4 Zodiac Elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire


The Water Element

Water Signs
Cancer | Quality: Cardinal | Ruler: Moon | Symbol: The Crab | Motto: I Feel
Scorpio | Quality: Fixed | Ruler: Pluto/Mars | Symbol: The Scorpion | Motto: I Control
Pisces | Quality: Mutable | Ruler: Neptune | Symbol: The Fish | Motto: I Believe

Condition: Wet
Mode: Feeling
Orientation: Subjective
Physical State: Fluid

The Water element is a paradox because although it is the fluid or liquid element, it can also change to a gas or solid state. Water sign people understand the world through feelings and emotion. They have a natural feeling for what people need. Water sign people can be serious and profound individuals due to their deep feelings.

  • Cancer Water Sign – Cancer represents Water in its purest and most basic form and is sensitive to intrusion and capable of extremely aggressive action in an instance.
  • Scorpio Water Sign – Scorpio represents the power of Water due to the fact that they have the ability to control and harness the power effectively.
  • Pisces Water Sign – Pisces represents the flexible and accomodating nature of Water as well as the dissolving of all matter.

Water Compatibility

Water mixes well with Earth and Air as all of these elements are essential to life. Water and Fire do not mix well.

The Fire Element

Fire Signs
Aries | Quality: Cardinal | Ruler: Mars | Symbol: The Ram | Motto: I Am
Leo | Quality: Fixed | Ruler: Sun | Symbol: The Lion | Motto: I Create
Sagittarius | Quality: Mutable | Ruler: Jupiter | Symbol: The Archer | Motto: I Philosophize

Condition: Hot
Mode: Intuition
Orientation: Subjective
Physical State: Combustive

The Fire element is combustive and is associated with fieriness and intense feelings. Fire is highly unstable and its energy must be controlled to maximize its usefulness. Fire sign people are usually guided buy a sixth sense and understand the world through an intuition mode. They are prone to accidents due to their impulsive and unpredictable nature. Fire sign people are self centered and have a strong sense of self. They enjoy the excitement of challenging physical tasks and competitive sports.

  • Aries Fire Sign – Aries represents Fire in its most purest and basic form in that they are willful and impulsive with an impetuous and passionate physical nature.
  • Leo Fire Sign – Leo can be seen as having the element Fire under control and represents warmth, creativity, steady dependability, and courage.
  • Sagittarius Fire Sign – Sagittarius represents high mindedness, philosophy, intellect, idealism, and a high ethical nature.

Fire Compatibility

Fire cannot exist without Air, as Air causes Fire to react explosively. On the other hand, Earth and Water cannot sustain Fire, they extinguish Fire.

The Earth Element

Earth Signs
Taurus | Quality: Fixed | Ruler: Venus | Symbol: The Bull | Motto: I Have
Virgo | Quality: Mutable | Ruler: Mercury | Symbol: The Virgin | Motto: I Serve
Capricorn | Quality: Cardinal | Ruler: Saturn | Symbol: The Goat | Motto: I Master

Condition: Dry
Mode: Sensation
Orientation: Objective
Physical State: Solid

The Earth element is highly stable and resistant to change. Earth contains different minerals and compounds, and as a result can have widely varying character and composition from one type to another. Earth sign people believe that “what you see is what you get” and tend to judge the quality of things through the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. They prefer tangible realities over non-tangible dreams and fantasies. Earth sign people are physical by nature and enjoy physical contact that can be expressed in a wide variety of ways (e.g. sports, sexuality, etc.)

  • Capricorn Earth Sign – Capricorn represents Earth in its most purest and basic form that is body and matrial oriented.
  • Taurus Earth Sign – Taurus represents the immovable aspect of the Earth element in that they are stubborn and it is difficult to change their mind.
  • Virgo Earth Sign – Virgo represents the dependable and stable characteristics of the Earth element.

Earth Compatibility

Earth mixes well with Air and Water to produce quality growing soil. Earth and Fire could be a bad combination.

The Air Element

Air Signs
Gemini | Quality: Mutable | Ruler: Mercury | Symbol: The Twins | Motto: I Communicate
Libra | Quality: Cardinal | Ruler: Venus | Symbol: The Scales | Motto: I Weigh
Aquarius | Quality: Fixed | Ruler: Uranus | Symbol: The Water Bearer | Motto: I Universalize

Condition: Cold
Mode: Thought
Orientation: Objective
Physical State: Gas

The Air element is a highly changeable gaseous element that has many associations and meanings. Air can represent the atmosphere surrounding the earth, wind, and breath. Unlike the Earth signs, Air sign people are more concept oriented and ideas or thoughts can be more real to them than tangible things. Their “airy” nature is associated with loftiness, flakiness, and or intellect. They are quick to receive information but they are also quick to forget. Air sign people can find displays of emotion to be too hard to handle and prefer having fun in a more natural and unselfconscious manner.

  • Gemini Air Sign – Gemini represents the intellectual aspect of the Air element as they are taken up with details, facts, and communication.
  • Libra Air Sign – Libra represents the purest most basic form of Air that is idea and society oriented.
  • Aquarius Air Sign – Aquarius represents the strong nature of the Air element – wind – with their powerfully quick and erratic ways.

Air Compatibility

Air mixes well with earth and water, and is essential for the existence of fire.

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