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November 3 Birthday Astrology

Scorpio by New Vision Technologies Inc

November 3 Scorpios are sarcastic, inventive, and precocious. Although they enjoy the good things that come their way, they never quite believe their good luck will hold. They are fond of gambling, yet they are far too savvy to take unnecessary chances or draw undue attention to themselves. They place high value on their privacy.

Friends and Lovers

November 3 natives have a habit of remaking their relationships. Friendships that last for many years may be on-again, off-again. They demand loyalty and will force a falling-out if they believe their wishes are not being upheld. For them to be happy in their romantic relationships, they must be happy with themselves.

Children and Family

These men and women have a sensitive nature and need to distance themselves from the pain of the past. Because of their background, they are protective parents who may struggle to resolve abandonment issues through a close relationship with their children.


November 3 people are full of enthusiasm and vigor for a fitness regimen — then they may lose interest altogether. They are destined to struggle to adhere to any strict plan that demands blind obedience. These people like to make their own rules.

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Career and Finances

Many November 3 individuals do not have a career strategy. Instead, they often use their intuition to pick up opportunities that arise. Their work often gives them the chance to show off their way with words. Although capable of handling their finances, they are often impatient with the details of bookkeeping.

Dreams and Goals

November 3 men and women need to defy authority. They want success, but on their own terms. They have a hard time balancing professional success against personal happiness. They seem career-oriented but are more concerned with personal relationships.

Scorpio Information for November 3

You should embrace: Deep feelings, vulnerability, faith

You should avoid: Rivalries, a desire to rewrite the past, cynicism

Article by Jill M. Phillips, Photo by New Vision Technologies Inc

Avatar of ScorpioSeason founder. A Scorpio interested in people and life.

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62 comments on “November 3 Birthday Astrology
  1. Kat says:

    Nov 3!!!!! I can’t deny the accuracy of what it says (dang it!)

    Tweet: @yogamagick

  2. Thai says:

    November 3 is my birthday!!!!

  3. Lola says:

    Bday Shout out Please :))

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    My birthday is November 3rd @Adriluvya

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    November 3rd is my birthday! @dayna_flynn

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  13. Caylee says:

    I was born on this day, my twitter name is gibbsgirl87. Mention me please!

  14. Caylee says:

    I was on this day, my twitter name is gibbsgirl87. Mention me please!

  15. Alana Dean says:

    My twitter name: @AlanaLDean My birthday November 3rd

  16. Genie says:

    Birthday Shoutout Please!! @ WhiteCocoa337

    For the actual blog… Umm wow. Where is the little private investigator that was following me because there is an a$$ kickin in order. Very very good!! Shockingly so actually.

  17. Natalie Delgado says:

    Birthday Shoutout please :)

  18. Sydnee-jane says:

    @sydneejane I would like a birthday shoutout! Love you guys & gals! xoxoxoxoxo – the creative, loving, loyal, extremely passionate, determined scorpio!

  19. gina says:


    This is my birthday and 21 days from today will be Nov 3rd and ill be turning 21 !!!!! Whoooooooooo hoooooooo


  20. Flavie Felicia says:

    @FFlavour is my twitter.

  21. Istimaisaroh says:

    It’s my birthday, 3rd November:)
    my twitter: @istimaisaroh

  22. Mr Evans says:

    @Mr_Evans_III Nov 3!! Scorpio Season!

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    Happy almost bday everbody lol. I know I can’t wait. Follow me @Shondi

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    @littlemizweirdo 3rd of November

  29. Tara says:

    Scorpiom3chica…spelled my own name wrong oh my

  30. Tara says:

    My Bday is the 3rd and found it pretty right on! Noone like us that’s for sure
    Twitter name is Scorpiom3chika for the shout out ;-)

  31. fi says:

    that’s awesomely true.. are you reading me? LOL xD @ghealf

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    Oh yeah, I’m @TubaholicAEA on twitter

  33. TubaholicAEA says:

    Pretty darn close. Starting my countdown til November 3rd.

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    It was accurate November the 3rd we’re the besssssssssss @mo_j57

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    :) don’t find it tt accurate. But most prob cause my moon is Taurus and rising is libra. Hahah. But mention me please! :) Ty!

  38. Melanie says:

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    All my fellow scorpios follow. Me =)

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  48. Brandy says:

    Happy Birthday to me! @binkilee

  49. Emily says:

    Completely accurate! My twitter is @pems_ann

  50. Max says:

    This is so accurate! :D

    Can I get a shoutout on my birthday please? It’s November 3rd :)

    My Twitter: @Evilwolfz

    Thanks! :D

  51. Kate says:

    minervakate is my twitter name :)

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  53. Lola says:

    Pretty accurate :)) Scorpios are the best!

    Twitter: Halo_or_Whip

  54. Robert says:

    Also agreed on everything listed here about #Scorpios born on the 3rd

  55. Robert says:

    RobC543 born 11/03/91
    And if not to much to ask can mine be the last one that day
    I was born at 11:59 at night

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    Very accurate, really describe myself :D


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    PS: its 12pm now in Singapore ;)

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