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100 Facts About Me: Scorpio Edition

100 Facts About Me: Scorpio Edition

This past week the trending topic on Twitter has been #100factsaboutme. Out of boredom, I decided to tweet some facts about myself that I knew my fellow Scorpios would relate too. I never thought I would actually make it to 100, but with the help of fellow Scorpios along the way… we FINALLY made it to 100 facts! I started on March 20th and finished March 24th :D

A lot of people asked me to post up the 100 facts that were tweeted and here they are. Much love to the Scorpios who helped me out!

1) I’m a #Scorpio (I know.. *gasp*)

2) Most people think I’m mean but if you get to know me, I’m actually a cool person

3) I am a difficult person to get to know though :) LOL #Scorpios are secretive

4) You’ll never really know what I’m thinking. I could be feeling you but you wouldn’t know it

5) If I go out of my way to talk to you (rare), I either care about you, or you got something I want rofl

6) Flirting does nothing for me. Confidence=turn on, as well as other lil simple things #imnottelling

7) I think about sex more than I care to admit :x

8 ) It may seem like I’m picky when it comes to love, but I’m really just weeding out all the dummies

9) I don’t trust anybody completely. Not even you… (sorry)

10) I am irritable. Don’t irritate me. Thanks :) LOL

11) Oh, I know how to push your buttons. It’s fun.

12) I usually get what I want. I’m kinda persuasive like that ;)

13) I don’t let many people in, because they wouldn’t understand the depth of my thoughts

14) So I keep to myself, and smile :) at you silly, superficial azz people

15) I’m a people watcher. I see you!

16) I like to be left alone. I need my space. Always thinking.

17) You don’t want to see me mad. Yea. Don’t do it.

18) I’m independent. Don’t need anybody. But would love to love somebody :)

19) If I let you in you will see that I’m one of the most downest people you’d ever meet

20) I’m a serious person but I’m funny too, I’d do anything to make you laugh, even at my own expense

21) I’m an affectionate person. Not in public though. Unless I’m in *that* kinda mood

22) I feel 1000000000 times stronger than most. But I know how to keep it together

23) I keep my friends close, and my enemies closer >:)

24) I’m nocturnal

25) You probably don’t know about it, but I have HUGE goals in life

26) You’re all bark, no bite. I’M ALL BITE #Scorpio (Don’t talk about it BE about it)

27) I’m a great work, home, in the bedroom (keep that in mind *wink wink*)

28) 1 of the best ways to lose me quick is to try to make me say or do something I don’t want to do

29) When we’re talking, give me your undivided attention or leave me alone

30) I will give you all of me, and I want the same in return

31) 98% of you wouldn’t be able to handle me *shrugs*

32) Keep me happy and interested, and you’ll have a loyal partner for life

33) I won’t stick around if I’m not interested. I can’t be fake, sorry.

34) Hurt my family, I’ll hurt you.. one way or another

35) WARNING: I can be addicting. When I’m gone you will experience withdrawal symptoms

36) I need someone who will support my ambition, not get in the way

37) I could be your best friend or worst enemy. Choose wisely :)

38) When I love, I love HARD. That’s why I tend to love few. You have to be worth it

39) I could be difficult at times. I want to see you prove that you love me

40) I’m worth it. I promise <3

41) I don't like being bothered with questions. If you bother me, I'll ignore you (Thanks @firexbomb!)

42) Don’t play with me. I invented this game. :) (Thanks @abandaq!)

43) I like to get my way, but I like it even more when there is a challenge involved (Thanks @so_HollyHood!)

44) Never show what I feel, NEVER . (Thanks @mosquiito!)

45) (We want) Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love (Thanks @pUnKrOcKpRiNc3!)

46) When we are quiet, we aren’t being arrogant we are watching and thinking everything (Thanks @PattPerez!)

47) I can sometimes forgive, but I NEVER forget (Thanks @resemo!)


49) I love people, but I hate people (Thanks @ShadyRese!)

50) Darkness is a state of mind we know too well. (Thanks @FeuerkindJana!)

51) Don’t underestimate what I might know. I know everything about you! (Thanks @resemo!)

52) we have an extreme passion within us. One that you’ll probably mistake for what you think is love (Thanks @mista_drew!)

53) I don’t trust easy….so have patience…I will question you, deal with it… (Thanks @hbomb1119!)

54) I Never Let Some1 Play With My Feelings Wht So Ever! (Thanks @8one1!)

55) The only thing that can stop ME from anything I put my mind to, is ME! (Thanks @ChuckieObienu!)

56) I know I’m a bitch…thanks for the compliment. :-) better a bitch than a doormat! (Thanks @hbomb1119!)

57) (Scorpios) likes to read people but never let anyone read their minds (Thanks @MirandaSuz!)

58) (Scorpios are) ready to have sex anywhere any time just give me a wink (Thanks @NYG804!)

59) Scorpios don’t Trust easily. It has 2B Earned (Thanks @TrgdyAnn!)

60) We’re so soft deep inside. Our outside shell betrays big time! (Thanks @nmazhar!)

61) Treat me good and I will treat you better, treat me bad and I will treat you worst (Thanks @rafacanedo!)

62) How about…I say what I want to say and I do what I want to do (Thanks @__Rad__!)

63) I don’t like being in emotional limbo. It’s all or nothing. (Thanks @pUnKrOcKpRiNc3!

64) If we fall down seven times, we’ll get up eight times. (Thanks @mayang_88!)

65) I am not going to stick around if I see you flirting with someone else

66) I can be completely into you but if you do something I really dislike, we’re done, YOU killed it

67) Once I see that other side of you, it will never be the same, I won’t forget

68) It takes a lot to hurt me but fck… when I do hurt, it hurts SO bad :(

69) I’m super quiet when I’m upset. Nothing you do or say will get me to smile or react. Leave me alone

70) When I love someone I make them the center of my world, I put them above all others

71) I don’t want to share you.

72) Don’t tell me what to do. If you do, I’ll most likely do the opposite

73) I’m stubborn. Once I’ve made up my mind there’s really nothing you could do. I’ll applaud your effort though

74) I’m not impressed when you brag about superficial things. Don’t throw yourself at me, it’s tacky

75) I don’t PLAY hard to get, I AM hard to get!

76) If I were to tell you what it takes to get me, I’d have to kill you :)

77) I like that subtle sex appeal and confidence. Nothing over the top. Don’t try too hard.

78) Lie to me and you’ll get the blank stare *_*

79) Sometimes I’ll pretend I don’t know something, to see if you’ll admit to it or bring it up

80) I’m not afraid of you, you, or YOU! Try me, I DARE you.

81) If I don’t know you or don’t like you, you don’t exist. Don’t flatter yourself thinking that you cross my mind

82) I could cut you out of my life in a split second if you cross me

83) Yea I’m a sexual person, it doesn’t mean that I’ll just sleep with ANYBODY though

84) It takes more than good looks to get me, I’m far from shallow

85) If I’m good to you, don’t take my kindness for weakness. That can change QUICKLY

86) My mood can change in the blink of an eye. Be ready?

87) It’s hard to capture my interest, and hard to keep my interest.. but once you have it, you have it all

88) Seducing… it comes natural to me ;)

89) I know I’m driving you crazy when I *casually* touch you in public. I act innocent though

90) I’m more in control than you think ;) I know exactly what I’m doing

91) I won’t profess my love by shouting it on a rooftop, I’ll show you it in other ways :) ;)

92) I have a tight circle of friends. You’re either in or out. You’re either with me or against me

93) People always have some type of reaction [gasp/fear/interest] when I tell them I’m a #SCORPIO

94) I could be excited/sad/pissed inside but you’d never know it, unless I wanted you to know #calmexterior

95) I’m very intuitive. I can read you like a book so you can’t really surprise me #10stepsaheadofyou

96) I’m a loyal person, cheating is not an option. If I wasn’t happy with you, I’d be single!

97) I could get pretty ruthless when I’m mad :/ Nothing is off-limits

98) People usually comment on my eyes or the way I look at them “Don’t look at me like that!”

99) I’m intense, passionate, loyal, determined and intuitive

100) I can be intense, jealous & demanding but if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best

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97 comments on “100 Facts About Me: Scorpio Edition
  1. Kiky says:

    Ahahha sex sex sex and the fact Scorpio is faithful and loyal, so be someone who worth our time!

  2. susan says:

    I was with my scorpio for 10 months, we were never official bf/gf, but he told me on several occasions he did not want to see anyone else, then I found out he was texting other women behind my back, and had an online dating profile. So why did he say one thing and do another? we are no longer together, as I told him I was done with him. He came back, but I just could not deal with him lying and that I would not sit on the sidelines while he kept his options open, that I knew my worth.. haven’t heard from him since.

  3. Via says:

    Oh my God! this is so me. i was wondering this is the best sign of all signs. but sometimes i feel like i hate being a scorpio, cause there are some statements that make us look like a scary person. but all off it, i do really love being a scorpio. i’m proud being a #scorpio. ps: do not regret that your mom bring you into this world in scorpio season :p

  4. Blake says:

    my jesus did i write this while i was sleeping because seriously this is everything i am every single fact is a description of me.

  5. Ina says:

    no.98 is so me! ^^

  6. P Nair says:

    We get hurt, yes. But the same thing cannot hurt us twice. The defense is up. Come with something new. :)

  7. Ranjith says:

    God Bless all those souls who dont agree with this. I am a SCORPIO. I give a damn about it. WE ROCK!!! Dont mess with us.

  8. Stripes says:

    Most of these are very true.

  9. seth says:

    my birthday is on halloween.
    you should email me if you are the same

  10. Donnita says:

    That is the closest anyone has ever come to describing me as a person and sum it up so perfectly in detail and touch all subjects of my personality its grey to know I’m not the only one who understands me thanks.

  11. angel says:

    M proud being a true SCORPION…we are d best among other zodiac signs…points are so true N ACCURATE….

  12. Deanna Hanks says:

    I love it, man i know that describes me to a tee

  13. Nellie says:

    Oct 30th Scorp- I just read all these and yea. It’s me (including the fact that you said the same thing multiple times but in different words. Gotta get the point across). But looking at it all on paper, makes me feel like “Damn. I wouldn’t wanna deal with a Scorpio” we’re kinda a pain in the ass when u put it all on paper

  14. O'rex says:

    Mehm dats tru,smtymz i fink derz a devil in me,i wonder y i do smtinz!,nd aw i can c tru ppl nd smil even wen am hurt,or b damn calm wen am n distres

  15. joellen says:

    I’m the 10th!! This list sums me up perfectly!! Even my gf had a giggle at some of them. ;-)

  16. Adisu says:

    This is just mind blowning I can’t express my self better love this!!

  17. bluue301088 says:

    wow sooooo true

  18. krystal says:

    Wow…. Everyting said is so true. 18th November

  19. krystal says:

    Wow…. Everyting said is so true

  20. sd says:

    thank God I am a Scorpion.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’0 which is not a hashcash value.

  21. Soar high says:

    Hi though I am not a Scorpio I am a soulmate of one u nailed all correctly but there are a few I would like to include double standard does exist but we r not supposed to tell it out . U guys r jealous and possessive but u don’t like being possessed. I know I can trust and walk anywhere with my eyes closed when I hold his hand we r having a great and intense life which keeps us interested. Hope u all find a soulmate soon.

  22. TR says:

    Speak softly, tread gently, but carry a big Stick!!

  23. Ukita says:

    fact 101: we still have a lot of secrets which we would not like to discuss XD
    Scorpio? Hell yeaah!!

  24. lR says:

    You guys nailed me big time!! #proudscorpio

  25. sam says:

    Wauw this makes sence! I recognize myself in allmost errthing! Thanks guys!!

  26. Sebastian Albert says:

    Reading this is refreshing, it makes me feel good about my self. And I to stare at girls to see there reaction, and I truly like to be Kind of romantic with girls.

  27. Harita says:

    This is like my autobiography…PROUD TO BE A SCORPIO!!
    We are the Best!!

  28. temmy says:

    Series of journey as a made to discover myself , hv gone thru the dark channel and emerge as a better regeneration started abt 7yrs ago and am still working on myself.
    A lot of the attribute are no longer in me ” I am a re-birth” still am forever proud to be a scorpio.

  29. swa says:

    I”m proud to be a scorpio

  30. Sergiu R. says:

    I can no longer write a biography about me, because it is on the internet already! i experience a weird mix of joy and anger! more joy than anger though.

  31. Braden N. says:

    Thank you for the interesting reading. As a Scorpio, I am passive to the comments but, I shall admit much to my dislike of admitting such, I feel a bond with the others out there who are classified as Scorpio’s. We may not enjoy sharing, and we can be that “Lone-Wolf” figure, but together as a single entity united, we may possibly be the strongest Astral if only by direct precision and not pure strength. Intellect is a force to be reckoned with and with our fierceness at times that may present itself, confidence and the ability to protect solely what we classify as ours and ours alone shall prove to be stronger than any other Astral. Intellect allows us to see openings and situations that no other may see. Where we love and enjoy, we are fierce and quick to react: either by our strong grip or the flash of our sting, we are true Scorpio’s.

  32. Erik says:

    Wow, spot on. Alot of this was me ten years ago. Through self destruction and regeneration I have made it to eagle phase and die again this year to become Phoenix. Thanks for this!

  33. nyiko says:

    wow diz is sooooo true…..i guess we da ultimate weirdest ever………………4th November Real niggah wassup!

  34. anonymous says:

    yep those are pretty accurate!

  35. Eklovya says:

    Yes …it is me (scorpio) and no i m not …no one could describe me in words or lines ( or 100 lines). M something beyond the words…These lines are just the signals of my nature ..transformation is my bigest quality and i can change myself anytime i want to….
    so u will never know who m i
    Coz i don’t want………..

  36. Wade says:

    woah iv never believed in this stuff bt EVERY SINGLE FACT was completely on the dime…..well done guys

  37. Nicholas says:

    To know is to conquer.

    That’s one of my favorites

  38. GameKash says:

    How about some of these?
    1) If you want me, prove me your worth.
    2) Flirting is my birth right, not yours.
    3) If I flirt with women, don’t think I am disloyal to you. If I love you, I love you alone.
    4) If you want to hear the words “I love you”, have patience. Else, buzz off.

  39. skelly says:

    You know I am utterly suprised I match all 100 its scary (not really) it would ne scary for someone to know so much about me ONLY because I know it would end in massacre if anyone hurt me because they knew so much sometimes I think I should date a scorpio but then i look at how my sister I are at each others throats lol but that’s how sisters are anyway lol anyhow scary but true…

  40. jnlsmgd says:

    so fucking true

  41. Tiff says:

    OMG Seriously? That’s like totally me! *screamm
    <3 the whole post!

  42. iPurple says:

    #42 OMG dead on! And #90 man if this gets in the wrong hands #scropios would have to invent a new world to play in!!!

  43. Grace says:

    proud to be a scorp. we are the champions.:-)

  44. Irene says:

    Kinda like looking into a mirror ahaha.

  45. Candace says:

    I shuddered a little as I read on the list. If only they publish this into a “Guide to Your Scorpio Lover/Buddy”!

    I feel less misunderstood now. Thank you..! :’)

  46. GameKash says:

    damn!! my secret is out.. LOL!!

  47. Jose says:

    THAT IS ME!!!!! It described me completely.

  48. Brittany says:

    This is SCARY accurate.

  49. ruthless says:

    i feel like i just been told on all my secrets and gifts out there lol bt i love this site <3

  50. Chelsea says:

    Haha, great job, this is SO TRUE!!
    I feel even more proud of beeing a scorpio after reading this.
    But I’ve already read one of these facts about Leo >_>!/Leo_Tweets/status/130846768165421056
    According to me, it’s more appropriate to Scorpios but well, it’s only my point of view XD

  51. Irma says:

    Hahahaha. And like a typical scorpio, I won’t show this to anybody. Why would I want them to be warned? Let them be confused. LOL.

    • Seashe says:


      November 1, 2011, 2:38 am

      Hahahaha. And like a typical scorpio, I won’t show this to anybody. Why would I want them to be warned? Let them be confused. LOL.

      Irma, way too true to that one..had to LOL. sneaky mcsneak, scorpio style. spot on mate, spot on. :) hahaha

    • Seashe says:


      November 1, 2011, 2:38 am

      Hahahaha. And like a typical scorpio, I won’t show this to anybody. Why would I want them to be warned? Let them be confused. LOL.

      To Irma, way too true to that one..had to LOL. sneaky mcsneak, scorpio style. spot on mate, spot on. :) hahaha

  52. Gianella says:

    All of that explains me perfectly! Scorpios are such complex people, it’s crazy how this is so spot on! It’s like you solved the Scorpio Puzzle!

  53. Adrian says:

    Nothing better than being a Scorpio!!!

    Me, my mom, and dad are all Scorps, its fucked!!!

  54. ldybluez says:

    Everything that you’ve mentioned is all me.

  55. Khadejah says:

    That’s me all the way, I can relate to each one. Love being a scorpio, November 12th

  56. GuitarFr3ak says:

    Got a Scorpiogasm reading this.I learned things about me I didn’t even know. Yay!

  57. Nin says:

    People usually comment on my eyes or the way I look at them “Don’t look at me like that!”
    yeeaa, everyone, even my mom -_-”

  58. Ken says:

    a very well describe fact of scorpio ppl.. thumbs up! coolll..

  59. Latisha says:

    This is me to the core!!!!!

  60. koOlin says:

    All the waY dOwn tO mY bone structure! =)

  61. pin says:

    this is like so true… 90% is true…. ckckckc.. hahaha, and I just smile to myself..:D

  62. Mahasti says:

    OMG so trueeeeeeeeeee hahahaha

  63. Mzwakhe says:

    So true. Was just reading these and I can see myself in the words.

  64. Puseletso says:

    You’ve just wrote the story of my life…..

  65. David says:

    You’re definitely the Scorpion side of Scorpio (as opposed to the Eagle or Dove – see Alan Oken’s books for explanations of that if interested). I’m interested to know what your moon and rising signs are :)

    I don’t fit all of these but a good majority.

  66. Mellany says:

    This is crazy! I love how in depth it is about a scorpio.. All my closest friends are scorpios too. we have our downfalls but we still remain great friends.. Only thing is I guess the other signs cant handle how much we can lovet sucks sometimes..i! Thanx for this though! NOVEMBER 2nd!

  67. Christie says:

    I friggin LOVE it…. I LOVE being a Scorp…. This is soooo True and thanks… I am going to frame this…. Awesome job..

  68. gordy says:

    SO true @Gordy2fresh

  69. Biljana says:

    unbelievably true :)
    love it!!!

  70. bheng says:

    Wow..this really, really, the real Meh….

    I am PROUD of be a “SCORP”

  71. Shi says:

    Soo on point !!!! Love it

  72. riri says:

    It’s really ME :) I am proud of being a scorpio

    November 17th

  73. Coulette says:

    Love this. This defines me to a tee. I love it though. Hate that we love hard, its one of our downfalls. But if we show interest they better appreciate it, cause it takes a lot.

  74. Truly facts about me being a scorpio. But i do have a little problem : friends or kinda of friends, keep their distance from me. Maybe because of my attitudes (100 facts). How ya all deal with it?

    From Indonesia, November 16.

  75. Courtney says:

    i always feel so different, like i can look into someones soul, this is why. we are powerful. scorpio is power and strength <3

  76. andrea says:

    i’m scorpio, i’m happy. everything is true!! thanks guy.

  77. kiki says:

    oh my gosh i nearly sat here and cried but i can relate to every single one, flip being being depressed scorpio though i’m on happy scorpio mode :DD

    Shout out to all my fellow scorpios!!


  78. _Apoyando says:

    42 and 43 : Nailed it just on the right spot!
    I read it all on your twitter stream, and I read it again over here. And maybe someday I’ll do it again ;)

  79. Henry says:

    Well. We r the best of the signs. We r the strongest sign, just because of 1 simple reason: we have the poison. In the end of the tail. So, if no one is doing anything really wrong, then we r cool, but in the moment, when we feel the enemy or disrespect 2 others, we r the fighters!!!! We r ready 2 do anything 4 love. We r the best lovers as well. We are the champions, my fiend…” and we’l keep on fight till the end, coz we r the champion, we r the champions, no time 4 loozers, coz we r the champions, of the WORLD!!!!” ;)

  80. kat says:

    yeah this is pretty much me i hand over these facts to people to better help understand me doesnt work an wamm-o ther goes the fights of U DONT UNDERSTAND ME XD

  81. Rello says:

    i just read my whole life here lol. This truly describes my SCORPIO :) geez

  82. Ms. Johnson says:

    Yes, yes, yes and yes!!!!! This is me… simplistic complexity!!!!!

  83. Erin says:

    I can not tell you how excited this makes me to read this. Its like reading my own autobiography.. or looking deep into a mirror…. wow… I am shocked.

  84. Tiffany says:

    This is so freaky….its like u know me and now I have an excuse for my mood swings!

  85. giselle says:

    These facts go beyond hitting the nail on the head! They describe my complex soul and personality!

  86. Athena says:

    Thank you! I was feeling bad about my moody P-M-SSSSSSS until I read this…ROFL

  87. sussie says:

    Ʊ guys just laid out my life here.Often,I ask myself,Y am I like dis or y am I doing dis?I now understand tis cus I’m a scorpio….thumbs up guys..Ʊ killed it

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