Astrology Condoms.

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