10 Planets in Astrology

  • Sun: Rules Leo and the number 1
  • Moon: Rules Cancer and the number 2
  • Jupiter: Rules Sagittarius and the number 3
  • Uranus: Rules Aquarius and the number 4
  • Mercury: Rules Gemini, Virgo, and the number 5
  • Venus: Rules Taurus, Libra, and the number 6
  • Neptune: Rules Pisces, and the number 7
  • Saturn: Rules Capricorn and the number 8
  • Mars: Rules Aries, Scorpio, and the number 9
  • Pluto: Rules Scorpio and the number 0

The 10 planets in astrology consists of the 2 luminaries – the Sun and Moon; the 3 inner planets – Mercury, Venus, and Mars; and the 5 outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Each planet represents an aspect of the human condition.


The Sun represents creative force and generative power. Sun influenced people are usually outspoken, demanding, and have the ability to transfer their energy to others.


The Moon represents reflection, dreams, unconscious feelings, and emotions. Moon influenced people are feeling-types who are great team players.


Jupiter represents philosophy and optimism. Jupiter influenced people have a positive and dynamic outlook on life.


Uranus represents individualism and rebellion. Uranus influenced people are spontaneous and impulsive.


Mercury represents quickness of thought and communication. Mercury influenced people are detail oriented and problem solvers.


Venus represents a love of beauty, and a sensuous and idealistic nature. Venus influenced people are idealistic and in love with love and beauty.


Neptune represents dreams and fantasies. Neptune influenced people are imaginative and incredibly magnetic.


Saturn represents structure and responsibility. Saturn influenced people have strong personal values.


Mars represents war and aggressiveness. Mars influenced people are aggressive, adventuresome, motivated, and unstoppable.


Pluto represents volcanic energy and forces. Pluto influenced people are intense and influential.

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