Scorpio I

October 26 – November 2

Scorpio I Scorpios
Image credit: @ScorpioSeason / Instagram

The Scorpio I period takes Intensity as its central image. In the Scorpio I period the ability to take control, to effectively manage and exert one’s powers over the environment, to subdue wayward elements to one’s will are manifested.

The days which comprise Scorpio I illustrate the underlying theme of Intensity, and the accompanying capacity to formulate, guide and finally transform unpolished materials creatively and efficiently into highly valuable and viable entities.

The Scorpio I Personality

Scorpio I people are very intense. Once they get their teeth into something they do not easily let go. Nor do they specialize in compromise. Although they may be referred to as “sunny” Scorpios (usually not as emotionally dark as others of this sign), those born in this period are nonetheless attracted to tragedy and know what it is to suffer.

Scorpio I’s usually have an immediate feeling for whether someone is likely to be a friend or foe, a general sense of discrimination that stands them in good stead. They can be quite combative towards their opponents, giving no quarter in an argument or dispute. Yet most of their aggression is unleashed from a defensive posture, and they are smart enough to walk away from confrontations that are senseless or place them at a serious disadvantage. By the same token, these warriors (men and women) rarely waste their energies on lesser opponents.

Using their charm with great effect is characteristic of Scorpio I’s. They have an excellent sense of humor, but can sometimes employ is devastatingly at another person’s expense. Indeed, those born in Scorpio I make terrible teasers and if they decide they want to get under a victim’s skin, can be at once unmerciful and unrelenting.

Scorpio I’s usually have a strict code (hopefully moral rather than immoral) to which they adhere. They are very interested in motives, often deeming it more important to know why something was done rather than judging an endeavor or action by its outcome alone. Thus a false move will be forgiven by a Scorpio I more readily than an impure move. Scorpio I’s scorn petty or underhanded actions and despise success achieved through deceit. Furthermore they show little interest in apologies and excuses, unless truly sincere and not overly frequent. Where work is concerned, those born in this period tend to be unimpressed by quantity alone, focusing on the quality of services and products. In like manner, they themselves are capable of working very slowly for long periods of time in order to achieve their ends.