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November 21 Birthday Astrology


Scorpios born on November 21 are humorous and practical. They’re interested in getting the job done and having a good time doing it. A belief in their own abilities keeps them involved in projects that would intimidate others.

Friends and Lovers

November 21 people have a desire to surround themselves with many friends. They are loving and thoughtful and give support to those close to them. They need to be happy in romantic relationships. They like to feel connected and usually opt for marriage.

Children and Family

People born on this date are able to see the sunny side of things. They believe that all experiences contribute positively to character development. They make good parents because they are true to their values.


November 21 individuals understand that putting a positive spin on events can keep their mind-body-spirit equilibrium. If they put on a few pounds, they’re likely to cut back on calories for a week or so, but their attempts seldom go beyond that. They enjoy sports.

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Career and Finances

As with every other aspect of life, November 21 people look for enjoyment in their work. They’re looking for professional pleasure and to pursue a career that they know can bring them happiness as well as success — but happiness comes first. They have a talent for making money go a long way. They never scrimp but can make one dollar do the work of ten. They can entertain lavishly on a shoestring.

Dreams and Goals

People born on this date have a desire to bring joy to others. They can appreciate achievement in other ways, but, unless happiness is attached, they aren’t interested. They are hard workers who have the common sense to know what must be sacrificed.

Scorpio Information for November 21

You should embrace: Details, compliance, actualization

You should avoid: Hasty decisions, instability, pride

Article by Jill M. Phillips.

Avatar of ScorpioSeason founder. A Scorpio interested in people and life.

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