ScorpioEstablished: October 30, 2009

Scorpio Season was created to collect and share information about Scorpios. Whether you are a Scorpio and want to learn more about yourself or just someone who wants to read about Scorpios – this is the site for you. I will be collecting Scorpio articles from a wide variety of sources and will be posting Scorpio related photos and art.

I feel that a lot of websites out there give astrology a bad reputation, especially when it comes to offering horoscopes, etc. I am hoping to show readers that there are legit people out there who can provide useful insight and accurate information that you all may find interesting and use for personal growth. is also a place where Scorpios can connect. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest!

The Scorpios Behind Scorpio Season

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ScorpioSeason Jasmine Ivy
JasmineAj Damitric


History Scorpio FemalesHistory Scorpio Males

In 2001-2002 I created a Scorpio website. This was before MySpace was created and the popular social networks of the time were Mi Gente, Black Planet, and Asian Avenue. On this website I posted a great deal of information about Scorpios and united over 130+ Scorpio females and 150+ Scorpio males (old screenshot images shown above).

Unfortunately one day, without warning, the site offering the free web space where I hosted my Scorpio site shut down, and all of my work was lost. I was younger and this was one of my first big projects and I did not back up my files. Of course, I was devastated. Lesson learned.

Fast forward to Scorpio season of 2009. I could not help but notice all of the Scorpio love on Twitter. So here I am again, picking up the pieces and hoping to build something bigger and better.